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Review: Tenga Eggs ~ 6 Pack


If there is a line of male sexual wellness products I’m constantly asked about (other than the Fleshlight or Bathmate), it’s the fantastic, discreet and curious ones that Tenga makes.  For those of you not familiar with the company, Tenga is the Japanese manufacturer of such innovative male products as the Tenga Air Cushion, Tenga Soft Tube Cup and the adorable Tenga Eggs.

*watch my review of the Tenga Soft Tube Cup here.

Due to the fact that most companies don’t want to send male products my way I haven’t been able to cover very many of them. Fortunately, thanks the forward thinking folks at I was able to get my hands on a 6 pack of Tenga Eggs just so I could review them for all of you.

*by saying “I could review them” I mean hand out 4 (one each) to 4 of my closest male friends in return for their honest feedback. With that in mind, you can be assured you’ll get more than one point of view here and the feedback will be from those that actually had the chance to try them since sadly, I can’t.


Much like a 6 pack of real eggs, Tenga Eggs come in a transparent flip lid egg carton container with each egg security sealed inside. There is nothing on the package to state that it’s meant for masturbation purposes. In fact, the only thing that could hint to it would be the words “New Adult Concept” found on the top sticker (written in very tiny print). Even with that in mind I don’t think it’s something a person would necessarily associate with sex.

In truth, it looks more like a product you’d find in Toys ‘R Us as an accessory for a Betty Crocker kitchen set than an actual sexual wellness product.

Once you open the lid of the egg carton you’ll find 6 eggs individually sealed for your safety, again having nothing on them to hint they’re meant for masturbation purposes. As for the writing, it’s in Japanese so even if someone found them they wouldn’t know what they are – possibly mistaking them for a Kinder Egg more than anything else.

The Good

Removing the security seal is extremely simple; just tear down the perforated seam, remove the wrapping and there you’ll find a hard casing that looks exactly like an egg shell– seriously, it looks like a plastic freakin egg!

*there’s nothing written on the “shell” to say what it is, so if you happened to leave it out there wouldn’t be much to worry about.

Once you have the “shell” exposed just press along the seam and it will pop open allowing you to remove it with ease  revealing a soft, squishy, pliable, supple, odorless, semi transparent, hollow, stretchy, body safe, extremely discreet and egg shaped male masturbation sleeve.

Like most of the Tenga products the Tenga Eggs are made of a body safe elastomer making them phthalate free,  slightly porous, hypoallergenic, easy to care for, durable, latex free and exceptionally soft.

When it comes to using it, located on the bottom is a thumb sized hole that stretches to fit your penis, just coat the inside of the egg with some lube (sample sized package included), stick yourself inside and start stroking! It really is that simple.

On that note, one of the things I loved about the product was how easily everyone said it was to use; there was nothing intimidating or confusing about it, no buttons to push, intense steps to follow, precautions to keep in mind, batteries to buy, or worry that they might not “fit” inside it. It’s simple and that’s why they loved it!

By now I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what it feels like, I know I was extremely curious, so this is the feedback I got from each of my male testers:

*Out of respect for their privacy I’m refraining from using names.


Tester 1 (wavy texture)

“At first I didn’t know what to think about it, the concept was cool but it seemed a little odd, after all you asked me to f*ck an egg *laughing*. Once I got over the initial weirdness factor it was actually pretty good. It’s easy to use and moves nicely. It gives you lots of control of how pressure is applied and the internal things (texture) feel really interesting. If it was a higher price I don’t think it would be worth it but for less than ten dollars it’s a really good deal. Plus it’s a hell of a lot more discreet than a Fleshlight. Aside from that, I’m never really worried someone will find it and if they do it’s no big deal.”

When asked if he’d recommend it: “Definitely, especially for people who still live at home or in a dorm room. I never bought a Fleshlight because I was afraid someone would find it, I didn’t worry once with this.”

Tester 2 (spider texture)

“They’re cute and convenient, the design and marketing is pretty awesome. If you had one in your room no one would think anything of it, I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t even know what it was. Thank God I’m not in University anymore, but if I was I’d have one since I’d never worry about leaving it lying around. The texture is great and the material is really soft, like really, really soft.  It’s incredibly flexible and to be honest, when you’re f*cking it it feels like a marshmallow. Yes I know how stupid that sounds but it does, and I mean that in a good way. You’ve given me stuff before and it’s been tight or rough or just uncomfortable, this is the exact opposite.”

