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Review: Tantus Neo, Juice, & Twist

Tantus PlugsAfter my recent success with the Tantus Meteorite I figured it was time I pushed the boundaries even further. So, ready to embark on a challenge far greater than the last, I pulled the Tantus Juice, Twist and Neo out of their packaging and laid them before me. As I contemplated exactly what it was I was about to do, three words chanted like a mantra in my head: Git. ‘Er. Done.

Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t dream of doing something like this; three plugs, larger than most I’ve tried, all in one sitting. But considering they’re made by Tantus, and were sent to me by one of my absolute favorite retailers, SheVibe, I decided it was worth pushing past my comfort zone for.  You’d think I’d have learned after the Tantus T-Rex. Nope. I’m clearly a glutton for punishment.

The Good

Before I break down my experiences, here’s all the good stuff they have in common:

  • Unlike the wide top of the the Tantus Ryder, the tips of Juice and Neo are gently pointed, making the initial insertion far easier and much more comfortable. Twist on the other hand is more of a gently rounded corkscrew.
  • They aren’t as flexible as the Meteorite. Sounds like a con, I know. However it is not.  The firmness was what made them doable. Being bendy isn’t always a good thing.
  • The base is probably the best I’ve ever found on an anal toy. It’s not rectangular or round, but instead an interesting anchor shape that fit in my butt crack nicely. For the most part I hardly felt it. On a couple instances I actually stopped to check and see if it was still there. More of this please.
  • Tantus LogoThey’re totally body safe. We’re talking hypoallergenic, hygienic, non-toxic, phthalate and latex free, odourless, tasteless, bleachable, boilable and for the most part virtually non-porous. If you want quality, you want Tantus.
  • Even though they’re thick, there’s still a fair bit of squish and give. Cushioning makes my ass happy.
  • Unlike other silicones the texture is satiny smooth, supple, and matte, limiting the amount of drag on the skin.
  • The bulbous shaft is tapered, gently graduating in girth from around 3.25“ inches to 4.25“ inches in the middle, back down to around 4“ inches, and finally settling in at just under 2″ inches for the bottom quarter. In my experience, that last portion was what kept them in place and made them comfortable. Without it they probably would have been too overwhelming to use for a decent period of time.
  • Each of the plugs measures 4″ inches in length, that’s a 1/2″ inch shorter than the Meteorite, but 1/4″ inch longer than the Little Flirt. Let’s just say it’s a happy medium.
  • They don’t attract lint like other, glossier, silicones. If you follow my reviews, you’ll know this matters to me.
  • This last bit is of no significant importance but I’m including it because I can; the colors are true colors. As in, the purple is really purple, not some pink-trying-be-purple-but-not-really-purple-cause-there’s-too-much-pink like you’ll find with other companies. I appreciate this.

Tantus Plugs


An easy challenge this was not. While the differences are apparent from just looking at them, experiencing them first hand was something else. For starters, each of the plugs are significantly girthier than my previous challenger, the Meteorite. We’re talking a whole inch difference. For some of you this will seem measly, but for me it was enough to require patience, perseverance, dedication, breathing techniques, and lube… an obnoxious amount of lube. Note to self: buy more Sliquid Sea a.s.a.p.

FYI: In an attempt to have a well rounded experience I usually ‘test’ toys a handful of times, choosing then to write my reviews based on those most memorable or similar (and therefore a ‘generality’).  In this case I was able to use Neo and Juice on multiple occasions. Twist however, I struggled with continuously and was only able to get it fully in once. The rest of the time my ass just fought with it mercilessly until I gave up. Bare that in mind when you make your purchasing decisions.

Tantus Neo Butt Plug Tantus Neo

Judging by appearances I went for Neo first.  It seemed the least intimidating of the three, and with no textures, the one most likely to enter without a struggle.  Sadly, I was wrong.  It wasn’t all bad though; the tip found its way almost instantly and with some pressure, the first 1/4 slowly slid into place. From there on it was a bit of an undertaking.

