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#FunFindFriday – Period Panties


Period Panties by HarebrainedForgive me for being late to the party, but this post just NEEDED to be included in #FunFindFriday before the Kickstarter campaign ends a mere 2 days from now.

Never heard of Period Panties? Not to worry, neither had I. Then I found this twitter thread started by Property Of Potter and I all but lost my shit.


Okay, okay, this isn’t something that’ll interest everyone. A bunch of you might even get a little pissy, what with him using the word “CUNT”, calling a bleeding vadge an “EVIL BEAVER“, poking fun at the menstrual cycle, and talking about periods as if “period sex” isn’t an option when Aunt Flow comes to town…  it’s admittedly a little lowbrow, pandering to an audience that isn’t the most informed or aware when it comes to menstruation.

evil beaver : rainbo first blood

evil beaver : rainbo first blood

And yes, it seems part of the apparent marketing was to tap into the “periods are gross” jargon we’ve been fed for decades… but here’s where I think it’s different from all the other bullshit:

Talking to my partner about my period (in explicitly graphic detail) has never made me cringe. I probably share way more than I should, and I have no problem with it. Neither does he, for the most part anyways. He only gets a little wide eyed and white in the face when I use the word “globs”. I’m not a fan of the word either, so I really don’t blame him… however this isn’t the case for everyone.

I know a lot of people with vadges who are totally put off discussing their bits (generally), let alone what time of the month it is. And when they finally open up, some do get grossed out, others feel it’s tmi, some instantly turn red with embarrassment, others think it’s totally inappropriate no matter the time or place.  Looking at all the adverts telling us we’re ‘unsanitary’, ‘not so fresh’, and ‘unhygienic’, it’s clear to see we’ve been brainwashed to believe that periods = bad, and talking about it = worse.

Everything considered, maybe it takes is a middle finger giving kitty or a gun toting unicorn to open the doors of communication. And in the end, isn’t that what we want… people talking about their bodies in a way that makes them feel empowered?

It might just be me, but I think it’s one little step in the right direction.

bleeder of the pack : bloody hell

bleeder of the pack : bloody hell

And let’s be real, the graphics are amazeballs. Blood or no blood.

Though I will admit, I think some of them would be better without the ‘name’ written on the front. There is no time, even when on my period, that I want anyone calling my vadge a “sour puss”. That shit’s just not cool.

As it stands, Anthony Hall (the graphic genius behind the panties) has raised over $350,000 to bring them to market. Pretty impressive considering he was only looking for $10,000.

What does that tell me?


If you want a pair of your own, or simply want to help someone do something they love (even if it is making period underwear), head over to his Period Panties: Kickstarter page.

For other fun stuff check out my growing collection of #FunFindFriday posts. I also have a #WTFWednesday section, though that just might freak you out.

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period panties collection

period panties collection

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#WTF Wednesday: Sex Doll Replacement Parts & Accessories

history-of-sex-dolls infographicContrary to being included in #WTFWednesday, I’m actually a huge fan of sex dolls.

Seriously. I’m not joking.

Having said that, I don’t get sexually aroused by them. Which I guess probably seems even weirder. For me it’s not a *sex* thing… I’m just, fascinated.

It’s so bad that my computer has an ENTIRE BOOKMARKED FOLDER of links dedicated to them; from quirky sports gear and horror stories, to photography projects, more photography, and sex doll comparisons (if you’ve ever been curious, start there), artistic takes, short films, mainstream movies, interviews with doll connoisseurs, tours of a top notch sex doll factory, and shoes, I kid you not, THERE ARE BLOW UP DOLL SHOES (I promise, it’s not at all what you expect).

Everything considered, I think I’ve got all the bases covered.

Before I make things really awkward, let’s clear something up… I’m not referring to the blow up sex dolls easily found on the interwebs. No, no. Not those.

