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kara_Sutra photoWho is Kara_Sutra?

I’m best known for hosting “Sex Ed 102: all the things you didn’t learn…but should have”, a popular web series on YouTube and Blip.tv, that’s designed to shed light on the topic of healthy sexuality, pleasure products, sexual techniques, contraception options, and STI information.

For the last 7 years I’ve worked to create an environment where readers and viewers feel inspired to explore their sexuality, while also getting the honest, reliable and open-minded answers they need.

Why does Kara_Sutra make Sex Ed videos?

While working in a brick and mortar sex toy shop, I came to the quick realization that there was a great misconception and stigma still attached to human sexuality and one’s own comfort with their body.  Sensing this, I decided to make it my goal to bring awareness to the subject as well as allow others a platform where sex could be talked about openly and honestly, without any judgment. Wanting to reach a larger platform and audience for my subject matter I created my brainchild ‘Sex Ed 102’.

What is Sex Ed 102?

Sex Ed 102 is a show that is informative, fun, and unabashedly frank. It delves into the many aspects of sexual wellness that are otherwise ignored or mishandled. Sex advice and product reviews dominate the show’s content, all sprinkled with my signature style. I’ve been described as ‘adorably accessible, friendly and funny’, over the last 7 years I’ve worked hard to become the go-to girl for anyone sexually curious or desiring to unleash their ‘inner freak’.

What is Kara_Sutra Reviews?

Kara_Sutra Reviews is an offshoot of Sex Ed 102, where everything from dinosaur dildos, sparkly butt plugs accessorized w/ swarovski crystals, vibrators of every shape and size get picked apart, judged and sampled, in the hopes of saving you from wasting money on something you truly won’t enjoy. While many of the products are provided at no financial cost (thanks to the various companies who get why working with reviewers is important!), at no time will I lie, mislead, or positively review a product I think is shit,  just to make a buck. For as much as I get a kick out of receiving sex toys by mail (almost weekly!), the reviews are for you, consider it my way of saying thanks for helping me do something I love!

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2 Responses to About Kara_Sutra & Sex Ed 102

  1. Georgia February 14, 2011 at 6:38 am #

    add me to your mail list. thank you

  2. fondoffunpornandcoolwomenwhoenjoysextoys October 19, 2011 at 7:26 am #

    I love your site. I came here from HeyEp and really enjoy these sites which promote happy and confident self pleasure for women. I am so sick of prudishness surrounding masturbation, especially for women, since I feel that squares frown at jilling off much more than at jacking off. Sites like this I believe will make women feel more confident about their sexuality, and for this I applaud you.

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