At first I couldn’t relax. The impending girth had me fearing for my sphincter, causing me to tense and clench. Not what you want to have happen when you’re trying to shove something in your butt.  Then came a considerable amount of start, stop, remove, add lube, start, stop, remove, add lube (you get the picture), until I finally had it half way in. At that point I had to pause, leave it alone, and allow my body to get used to the sensation as shoving it in would likely prove futile. Then in one fell swoop, I reached back and pushed, landing in place with a slight popping sensation. Almost instantly my body breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

The size was fulfilling without being too much, and the portion holding it there was surprisingly comfortable. Not at all what I expected considering the amount of effort it took to get it in. As I moved I could feel it inside me, but there was no jabbing, ‘stretching’, or discomfort. Instead, it was satisfying. With everything I had been through, I think this was a well earned result.

Also not surprising was the way the base fit in place, on three separate occasions I had to stop what I was doing and wiggle around to see if it was still there. This was a new experience for me as many butt toys (with thicker bases) often leave me feeling as if my butt’s being spread far and wide.

When it came time for removal the process was fairly simple; I gently slipped two fingers underneath the anchored base and pulled steadily. Unlike its entrance, Neo slid out with a minimal amount of hesitation. In retrospect I can honestly say this was one of the more intense experiences I’ve had in my reviewing career. Bravo, Tantus. Bravo.

Who Will Like It

People who have worked up from something thinner and are looking to explore, those that like a full feeling with little to no texture, anyone that’s tried the Tantus Ryder, loved it, but found the head continually hard to insert (being that it’s fully rounded and not ‘pointed’), or those that prefer medium sized plugs over probes.

Tantus Juice Butt PlugTantus Juice

Next up was the Tantus Juice, a plug akin to Neo. The main difference? Rather than a smooth untextured surface, Juice has a ribbed body similar to that of a deflated punch balloon, making my venture slightly more interesting.

While I’ll admit that having Neo to ready myself beforehand probably helped, it seemed as though the ribbing itself offered a bit more squish, give, and room for my ass to maneuver.  Quite surprisingly it glided into place within a minimum amount of force or effort.  The entire time I could feel the textures adding a new level of stimulation and pleasure.  Sadly though, once inserted it was as if the ribs didn’t exist. I could feel them if I focused, but for the most part internally it felt just like Neo. Very weird.

As for the rest of my experience with Juice, everything was almost identical to Neo; it was comfortable to wear, at no point did I feel ‘stretched out’, the base fit perfectly, and removal was stress free. With how smooth things went, I wish there was more to report. Though I’ll admit, if I had to choose between Neo and Juice, I’d definitely opt for the latter.

Who Will Like It

People that enjoy slight texturing, a feeling of fullness, and everything Neo has to offer.

 Tantus Twist Butt PlugTantus Twist

How do I say this nicely… I am not fond of the Tantus Twist.

In fact, it’s probably my least favorite of any butt toy I’ve reviewed thus far; the coiled body made getting it in place fairly difficult, and as each bump slid into place, my body offered more and more resistance until it became nearly unbearable. Good thing I like a challenge.

On that note, don’t try twirling it like you would the Crystal Delights twist, the base on Tantus’s version makes it almost impossible. Rather than a quick spin and insertion, you’ll likely find the base continually jabbing you with each go round. And while this does make the plugs body slightly easier to work in, eventually you’ll end up at a point where the base is stuck between your ass cheeks and just won’t turn anymore. Having a toy jammed in my crack before the rest of it is entirely inserted, no thank you.

Also, if you don’t use enough lube and try to twist it, you’ll likely feel like something is pulling at your hole. Ouch. Eventually I had to remove it entirely (we’ll get to the removal in a minute) and start from scratch. You cannot imagine my disdain. Let’s just say I wasn’t overly impressed with myself, my ass, or Twist by this point.

After much deliberation I finally managed to get it in, however once inserted, the ripples felt kind of odd. I mean, I could feel them, but every time I moved I couldn’t help but think I had crammed corrugated cardboard in my ass. Not pleasurable, and certainly not what I was hoping for.