In truth, I find them cheap, tacky, and useless. Sure, it’s totally plausible they’ll get you off, but if I had a dick, I don’t think the pixelated face, new shower curtain smell, and plastic vaginal slit would cut it. Especially since there are some pretty decent masturbators available for around the same price… without the sound of balloons rubbing together or the worry they’ll pop the second you lay on them.

What I’m talking about is the real sex dolls, the ones so freakishly human in appearance they’re unnerving. Having said that, it’s not the dolls I’m baffled by (shit, if I had a dick you can bet your sweet ass I’d try one on for size. #truth), it’s the “accessories” and “add-ons”, basically the sex doll parts, that leave me staring perplexedly.

For example…


This video which makes everything exceptionally real

Now let’s take that one step further…

Doll Eyes

Aside from wanting a different color, I have no idea why a person would need to replace an eyeball… has it lost its glossy sheen? Did the smooth texture get permanently ruined by a haphazard shot of jizz? Did one just happen to *pop* out mid bang and go rolling across the floor, forever lost to the air vent? Skull fuck gone wrong? Did it dent? chip? break? crack? fade?… I could go on but I’m totally lost for words.

Imagine the scene should some poor unsuspecting roommate or elderly family member open a discreetly marked delivery box, only to find a set of eyes (God forbid it be just one) looking back at them. It’s the thing heart attacks and 911 calls are made of. Having recently found a box with a hand in it (don’t ask, it’s not what you think), I know all too well the potential trauma that could ensue.

Considering they start at $45 a pop, these babies aren’t cheap. Want veins? No problem, that’ll cost you an extra $25.

Living a fantasy is one thing, but jamming an eye in a dolls head just so you can get off to a different colored iris is a whole other. God forbid you put it in backwards, how the fuck would you get it out? Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Oral Inserts

I gotta tell ya, I can’t help looking at these things without cringing. They just look scary… although I will admit, the ones with the little peg coming out of the lower jaw kinda look like a squirt gun of sorts. Which makes them a bit more fun. Albeit fucked up, but still.

Is it just me or do you also hear the voice of a backwoods hick ringing horrifically in you ears… “he got a real purty mouth ain’t he“. Deliverance, I blame you for this. *shudders*

Think $45 for an eye ball is outrageous? You can get a set of teeth for $50, or upgrade to a full mouth piece for $200. I’m actually surprised they don’t offer the option of a blinged out grill. Now that would be hardcore.


Labia Repair Kit

labia-repair-kit-If there’s an add-on that makes total sense to me, it’s the labia repair kit; between the friction of sex and possible lack of attention to detail while cleaning, I can see how a labia might get a little lackluster over time. My problem with it: considering all the Pinterest fails floating around, one can only assume repairing a labia with no previous experience could only turn out terribly.

It’s like arts ‘n crafts meets labiaplasty. But not.

The difference: when you make a mess in arts and crafts you can throw some glitter on that shit and call it a day. Screw this up and you’re pretty much done for. Although a sparkly labia does have a certain appeal.

Don’t want to spend time arts and crafting a labia, just buy a labia insert. Done and done.


Then there’s this video…


Extra Faces

Kaori_Face_13Although having a room full of interchangeable heads would work wonders at keeping the dream alive, I just don’t know if I can get down with this.

The description says it all…

“Now its easier then ever to order additional faces for your RealDoll2. Simply select the options you want below and then click the purchase button.

*The RealDoll Classic faces adhere to the Classic skulls with Velcro. The RealDoll2 faces adhere to the RealDoll2 skulls with magnets. The Wicked RealDoll faces and the RealDoll2 J, L, & M faces are full head faces and go on a full head skull. The faces match to the skulls they are sold with as mentioned above, they are not interchangeable with the other skulls.”

They lost me at velcro, magnets, and head skull. For a mere $800 this too could be yours.


Replacement Tongue

tongue_sex_dollForgive my ignorance, but I have so many questions about these…

Is it for when you’d rather not have a conversation with a gaping hole in a head?