When asked if he’d recommend it: “Of course, actually I think it would make for a great little gift to give a boyfriend because it’s not something most people would get jealous of or be scared they might get replaced by. I’ve actually already suggested it to people just cause I think it’s so cool.”

Tester 3 (twister texture)

Honestly, I was a little wierded out at first. It just seems so strange – it’s an egg!! I’d never even think of doing it with an egg, but this thing is actually pretty incredible. It feels soft and squishy, stretches well and even though it pulled a little on my foreskin it didn’t hurt. It’s still a little weird when I think about it, but if they’re making vibrators that look like caterpillars and ducks I guess this is no big deal.”

*in regard to the “it pulled a little” statement – he didn’t use any lube so that may be why. Once he’s used it again with lube I’ll update this with his feedback.

When asked if he’d recommend it: “Yeah sure, why not? It’s not like its something scary or freaky looking. It’s better than I thought it would be and it’s a lot more discreet than other things you try and give me. I’d be worried if someone found a fake pussy in my room, but an egg, I guess it’s no big deal”

Tester 4 (silky texture)

“This thing is awesome! Really, I love it. It’s small, easy to use, feels great, is really flexible, doesn’t hurt and it’s super soft. I wasn’t sure if I’d fit inside it but it stretched quite a bit. My only advice is to add the lube first, like put a little puddle inside, then stick yourself in. I wasn’t sure what I was doing at first and tried putting in the lube after I had my dick in it. Let’s just say I made a huge mess, there was lube everywhere. Other than that first mishap, which is my own fault, I think it’s amazing!”

When asked if he’d recommend it: “Hells yeah! I’ve already ordered a 6 pack of them online to give as joke gifts. Even though I’m giving them as a “joke” I also know the dudes I’m giving them to will use them, even if it’s just out of curiosity. Besides, all you girls get a shit load of toys, it’s about time us guys got some cool ones too!”

So there you have it folks, first hand experiences from the guys that used them and based on their feedback, I think I’m allowed my due share of penis envy!

As for the stats, the eggs roughly measure 3 inches in length (when not in use)and stretch to 12 inches (when in use). That said the girth doesn’t really matter considering that when in use it thins out and doesn’t retain its egg shape.

Care & Cleaning

In regard to lubes I would only personally suggest a good water based lube. If you use an oil, cream, lotion, silicone or gel product it might make the product rather hard to clean and worse yet, might ruin it.

*For those of you that regularly jerk off with hand cream, please don’t use it with this product. It’s just not good.

Cleaning is a breeze as they can be washed with mild soap and water, rinsed well and left to air dry. Keep in mind that because they are made of elastomer they are porous (meaning they absorb bodily fluid, bacteria and lube) so you might want to wash them rather well. If you’d like to keep the cleaning to a minimum you can wear a condom while masturbating which would eliminate the culmination of bodily fluid, bacteria and lube. Once their dry you can easily just place back inside their “shell” for safe keeping.

The Bad

Other than the fact that they’re meant for ‘one time use only’ there is nothing I disliked about the adorable Tenga Eggs. Actually, because cleaning is so easy I think they could be used quite a few times before you felt the need to discard them. Now add a condom and you’ve prolonged the life span five fold.

The lube on the other hand is something I did have a bit of an issue with – not only is it rather goopey and slimy, it also stinks! Once you’ve used it (because I know most of you will) get a good bottle of water based lube and use that from then on. Trust me, it’s really not that great.

Final Verdict

I’m not sure what else to say other than I think the adorable Tenga Eggs are a definite innovation where male masturbation sleeves are concerned!

They’re easy to use, extremely discreet, made from body safe material, are phthalate and latex free, latex compatible (for use with condoms), can be used in or out of the shower, feel great (based on the responses I got), are soft and supple, easy to care for and clean, are very durable, stretch very well and most importantly at only $6.60 for a single egg or $39.53 for a 6 pack they are very, very affordable.

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Review: The Stamina Training Unit ( STU) by Fleshlight

If you read my blog, watch my product reviews, or follow me on Facebook / Twitter, you’re probably quite familiar with my love of the Fleshlight.  For those of you that don’t know about my lust, well, all I can say is it may just be the one and only product that gives me #penisenvy on a regular basis. I’d almost say daily.