Unfortunately my misfortune didn’t stop there, when it came time to take Twist out I struggled almost as much as I did putting it in; each bump felt as bad, if not worse, as it did during insertion. AND I DID THIS TWICE. The things I do for you people. The only saving grace was the fact that I knew once it was out, it was over. Sweet relief, why must you come in the form of a removed butt plug?

Who Will Like It

Those that are really experienced with anal play and really love textures, anyone that wants to ‘try something new’, persons who aren’t afraid of a challenge, those that like the sensations anal beads provide.

The Bad

Despite what most websites selling these three say I don’t think they’d be good for ‘beginners’. Someone who’s explored with fingers, yes. Someone that’s experienced with smaller, thinner butt plugs and wants something a larger than a finger but smaller than a breadbox, yup. Someone that’s had anal sex, enjoyed it, and wants a plug to play with, most def. But a person that’s new to the scene, hasn’t had many opportunities to put things in their butt, be it a finger, plug, penis, or otherwise, likely not.

As someone that knows her body, has spent the past 7 years putting things in her ass for ‘science’, I can honestly say these were a tad too large my first few goes round. If they were too large for me, I can only imagine what they’d feel like to someone that has no idea what they’re doing. If you’re not sure where to start my ‘Beginners Guide To Butt Play‘ might come in handy.

Other than that I don’t have much to complain about. They’re luxurious as far as anal plugs go, they just weren’t my ideal. I’m working on it.

Care & Cleaning

Tantus Butt Plug Close UpBecause they’re all crafted out of medical grade silicone, and therefore wont retain bodily fluids, lube or bacteria, they don’t require heavy duty cleaning many lesser products would. Simply give them a good wash with mild soap and water and let them sit to air dry.

Or, if you’re a clean freak and can’t stand the thought of something that’s been in your ass coming into contact with anything else, you can boil them in water for 3 minutes, toss ’em in your dishwasher, or wash them with a 10% bleach solution. Though honestly, it’s pretty unnecessary.

Also, because Juice and Twist are quite textured there’s a lot of opportunity for bodily fluids, lube, bacteria, and ‘stuff’ to collect. They won’t absorb into silicone and don’t pose any real risks, but it does mean you’ll need to pay a bit more consideration when cleaning.

Final Verdict

Tantus Neo, Juice, Twist Butt PlugsAt the end of the day, and knowing Tantus like I do, I don’t think these are bad plugs. On the contrary.  Even with my personal struggles I think they’re shining examples of what high quality butt plugs should be; they’re crafted out of medical grade silicone making them totally body safe, are silky smooth to the touch,  don’t drag on the skin, have a base that makes them exceptionally comfortable to wear, don’t attract lint, bare pointy tips to help make insertion easier than most, and will last a lifetime with a minimal amount of care. Unfortunately, they’re just too for me, right now. Like I said, I’m working on it.

Considering all that, I’d certainly suggest them. I’d just make sure to point out all the differences so anyone interested would know what to buy… if you like a medium plug that’s fairly basic, grab a Neo.

If you want something the same size, with a slight amount of texturing adding some fun sensations, pick up a Juice.

For those brave souls that don’t back down when the going gets tough, Twist will be your new favorite.

Otherwise, when it comes to butt plugs, you’ve certainly got a lot of other options to choose from over at SheVibe.

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Review: Tantus Meteorite Butt Plug

Tantus Meteorite Butt PlugFor as willing as I am, my foray into butt play hasn’t been easy; instead of accepting toys readily some part of me seems to reject them.

It’s not that I don’t like the sensation, or that I’m grossed out. It’s not that I have a mental hang up when it comes to anal play. It’s not even that I’m afraid it’ll hurt, nine and a half times out of ten it doesn’t. In all honesty, I really don’t know what the deal is. I just know that initially there’s an invisible wall between my butt and toys that I struggle to get past.  I do ‘get there’ eventually, but it’s usually a lengthy process.

Not surprisingly, where plugs and probes are concerned, I tend to err on the side of small and silicone. I don’t attempt to cram things in my body before I’m ready. I don’t expose myself to unreasonable challenges hoping for a miracle. And although I enjoy the full feeling I get from small Crystal Delights glass plugs, I tend to reserve them for special occasions used only after I’ve worked myself up from something else.