Does it do anything other than sit in a mouth?

Is it compatible with the different oral inserts?

Is it firm? Or squishy? Or velvety? Or…?

Is it the type of silicone that attracts lint?

How do you keep it in place?

When you kiss the doll (which I’d assume most would do) does it move around or just sit there?

And most importantly, considering most high quality silicone sex toys will last a lifetime with a minimum amount of care, what the fuck did you do that you need to replace it???

Seriously, this is the one that really and truly leaves my mind boggled. I just, I can’t.


And this video… which is by far probably my favorite.


And finally, the pièce de résistance…

balloon_knot bumholeBum Hole Insert

It’s common knowledge humans generally don’t have a problem with gaping assholes, however this doesn’t look to be the case with sex dolls.  I guess the company realized this wasn’t very attractive and created something to remedy the situation. That or there were far too many requests for such a thing.

One part chewed up gum. One part balloon knot. Enter the bum hole insert. I can only imagine what people were using before these fun little guys came around.

At the very least it’ll keep your doll from becoming a home for misguided ants or rodents.

Side note: They’d probably also make for a pretty great cat toy, just give them a rub down with some potent catnip first.

End rant.

Truth be told, I don’t have a problem with all the random parts and pieces. I don’t even find them that weird. It’s just that most of the fun comes with the illusion; an effect that would disappear rather quickly should I find myself spending an hour haphazardly screwing in a new jaw, only to realize that like most IKEA furniture, I did it wrong… and trying to fix it would only make matters worse. #FuckYouIkea

With my apparent obsession I’ve often wondered if the life of a traveling sex doll repair person could be a lucrative career change. You know, kinda like a Geek Squad for worn out cooches or missing eyes (might get me to use my melon baller).

If you’re thinking the same thing don’t bother, that jobs already taken.

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 shop sex ed 102

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Crystal Delights Sex Toy Haul


After the fun I had creating my Tantus Haul video I figured I’d do more of the same. So, in a fit of inspiration I tore through my toy bin(s) searching for anything else I had an abundance of; from Fleshlights, to Lelo’s, to Divine Interventions, to Fun Factory toys, there was a plethora of goodies to work with.

Torn by where I should start, I decided my first haul video of 2014 would showcase products by a company I’ve adored for last 4 years, one that is very near and dear to my heart, Crystal Delights.

Why the love for Crystal Delights you ask?… each piece is hand made in the USA with an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship, the glass they use is Borosilicate making them much stronger than typical glass products, they’re hypoallergenic, hygienic, non-toxic, phthalate and latex free, easy to care for an clean, warm to body temperature nicely, don’t require a lot of lube, don’t absorb bodily fluids, lube, or bacteria, are great for sensory temperature play, and will last a lifetime if you treat them well. Which you will, because you’re a respectable person like that.

Sadly, my pictures do not do them justice. They are far prettier in person.


Products within the video (in order of appearance):

Read the reviews: Star Delight Frosted Dildo, Frosted Plug, Small Clear Plug, Large Clear Plug. *The rest of the products featured in the video to be reviewed throughout 2014.

crystal-delights-crystalNote To Readers: If you’re a little freaked out by the thought of putting glass sex toys in your bits, not to fret. Each Crystal Delight is made of Borosilicate glass, a medical/pharma grade glass often selected for its durability and ability to withstand high temperatures/pressures. I know there’s many of you still dead set on avoiding glass toys, so as my final plea let me just share two little facts with you… one, it takes more than 1,500 lbs of pressure to bend (snap) a 1″ bar of Borosilicate glass, and two, the crush weight is somewhere in the range of 8 tonnes! So unless you chip them, which you wont… because you’re not a horrible person that likes to throw glass sex toys at brick walls, they are TOTALLY SAFE FOR USE.