Not only is the product well made, easy to use, soft, supple, discreet and realistic looking, it’s also probably the closest you’re going to get to the ‘real thing’ when it comes to fake vagina’s. Seriously! It’s amazing!

As for this review, I’m going to be covering the Stamina Training Unit, a product created by Fleshlight that’s designed to help you learn to last longer in bed, and more then that; help you become a better lover. Judging by my ‘testers’ experiences, it really will help.

How It Works

When I first saw the STU I thought it was a joke, I mean, how could a product help you to learn to last longer? It just sounded so absurd. However, after receiving and reading the manual the product came with, I totally got it…

Hidden within the 10 pages of the STU Manual (FREE with a purchase of the STU) are tiny gems of wisdom that most people should know, regardless of gender. From methods of stimulating the clitoris, performing oral sex on a vag, finding the g-spot (I’ll admit, the part about the g-spot is kinda cheesy with its pirate references), learning how to get to the brink of orgasm and back again, all without actually orgasming, this manual is definitely the selling point of this “unit”.

On that note, I’m sure most of you are hoping that I’m going to give out the hints and tips suggested within the manual, unfortunately I’m not allowed, or I probably would. That said, what I can offer (that’s throughout the manual) is something that should be common sense when it comes to being good at any sexual technique – practice makes perfect!

To help you practice the manual has a few key things to offer;

stuf“Mastering the art of ‘Brinkmanship'”: (as explained above) – 4 methods with steps to follow.

“Short Circuits”: the ultimate emergency safeguards against any ejaculation before you’re ready. (We tried it, it worked…very interesting!)

“Routines”: 3 different stroke patterns to help you learn to last longer. (My partner and I tested them and yes, they do work)

“Goals”: benchmarks to set for yourself while using the STU as a way of measuring how you’re progressing – 4 in total. (I think they may get rather tedious and possibly boring, but if you’re learning to last longer they’re worth a go and will definitely help)

“Five Essentials”: 5 essentials to remember when performing under pressure. (Rather simple common sense stuff, but helpful none the less – especially for those of you that are still learning)

Sure the Fleshlight itself is a badass find, but it comes down to following the guidelines set out in the manual that will help you to last longer, not the actual product.

The Good

The sleeve (the part you have sex with) is crafted from the same patented Real Feel Super Skin® as all the others within the Fleshlight collection. However, what sets it apart is the specifically designed “inner canal” texture; rows of small bumps that are soft, supple, comfortable and very accommodating. It also comes with a metallic gold case rather than the typically found black ones. I’m guessing it was supposed to be a clever reference to “going for the gold”? )

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Fleshlight line of products, I previously did a review that outlined all of the necessary care, cleaning, uses and suggestions for ways the product could be used. If you’d like to view it this link should take you there. Otherwise, here’s the basics

  • the product measures 10 inches in length and is 4 inches around at its largest, so it should be a comfortable size for most
  • if you’d like to alter the sensation, the Fleshlight can be placed in warm water until it reaches the desired temperature (DO NOT boil or microwave it!)
  • to further adjust the sensation, you can unscrew the bottom cap until the desired level of suction is reached
  • finally, while there is no need to use a condom with the Fleshlight (as long as you do NOT share your Fleshlight!), doing so will not harm the product or yourself.

Care & Cleaning

When it comes to lubes I would only suggest a good water based one as a silicone or oil based product will ruin it. Trust me on this!

To clean it simply remove the insert from the case and rinse it very well with lukewarm water; the product is porous so you will want to make sure there is no “residue” left behind. Once it’s clean either let it air dry or pat it with a lint free cloth (NEVER rub it or you will ruin the texture and appearance). Once it’s dry shake some corn starch or Renew powder and pat it gently; this will help to keep it soft and supple, rather then allow it to get sticky or tacky with use.

*If you do notice that it’s gotten gummy, sticky or tacky don’t worry, it’s not defective. The material the product is made of tends to do that over time (as do most other UR3, Cyberskin and similar materials). If you want to keep it soft and supple just use the corn starch or Renew powder.

stuThe Bad

In regard to the actual Fleshlight, I love it and have nothing bad to say about it!

As for the manual…

While it is for the most part relevant, honest, interesting, resourceful and straight forward, there are parts of the manual that are cheesy, slightly unnecessary (like the statement “No not the vehicle, that’s what you use to get her in bed”) and just didn’t hit the “funny” level they were hoping for, instead coming across as insincere.

