Review: Neon Jr. G-Spot Softees

When I first saw the bright and colorful line of Neon Jr.G-Spot Softees on the website I thought they might be a perfect inexpensive toy that would also be great for beginners. My initial thoughts still hold up, however I do have quite a bit of personal dislikes with the toy which is why it ended up being a toy I don’t really approve of.

The Bad

The first issue I had with it was the smell, a usual giveaway to whether a toy is full of harmful chemicals or not. The scent it self is hard to describe other then to say it smells like a brand new shower curtain or old school kids toy (both known to be full of chemicals like phthalates).  While the Pipedreams website (the manufacturer of the toy) claims they are phthalate free, I can’t help but wonder how that’s possible when the product is listed as a PVC toy.

On that note, when I first began doing reviews of toys there were (and still are) a few key features/benefits that a toy had to have in order for me to suggest, positively review or recommend it; being body safe was, and still is, first on the list. Sure, there are things you can do to limit the amount of exposure your body has to the leeching chemicals (like putting it in a condom) but I still don’t really recommend it, especially when the product doesn’t have much else to redeem itself and there are other products that are perfectly body safe available.

The second issue I had with the product was the power of the vibration; while it easily operates using a dial on the bottom (making it “multi-speed”) the range of vibration speeds is limited and to be honest, I didn’t really notice much difference at all. Aside from the slight difference in speed the product wasn’t very powerful either, giving off a very low vibration that might only be good for those of you that are highly sensitive and don’t need a lot to achieve an orgasm. I’ll be honest, when it came to vibrations I was very disappointed.

*It could be due to the fact that it runs off of one AA battery, but if that’s the case then then Pocket Rocket should feel the same, yet it doesn’t as it’s much more powerful.

On the note of batteries, the product burned through 2 batteries rather quickly (under 10 minutes for both), something I might think was due to the batteries however considering one of them was brand new (Duracell which I usually trust) and the other was fully recharged I believe it’s more to do with the product then the batteries.

*Through doing reviews I’ve learned that some toys just drain batteries really quickly and unfortunately there isn’t much you can do. Maybe mine was faulty, who knows.

Finally the curve for g-spot stimulation leaves much to be desired as it’s neither firm enough to offer real pressure, nor curved enough to reach that special spot (not mine anyways) – something I think many women may have an issue with. Aside from that, since the motor is in the middle of the shaft (just below the curve) I found that it dug into me, making the product rather uncomfortable.

The Good

While it’s a rather disappointing toy there were elements that I did like;

As someone who loves bright, bold, fun and playful colors I loved that the product came in a wide variety.

The battery is very easy to insert; just twist the bottom cap off, pop in a battery, twist the cap back on and you’re done.

The size makes it rather adorable, plus it’s perfect for those that don’t like large toys

The fact that it’s waterproof, probably it’s only real redeeming quality, means that it makes bath time fun 😉
*As a test I left mine running in a sink full of water (fully submerged). When I checked on it 10 minutes later, although the battery was dead, there was no water inside and it still worked once I changed the battery. Definitely waterproof 🙂

Finally cleaning it is rather easy; just spray it with your favorite toy cleaner or wash it with antibacterial soap and rinse it well.

Final Verdict

While the product is very cute, brightly colored and easy to use it’s really not that great of a toy. I’ll be honest, I had very high hopes for the Neon Jr. G-Spot Softee as I thought it would be perfect for those of you asking for a small and inexpensive toy. Unfortunately, it just didn’t live up to my expectations.

Then again, when you purchase cheaply priced toys, they are also usually cheaply made. Sometimes the old adage is true “you get what you pay for”. *sigh*

For those of you looking for easy to use, body safe and powerful sex toys check out the luxury toy section as well as the eco-friendly section of They have a lot to offer at very, very reasonable prices!

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