Not in the video, but other goodies you’ll definitely want to check out: (NEW) Hello Kitty Plugs, Tasha’s Reignbow Pony Plugs, Crystal Minx Bunny Tail Plug, Crystal Minx Faux Tail Plug, Colors Against Cancer collection, Jada Stevens Spade Plug.

hellokitty buttplugs

LOOK AT ALL THOSE HELLO KITTIES! photo credit: Crystal Delights

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Become a Sex Toy Reviewer – Part 6 – Vlogging Tips & Suggestions

To finish up my 3 part series on vlogging and blogging, as brought on by a bunch of twitter DM’s from Pantophile Panic, I offer you this; a shit tonne of my vlogging tips and suggestions.  May they serve you well.

Here’s the first part in the vlogging vs blogging series composed of 9 Q&A’s.
The second part, filled with another 9 Q&A’s, can be found here.

As for the question that got it all started…


Twitter DM Pantophile Panic Kara_Sutra

Oh, geez. I have so many… too many probably. I could blurt them all out in my usual fashion, but I think breaking things down to cover the internet, all the cons, and filming tips, would probably serve you best. With that said and done, let’s wrap this baby up!

On The Internets:

  • First and foremost, don’t entrust all of your content to a site, whether it be YouTube, WordPress, Vimeo or otherwise. I’d suggest using YouTube to host your videos online (specifically YouTube, the reach is invaluable), and using another that’s far more sex friendly to embed the videos on your website. That way if some dipshit decides to flag and remove them it wont affect your websites content.
  • On that note, buy a USB flash drive and use it often. When I started 6 years ago I was naive and didn’t think I’d need one, suffice to say many of my original videos weren’t saved anywhere other than YouTube… so when they shut me down (we’ll get into that later) I had no copies of my own. If I could go back in time I’d pelt myself with Belladonnas Bitch Fist for that. HARD. I’ve learned a lot since then.
  • It can’t be denied, YouTube is the one of the best sites when trying to extend your reach. Use it to its full advantage; include links to your blog, social media profiles, and other related material in the description box. And don’t forget to add tags and annotations. These are by far the most under used and easiest to employ elements of the site.
  • With over 100 hrs of video uploaded to YouTube every minute it’s harder than ever to build a loyal following and get noticed, as such don’t let low video views be a determining or demotivating factor in your worth as a content creator or reviewer, and don’t expect overnight ‘success’ with the first video you put up. Make videos because you have a passion for it and want to change things for the better, not to get rich or be famous. Sure, Bieber did it. You likely wont. #pessimist #truth
  • The more videos you make the more likely your stuff will show up in YouTube searches and be seen, remember that if you’re trying to build a following. On that note, create playlists and set up your account so videos link to the playlist. It not only ensures your content stays visible, it makes sourcing it easy and automatic.
  • Try to post videos regularly, i.e. once a week or bi-weekly. It’ll help keep your content fresh, give everyone a chance to catch up on anything they’ve missed, and give your a viewers a schedule to follow. If they know you post often, they’ll keep checking back.
  • If you opt to make videos weekly, do your best not to burn out. There was a point where I was doing 3 videos a week. I think it broke my brain… and vagina.
  • Share your video across social bookmarking sites like Delicious and StumbleUpon, work your social networks like Twitter and Facebook to the best of their ability, and do your best to find that happy medium between ‘spamming’ people and sharing content. Because twitter streams tend to update quickly you can probably get away with posting a video a couple times a day, however on Facebook that shit just wont fly.
  • After about a week, embed the video on your site and go through the process of sharing it again. It’ll help draw more traffic to both your video and website.
  • If you choose to use YouTube, and I think you should, you can easily employ a ‘subscribe’ widget to your blog that allows people to subscribe to your channel without having to leave your website. The peeps at YouTube are some clever little s.o.b’s.