I get where they were coming from and what they were trying to achieve, however, as an educator and someone who takes sex (and sex toys) seriously, I just would have liked to have seen a little bit more of a healthy respect for sex and sexuality.

*Had they removed the vehicle comment, and taken finding the g-spot a bit more seriously, rather then using a pirate who uses words like “Ahoy matey“, “Shiver Me Timbers“, “find her love cave” and “Scallywag” (really?, really?? ) to describe the experience, I would have been much more impressed with no complaints.

Final Verdict

Like all of the other products that Fleshlight makes I actually do love the STU!

Sure the manual has a few sections (really only 2 – “G Marks the Spot” and “The Hummer”) I wasn’t that fond of but to be honest, the rest was more then I expected. That in mind, if you’re someone who doesn’t last very long in bed, would like to practice with something that’s as close to the ‘real thing’ as you’re going to get, while also having a few pointers, suggestions, goals or tips to help guide you, the Stamina Training Unit by Fleshlight is pretty much the whole package.

For a limited time the Stamina Training Unit is on sale for $17.50 off!! They’re also doing a 25% off SITEWIDE SALE, plus free shipping with orders over $100! Sweet deal bro!

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Review: TitanMen Tool Box

Thanks to the wonderful folks at I was sent one of the better, more affordable, and definitely interesting male masturbation products on the market, the TitanMen Tool Box.


With the exception of the words “UR3 Masturbator” written on the front  and “It’s the perfect size for working your cock” written on the side, the packaging is rather simple and respectful; a plain blue box with white writing and an image of the product on the cover (which resembles something you’d use for plumbing more then you would sex). There is no nudity, swearing or any of those other things that are typically found on less discreetly packaged items.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Here’s a few good examples. *Caution Not safe for work!

The Good

In regard to the actual product it’s extremely discreet, resembling a squishy tube more then a vagina, anus or mouth. A definite bonus when it comes to the fears of what might happen should someone find it.

Because it’s made of  Doc Johnsons realistic feeling UR3 material it’s extremely soft, supple, slightly stretchy and rather squishy. The coloring is a matte opaque white (almost transparent) with 3 ridges on the outside for better gripping. Internally, there are ridges as well but they are less pronounced, allowing you to feel them, but not too much.

On the note of the UR3 material, DocJohnson has created their own “Silagel” formula that makes the Tool Box hypo allergenic, anti-bacterial, non-toxic, latex free, cadmium free and phthalate free, basically, it’s totally body safe.

The Tool Box measures 4″ in total length and 7″ around; while it is rather short compared to other masturbators like the Fleshlight, it’s still long enough to insert yourself and use it where it feels most pleasurable, whether it be the head of the penis, middle of the shaft or base of the shaft. With this product it really is about whatever you prefer.

Now I’m sure a lot of you are asking how it is that I could know what it feels like or if it’s good, especially considering I don’t have a penis of my own… well, that doesn’t mean I don’t have someone (actually a few someones)  I trust to test toys for me and give me their honest feedback. In regard to the Tool Box, this is what I was given as insight to the toy;

What does it feel like?

Tester: “It very soft and squishy, almost like having sex with a marshmellow. But not in that weird “I’m f*cking a marshmellow” way. Yes I know how stupid that sounds, but that’s what it feels like. ”

Does it feel good?

Tester: “Yeah, actually really good. It’s a little foreign but it’s still good. I was actually very surprised”

Does it feel real?

Tester: “No, not at all, well maybe a little, but that doesn’t really matter since it feels good.”

Did it hurt?

Tester: “Nope, I actually thought it would but it didn’t. I’ll be honest, sometimes you give me products and their cheap, and you can tell their cheap, so I don’t want to use them or even try them. This one I was a little nervous about ’cause I thought it might hurt, but it didn’t. I was totally surprised”

Would you use it on your own, like regularly?

Tester: “I’d rather have sex with a real woman then have sex with a toy all the time, but yeah, when it called for it I’d use it. It sure beats the old fist bang”

Was it comfortable and was the size enough?

Tester: “It was very comfortable, how could sex with a marshmellow not be comfortable? As for the size, sure it could have been a bit longer, but it was fine”

Would you recommend this to others?