This time, I went straight to the Meteorite. No prepping. No long and drawn out relaxation techniques. No pre-inserted toys just for good measure. No fingers. No foreplay. Just me and the Meteorite, ass to plug in a game of win, lose, or draw. Like they say, go big or go home.

The Good

Armed with a half empty bottle of Sliquid H2O, a big glass of Cab Merlot, a steady hand, some new found determination, and the Meteorite, I settled in ready for a challenge.

From the start everything was far better than I expected; the lube flowed, my butt agreed, and the Meteorite entered. It wasn’t scary or overwhelming. My body didn’t tense like usual. Finding the hole was quick and easy (yep, I’m going there). Getting it in was a breeze. And once in place, felt extremely comfortable.  This was by no means a ‘typical’ experience for me, quite the opposite actually.

Of course I can’t take all the credit, the benefits and features the Meteorite has to offer had a lot to do with my success.

First and foremost, the size was perfect for my body. Measuring 5″ in total length, with 4.5″ of that being fully insertable, it’s neither too big, nor too small.  And while it’s the second longest I’ve tried to date (I know, I’m a puss), it felt considerably smaller.  If you’ve ever stuffed something a little too long in your butt, only to be met with a feeling of being internally prodded, you’ll likely know what I’m talking about. Not the case with the Meteorite. I felt it, but it wasn’t overwhelming, painful, or obtrusive.

Regarding girth, the shaft starts with a gently rounded tapered tip that’s 1.25″ around, gradually progresses just below the middle to 3.25″, then decreases to 2.75″. Like the length, the body isn’t overly large or intimidating, and even at its thickest was still narrow enough to fit nicely without feeling like I was being ‘stretched out’.  I found it similar to a middle finger, just not a dainty one.

Tantus Meteorite Butt PlugAdding to the experience was a very flexible, smooth, squishy and supple silicone body. For most this wont seem like something that would make much of a difference, but anytime I gyrated it moved with me. This is a good thing. No matter what position or how I shifted weight, using it remained exceptionally comfortable

Of the things I dislike about many butt toys, the typical round base is the one that irks me most.  Sure, they makes them wearable in harnesses and work well at keeping them in my butt, but other than that I find them annoying. For the most part, they make my ass cheeks feel like they’re being spread far and wide. Not only is this uncomfortable, it leaves me feeling a tad exposed. Thankfully the base on the Meteorite is rectangular and not too wide so it fits nicely in my crack without being awkward, a vast improvement from others. It’s even thinner than the Lil flirt. #winning

As far as appearances go, with the exception of the glittery Vixen Creations Buddy, the shading options you’ll find at Babes ‘n Horny, the capsule pill like plugs BS is Nice creates, the stunning Swarovski beauties Crystal Delights designs, or the ones Ceramix makes, Meteorite is probably one of the most attractive around.  Each of the 3 opaque colors stands out beautifully on its own, then gently blends a light lime green, neonish orange and pretty florescent purply pink in a cool subtly ombre effect. Also, the opaque sheen makes it look like it has a layer of crushed sparkles covering it. I tried to take a picture to show you all (above right), but sadly my camera does not do it justice. Tantus, more of this please.

Finally, it’s crafted out of some of the best silicone on the market. None of that some-part-of-it-is-silicone-so-we’re-gonna-call-it-silicone-even-though-it’s-really-just-jelly bullshit. What you have here is hypoallergenic, hygienic, non-toxic, phthalate and latex free, odorless, tasteless, and totally safe for the body. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are many reasons I love Tantus, their quality is a big one.

Alternatively, if you’re not very experienced with vaginal insertion and want a product that could potentially help you get used to the feeling, I think the Meteorite would be perfect.  I didn’t get too much of a kick out of using it this way, but I’m sure there are some of you that will.