On the Negatives:

  • Keep in mind that once you put yourself out there, what you do can be found by anyone. at anytime. anywhere. Family can find out what you do. Friends can find out what you do. Partners can find out what you do. Your arch nemesis can find out what you do. Potential employers can find out what you do. Even if it was something you did, but don’t do any longer, it doesn’t matter. There is no total delete button for the internet. Be sure before you make the decision to go ‘public’.
  • You will likely be inundated w/ more questions than you have time to answer (specific to YouTube). People might even get shitty with you simply because you didn’t answer quickly enough. My suggestion; craft up a reply that can be cut and pasted to let them know you’ll get back when you can. If that’s not enough, state in your videos that you wont be taking questions unless it’s through your websites contact form. If all else fails, avoid your inbox like the plague. Crappy I know, but your sanity is important.
  • Depending on the content your creating, you may get shut down. I’m far too well versed with this one. Learn to take it personally and be proud. Obviously something you’re doing is pushing boundaries. That’s not a bad thing. Ducky DooLittle taught me that. She is a legend.
  • If you don’t already have one, develop a thick skin. People can be very mean when they don’t have to be held accountable for their words.
  • Just remember, your safety and well being are important. If at any time you feel threatened or targeted you have every right to report it… or you could always call on your many online supporters to act like sex positive warriors and fight for you (I’m only half kidding on that one, not really. #bringonthetroops).
  • Since I’m on the topic of trolls, you might want to set your account so comments can only be posted with your approval. To do this select from within your YouTube account Video Manager> Edit (the video you’re selecting)>Advance Settings>Check ‘Allow Comments’>From the Drop Down Menu ‘Approved’>Save. Done and done.
  • Make very good friends with the concept of blocking and deleting. It will serve you well.


On Filming:

  • Write point form notes or simple cue cards of everything you want to cover, they’ll come in handy when you lose your train of thought. And you will lose your train of thought eventually. If you can manage it, take the time to write yourself a script, just make sure that if you do this it doesn’t sound like you’re reading one when you’re filming. That shit’s just tacky.
  • If you think you can film an entire review in one shot, do it. Otherwise try to film it in segments, it’ll make editing much easier.
  • Instead of spending a lot of money on a new camera try playing with the lighting in the room or settings on the camera. Sometimes being in a brighter or darker environment can make a world of difference when it comes to the quality of your output. You can also go the route of learning these 5 tips for beginner vlogging with a DSLR camera, but in most cases you’ll likely have a simple digital camera, so that’s just unnecessary until you’re ready to graduate up.
  • I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve gone to film only to have my camera battery die half way through. Make sure everything is ready before you film i.e. camera and product are both fully charged (if it’s a vibe etc), with back up batteries near by just in case.
  • If you don’t have a camera with a swiveling flip screen (so you can watch as you film) prop a mirror behind the camera so you can test angles, see if you’re centered, and check what works best. If a mirror doesn’t work for you, try hooking your camera up to a monitor or tv so you can view the live feed. Here’s how to do that (scroll down to “Composite”).
  • Do yourself a favor and learn to work with a timer. Maybe for you it will be different, but since I talk a lot I tend to go way past a 10 minute mark without trying. This leads to more editing. More cutting. More deleting. More work. If you can keep your content between 8 – 10 mins, you’re good. Otherwise plan for a lot of unnecessary wasted time.
  • Remember that each video you make is likely going to take much longer than you think; between scripting or crafting notes, filming, editing, uploading to a site, embedding to your blog, and linking through social media outlets, each 5 minute video will likely take many hours to from start to finish. That’s a lot time spent on something that sometimes nets no payout. Again, do it because you love it, not because you want to get rich.
  • Be patient with yourself and know that you’re going to fuck up. Seriously. Once you make peace with that and learn to laugh at your mistakes you’ll be fine. They do make for some pretty hilar blooper videos.
  • Most importantly be real, be honest, and be yourself. That will carry a lot of weight in whether or not people choose to follow or subscribe to your videos.

And done.

So that wraps up this lil 3 parter covering Vlogging vs Blogging! A big thanks goes out to Pantophile Panic for reaching out and asking a shit tonne of great questions, here’s her website here. If you still haven’t read it, hit up her post on the dangers of toxic jelly sex toys. It’s a doozy.