Tester: “Oh hell yeah! It’s affordable, easy to use, it feels good and doesn’t look like a vag. Sure I’ve tried better things like the Fleshlight, but this is really good for what it is”

Is there anything you would change about it?

Tester: “Nope, it’s everything a product like this should be, but without all the bells and whistles. Sure you can get stuff with beads or bumps or ridges or whatever else they make, but really, that’s all just an added bonus, you don’t really need it”.

Anything else you want to say about it?

Tester: “Well, I think a lot of people forget what these are meant to be used for and put way too much pressure or expectations on toys. The way I see it, they’re just meant to add to your experience, and maybe enhance it, not be the end all and be all of sex machines. Would I suggest it to others? yes. Would I say buy this and your sex life is complete? no, of course not but it sure does feel good!”

Like I said, I may not have a penis, but I do have those that are willing to relay their experiences for me, which I can then relay to you.

As for ways it can be used, it’s rather simple; lube the product (and yourself) up, insert and stroke away! On that note, for those of you that are uncircumcised I suggest you stretch the product a bit (almost like your folding it up) then insert yourself and allow the product to surround your shaft. I suggest this because if you just try to insert yourself without giving yourself some “wiggle room”, you may actually pull back the foreskin too far and end up hurting yourself as the entrance is rather small at only 1 1/2 inches.

Care & Cleaning

In regard to lubricant I would only suggest a good water based lube as silicone or petroleum based products will damage this material. On that note, while it says that it’s anti-bacterial, I’m not too sure how porous it is so I’d also recommend using a condom with it, as it might easily absorb germs and bacteria.

When it comes to cleaning I would suggest using warm water and soap, rinsing it well and letting it air dry or patting it down with a lint free cloth.  I say lint free cloth because I found the material had a tendency to collect lint, hair or other tiny bits of fluff, it’s not a big deal, but it’ll just keep your product in better condition and looking like new. If you have an anti bacterial toy cleaner you can use that as well. Whether you use a toy cleaner or soap and water I highly suggest that once the product is dry you sprinkle it with a “renewing” powder (it’s really cheap, but definitely worth it) or cornstarch.

*Never use talcum powder or baby powder as these can cause irritation to both the product and your skin.

The Bad

As for things I didn’t like about the product, there were none. As for things my tester didn’t like about the product, again, there were none.

*I gotta admit how much I love products that are affordable and do exactly what they say they do. It sure makes my job easy.

Final Verdict

I’ll admit, when it comes to toys for boys I get jealous rather easily, finding all too quickly that the evil penis envy monster raises it’s head and mumbles in despair…and annoyance that I don’t have a dick to do fun things with too.  (yeah, that’s right, I said it!)

That said, if you’re looking for a really affordable (it’s only $11.84), easy to use, discreet, well made, body safe, comfortable and easy to care for male masturbator, the TitanMen Tool Box may just be the one! I know if I had a dick I’d sure as hell be trying it!

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Review: Tenga Soft Tube Onacup

After many requests from my readers for more “toys for boys” I thought I would cover a product that’s not only easy to use and very affordable, but is also quite interesting.

The product for today is the Tenga Soft Tube Onacup (formerly known as the Squeeze Play 8.0) it’s a phthalate and BPA free disposable masturbation product that is meant for “one time use only”. Basically, you have your fun with it and chuck it aside after…kinda like a one night stand, but not.

Just because it’s disposable doesn’t mean it’s a waste of money. For those of you that tend to travel a lot, or want something that you don’t have to worry about hiding or taking care of this might just be the perfect product for you.

For those of you wondering why I say “travel a lot” it’s due to a few key features the product has to offer;

  • It’s very light weighing in at only 130(g) compared to the Fleshlights 800(g). For those of you that use the Fleshlight I’m sure you would agree that while it feels damn amazing it is rather heavy – something that I think might make it a little hard to travel with.
  • It’s discreet. While it does have some suggestive writing on it explaining what it is, it doesn’t have an orifice that resembles anything sexual, nor does it have sexual images on the cover that could cause embarrassment if you’re stopped at customs.
  • It’s disposable. For those of you that just want something you can take with you and chuck away after, the Tenga Soft Tube Onacup is great! Keep in mind that while it is disposable it’s also very inexpensive (under $11.00 on my site) so it’s not like you’re tossing money down the drain.
  • Finally, it comes pre-lubed so you don’t have to worry about also bringing a bottle of lube with you.