Want to follow the entire series? Find it here:


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Become A Reviewer – Part 5: Vlogging vs Blogging 2

A month or so ago Pantophile Panic DM’d me via twitter, asking for advice on getting into sex toy reviewing. More specifically, vlogging and blogging, which lead to a 3 part series on the topic.

If you’d like to read the first part, composed of 9 Q&A’s, you can find it here.

Otherwise, read on.

YouTube Image Logo1.) For vlogging, since YouTube is still borderline sex negative, have you vlogged anywhere else?

Before answering I need to explain a few things about YouTube and the way it worked back in the day…

When I joined YouTube in 2007 the ‘Partner Program’ was just getting started, and because they were testing the waters, they were very picky with who got accepted. For the first few years only those with exceptionally high view counts, living in the USA, creating content that was either relatively ‘family friendly’ or “highly marketable” were allowed into the program. Yes, there were some spread around other countries, but they were few and far between, operating more like guinea pig channels than anything else. It was a great way to make a living if you could get it. Back then chances were you couldn’t.

To make matters even more challenging, YouTube/Google spent a lot of their attention on what I call ‘crafting views’; rather than allowing videos to go viral on their own, the company pushed certain channels (ones that were ‘Partnered’) to gain higher views by adding them to every home page, having the videos pop up in the ‘related videos’ section (even if they weren’t related), suggesting those channels for subscription TO EVERYONE, holding view counts so only a select few rose to the top, and granting certain permissions (swearing, questionable content etc) others weren’t afforded. If that wasn’t enough, the company actively worked toward building Multi-channel Networks of ‘YouTubers’ that created content together with funding and support from YouTube/Google, (i.e. Maker Studios and Machinma). Basically put, if you were anyone but the few ‘chosen ones’, and/or didn’t have a network to back you, the deck wasn’t stacked in your favor.

Unfortunately, in the list of checked boxes YouTube required back in the day, the only thing I had going was high video counts (in 2007, 100,000 views a viral video made). Even though the content I created veered on the side of professional (no swearing, nudity, graphic images etc), by YouTube’s standards it didn’t. Slowly one by one, my videos started  being removed from the site with no explanation, notification, or response to my emails.  It was a slap in the face considering some of the other content they allowed. Wanting a home for my removed videos I began hunting for a site that was more accepting, both in regard to ‘partnering’ and the content I was creating (as per my account).  Finally, sometime during October of 2011, YouTube killed my account in its entirety, forcing me to take ALL of my content elsewhere.

So to answer the question, yes I’ve vlogged on other sites… mostly because I had no other choice. To name a few Vimeo, Girls Teach Guys (which is now defunct), a few others I can’t even remember since it was so long ago, and finally – which is BY FAR my favorite (*update shut down in 2015 not long after it was bought out by one of the original Multi-channel Networks, Maker Studios – I mentioned them above).

Thankfully joining the YouTube Partner Program is now open to pretty much anyone making videos (at least as far as I can see), so if you’re thinking of applying you shouldn’t have any problems. However if you do, don’t give up; of the 31 times I applied, I was rejected 30, and acceptance only came when I got my original channel back this year. Fucked up, but a step in the right direction.

2.) Did you ever worry about anonymity or people finding out about your blog?

Not really. I made videos long before I started blogging, so any chance of maintaining my anonymity went out the window. Also, most of the people that found my blog did so through my videos, so it didn’t make any difference. Add to that the fact that I placed videos (reviews and sex ed) on my website/blog to accompany written content, my face was pretty much everywhere. Having said that, I have in the past refrained from telling some friends or family what I do online. To be honest, for as accepting and open minded as they are, I don’t know how comfortable they’d be reading about me stuffing a Baby Jesus Buttplug in my ass, among other things. If they were to find me on their own, which many have, so be it. But I haven’t been readily handing out info to everyone that crosses my path.

3.) Did you ever have any bad encounters with subscribers or people commenting?

The trolls. Oh, the trolls. Let’s just say that I’ve been called every name in the book whether it be in relation to my body, gender, sexual orientation, the way I speak, how I dress, or what I choose to talk about. No one on the internet is safe from ridicule and judgement, so if you have a thin skin you might want to think about putting on some extra layers. It’s cold out there.

Your best defense: become very good friends with the Block and Delete buttons.

4.) Do you think sex bloggers should remain anonymous for safety reasons? What about sex vloggers?

That’s a tough question. As someone who’s been stalked online, received more than her share of hate mail, trolling comments, and threats – my favorite being the following…

I’m going to find where you live, cut your head off, nail it to a cross, and parade you around town like the blasphemous sinning whore that you are.

… I can understand how ones safety can be a big issue, no matter if you’re blogging or vlogging.

Whether you remain anonymous or not, if someone wants to be a total dick or threaten your safety, they’re going to. Not knowing specifics about you won’t stop them. It never has and it never will. Though I’ll admit, having a face to go with the name/vlog/blog gives them a bit more ammo since your looks or mannerisms will likely become targets for ridicule or judgment.

Even having experienced all the negative backlash, I still wouldn’t worry too much. But that’s me. If your safety is something you feel you need to protect, do so. It’s like the old adage goes ‘better safe than sorry’.

*For the record I actually found where said troll lived and reported him. Hacker friends tend to come in handy from time to time.

5.) Have you ever had an issue in real life with someone recognizing you from a video/picture?

Yes, and every time I’m left baffled but amused.

The most recent was 2 months ago at my best friends wedding, someone was at the bar and said I looked familiar but that he couldn’t place it. Soon after he found me and blurted out ‘this is going to sound really weird, and I don’t want to freak you out if I’m wrong, but are you that girl that made sex videos online?” I looked at him a little confused, puppy sideways head kinda deal, and asked “sex videos?”, to which he replied frantically ‘SEX ED! I MEANT SEX ED! NOT PORN, I DIDN’T MEAN PORN! ON YOUTUBE, THE VIDEOS ARE ON YOUTUBE!“. I live for moments like that. A week before I was recognized in a mall by a girl who thanked me for helping her learn how to express herself in the bedroom. A month or so before that I was recognized while waiting in line for overpriced beers at a concert. And just before that one of my co-workers asked if I made a video on dental dams, which she found while searching for some online. Even though all the experiences I’ve had have been amazing it’s still really weird to be ‘known’ by someone you’ve never met before.

6.) Have you ever had a video flagged/removed just for the sex toys?

YUP! In fact, MANY of the videos that were removed had sex toys in them. Even if the video was about kegels and showing products that could help strengthen them, or rounding up items that would be great for g-spot stimulation, or highlighting the importance of Eco-Friendly sex toys, it didn’t make much of a difference. They got flagged and/or removed. Not all of course, but many did.

*Update: after fighting YouTube for 2 years, eventually leading to threatening legal action, I managed to get the videos reinstated (which is how they’re on the site today!)

7.) Is there a way to avoid that by putting an 18+ only filter on each video?

Personally I suggest doing anything you can to avoid video’s being flagged or removed, be it adding an 18+ filter, limiting viewership to only those that have the link, placing an audio warning before the video, or uploading videos and embedding them on your site (without making them searchable in YouTubes filter). Sadly you likely won’t get the same viewership (in numbers) as you would if you left it open for the world to find, but if it means you get to keep your content I think it’s a good enough trade.

8.) What IS YouTubes policy about sex toys or things of a sexual nature?