As for the stats, it measures 8 inches in length, 4 inches in width at its widest point and 3 inches at it’s smallest (by my measurements anyways). If you are someone who is 8 inches or above in size, you might want to opt for something larger like the Fleshlight, which might be a bit more comfortable.

In regard to using the product it is very easy; just pull on the perforated seam, remove the wrapping and peel the sticker off the end. Once you’ve done that you can simply pop off the lid, insert your self and you’re good to go.

Unlike most of the other male masturbation products on the market the entry point does not resemble anything sexual; it’s just an opening set inside a white squishy “tube”.

*For those of you worried that it might be found, I don’t think it would really raise any suspicion. It might leave people rather perplexed, but they surely wouldn’t be offended.

*On that note you might also have to do a bit of  fantasy play or turn on some porn to help distract you since it doesn’t offer any visual stimulation.

When it comes to the internal texture; it starts with a “rippling tightening zone”, then has another “tightening zone” followed by a “brushing zone” (made of 40 nubs) and finally ends with a rounded head consisting of 29 large and small nubs. I can only assume the added sensations these textures would create would make the product feel pretty damn amazing!

As I said earlier the it comes fully lubed so when you first open it you may find it to be sticky, slimy, goopy or wet to the touch. I’ll be honest when I first opened it I was a little surprised with how much lube was on it and the way it made the product feel. (*I didn’t say bothered, I said surprised)

For those of you that are curious as to how it feels, since I don’t have a penis I can’t speak from personal experience, however I can tell you what my “tester” said;

“At first it felt a little weird; it was wet, cool and a very foreign. All it took was watching a couple of minutes of porn and I completely forgot what I was fucking. Does it feel like a vagina? No, not really. But that doesn’t mean that it feels bad. Actually, the fact that you can adjust the amount of pressure by squeezing it adds some pretty cool stimulation (the bumps and ridges) you definitely can’t get with your own hand. Would I use it again? Sure, it felt good and didn’t leave me with a hand cramp after. Would I recommend it? I’d still rather suggest the Fleshlight just cause you can use it again, but for anyone that wants a cheap and easy product this would definitely be a good one.”

On that note, one of the things I really liked about it was the fact that you can adjust the amount of pressure just by squeezing your hand. Aside from that you can also hold your finger over the end to adjust the amount of suction you experience. Pretty cool if you ask me! (Damn you penis envy! Damn you!)

As for cleaning, since this product is only meant to be used once you don’t really have to worry and can just throw it out after. If you did want to use it more then once, I would say up to three times max, just make sure to use a condom each time so that there is no bodily fluid (i.e. semen) that could get inside.

In regard to the negatives I have a couple;

1st. It smells kinda funky, not bad per se, just funky like plastic. Since the product is phthalate and BPA free I don’t think it’s due to the material. To be honest I don’t why it smells that way, the lube maybe? *shrugs*

2nd. It’s only meant for one use. Personally I like products that you can use over and over (especially if you like them) rather then having to chuck them out after and buy another one. Even having said that I still think it’s a great idea for people that travel a lot or those that just want to try something new without spending a tonne of dough.

Final Verdict

All in all I think the Tenga Soft Tube Onacup is a pretty interesting, offering a lot of bang for it’s buck! It’s light weight, easy to use, not at all intimidating, affordable, ready to go when you are, doesn’t require any special care, is phthalate/BPA free, comes fully lubed and offers those of you that travel a very discreet option for “fun time” while on the road.

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Review: Fleshlight Sex In A Can: Original Label

*This video was made in 2009, since then the company has redone the cases to resemble beer cans. The sleeves are the exact same, just the cans are different.

Brewed to have the same legendary feel of the original Fleshlight Sex In A Can ™ is full bodied, finishes smooth, and sure to satisfy.

With three distinct orifices corresponding with unique inner textures, all housed in a compact beer can case, Sex in a Can is sure to satisfy even the most discerning taste.

The soft, pliable Real Feel Super Skin® masturbation sleeves are made from a patented, high-quality material designed to replicate the sensation of penetrative sex.

The molded sleeve comes housed in an attractive and sturdy canister that resembles an ordinary flashlight, allowing for simple and discreet storage.

It’s easy to use, clean, and 100% safe. With proper care and usage, your Fleshlight product will give you a lifetime of enjoyment!

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Fleshlight male toy in a can

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