Though you’ll likely find MANY videos of people reviewing sex toys, there is apparently an ‘unspoken rule’ that sex toys, even in review form, are a big no-no. Sex ed is fine. Sex positive content is fine. Even graphic depictions of genitals are fine (as per the number of gynecologist exams you’ll see on the site). However, finding evidence of this in writing is difficult, but can be found so long as you know where to look…

From the YouTube Community Guidelines;

We Review Videos Flagged As Inappropriate

Okay, this one is more about us than you. When a video gets flagged as inappropriate, we review the video to determine whether it violates our Terms of Use—flagged videos are not automatically taken down by the system. If we remove your video after reviewing it, you can assume that we removed it purposefully, and you should take our warning notification seriously. Take a deep breath, read our Terms of Use and try to see it from our perspective. If you find other videos on YouTube with the same violations, please flag them so we can review them as well!”

This, taken from their YouTube blog back in 2008:

Stricter standard for mature content – While videos featuring pornographic images or sex acts are always removed from the site when they’re flagged, we’re tightening the standard for what is considered “sexually suggestive.” Videos with sexually suggestive (but not prohibited) content will be age-restricted, which means they’ll be available only to viewers who are 18 or older. To learn more about what constitutes “sexually suggestive” content, click here.

Demotion of sexually suggestive content and profanity – Videos that are considered sexually suggestive, or that contain profanity, will be algorithmically demoted on our ‘Most Viewed,’ ‘Top Favourited,’ and other browse pages. The classification of these types of videos is based on a number of factors, including video content and descriptions. In testing, we’ve found that out of the thousands of videos on these pages, only several each day are automatically demoted for being too graphic or explicit. However, those videos are often the ones which end up being repeatedly flagged by the community as being inappropriate.

And finally this, which was added sometime in the last month or so from their Help – Policy Center:

Nudity and sexual content

If a video is intended to be sexually provocative, it is less likely to be acceptable for YouTube.

What is and isn’t allowed

Sexually explicit content like pornography is not allowed. Videos containing fetish content will be removed or age-restricted depending on the severity of the act in question. In most cases, violent, graphic, or humiliating fetishes are not allowed to be shown on YouTube.

A video that contains nudity or other sexual content may be allowed if the primary purpose is educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic, and it isn’t gratuitously graphic. For example, a documentary on breast cancer would be appropriate, but posting clips out of context from the same documentary might not be. Remember that providing context in the title and description will help us and your viewers determine the primary purpose of the video.

– read the rest here.

Why some people get shut down over others is anyone’s guess; maybe the person in the review panel was in a shitty mood and decided to take it out on you. Maybe you got trolled hard by some group, or person, with too much free time and decided it would be best spent flagging your content. Maybe your videos had a large number of hits in a short span of time giving you the opportunity to go viral and someone at the company didn’t think it was ‘appropriate’. Maybe there was a glitch in the system and your video got removed instead of just ‘limited’ (I had this happen a few times, sending a letter to inquire is always a good idea). Maybe someone put a copyright claim against the music in your video (be it by your own doing or because it was audible in the background). Maybe you’ve just got shitty luck. Or maybe your content really does go against their Guidelines and Terms of Service. Everything considered, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of videos removed or flagged on the site everyday. Do your best not to take it personally, because most likely it’s not. Easier said than done, I know.

I think it’s also worth mentioning that YouTube is run buy a bunch of marketing geniuses and loose cannons, both of which have too much control. If the content you created doesn’t offer them anything to advertise against or proves questionable, by anyone, for any reason, they’ll nix it without batting an eyelash. At the end of the day YouTube/Google, the Multi-channel networks it supports, advertisers, and everyone else involved, is it in it make a buck, and so long as their efforts are proving prosperous, your success or demise doesn’t really matter to them.

Like I said before, it’s always a good idea to have backups just in case their sights get set on you.

end rant.

So that’s it for the second part of the Vlogging vs Blogging Q&A! Thanks to Pantophile Panic for getting in touch and asking such thought provoking questions, you can find her website here. If you still haven’t read it, I suggest you hit up her post on the dangers of toxic jelly sex toys. It’ll likely make you think twice about that questionable toy hiding in one of your drawers.

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