Tantus Meteorite Butt Plug base

rectangle base

tantus meteorite size comparison

size comparison

tantus lil flirt vs meteorite

lil flirt vs meteorite

tantus packaging



The Bad

Having said all that, aside from the gorgeous appearance it’s pretty simple. There’s no texturing for added sensations like the Zing, Juice, Twist, or Small Ripple, and rather than having a heavily bulged body to create a full feeling, it’s fairly thin. If they were hoping to create a toy perfect for anyone wanting something longer than the Lil Flirt, without being intimidating, I personally think they nailed it. But I also wouldn’t be surprised many find this plug a tad on the bland side.

Because the shaft is relatively thin there isn’t much to grab hold of, and instead of staying put, I found it constantly wanted to slip out… though I’ll admit that’s a common occurrence for me. On one occasion it actually felt like it ‘popped’ out (not pooped, that’s different).  In trying to find a solution I tested a bunch of ideas, none of which helped; clenching my butt together just made me feel like I was trying to hold in a poop, jamming it as close to my body as possible felt like I had underwear riding up my crack, and holding it in place was awkward and distracting. With everything said and done the only thing that made a difference was sitting on it. Not an ideal solution for use while having sex, but if you’re creative you can find a way to make it work.

Although the flexible shaft made things comfortable once it was in, there were a few instances when getting past the first quarter was a challenge; because it wasn’t firm (which would allow me to push against it without it moving), anytime I shifted my weight it bent awkwardly so that I had to stop and reposition.  Not a huge deal, but having to continually start and stop just to get it fully inserted was slightly annoying.

You’re also going to need a lot of lube. If you don’t, there will be drag on the skin. Not necessarily a ‘con’ that’s specific to the Meteorite, you’ll get it with most silicone toys, but something you’ll need to keep in mind.

Also, it attracts lint.


bendy tip


flexible body


full bend


Care & Cleaning

Because it’s crafted out of medical grade silicone, and therefore wont retain bodily fluids, lube or bacteria, it doesn’t require heavy duty cleaning many lesser products would. Simply give it a good wash with mild soap and water and let it sit to air dry. Or, if you’re a clean freak and can’t stand the thought of something that’s been in your ass coming into contact with anything else, you can boil it in water for 3 minutes, toss it in your dishwasher, or wash it with a 10% bleach solution. Though honestly, it’s pretty unnecessary.

Tantus Meteorite Butt PlugFinal Verdict

If you’re like me and still feel a little wary when it comes to butt toys, but are brave enough to explore, do your self a favor and invest in the Tantus Meteorite, it’s got a lot going for it; the body safe silicone is supple with a nice amount of squish providing a lovely cushioned feeling, the shaft is surprisingly flexible and once fully inserted moves with the body comfortably, the thin tip is gently rounded so getting it in place is quick and easy, and the tapered body helps it to slip inside effortlessly.  It also comes in black.

All things considered, it’s one of the better designed products I’ve come across, even if it does seem a little basic.

If on the other hand you want something that provides different means of stimulation (size and textures to boot!), snag yourself a small or large Ripple, Zing, or Juice. They’re all made by Tantus and have the same level of quality the company has become known for, with an added bit of consideration paid to sensations.

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Tantus body safe sex toys

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Review: Tantus T-Rex

Let me start this review by stating that I am not, in any way, shape, or form, a “size queen’. My happy number is around 4 – 5′” inches in length (insertable) and around 4 – 5″ inches in circumference, leaning more toward 4- 4 1/2″…. anything more and it’s a damn near special occasion, with me making the accommodation simply because the product in question is worthy of the wait, effort, and persistence.

The Fun Factory Amor, measuring 5″ insertable and 4 1/2″ in girth, is my ideal (I have 2, one marbled and one in a rainbow), however the Tantus Cush is a very good example of an amazing toy for those moments when a girl is in want for a little ‘something more’ (Cush measures 6 3/4″ length insertable with a circumference of 5 1/2″). Yes that extra inch or two can make a huge difference. Literally.

With that in mind, my experiences with the T-Rex weren’t positive, instead being somewhat labor intensive and overwhelming in every way possible.

As someone who likes to ‘test’ a product up to 6 times for certainty before making a final judgement call, I was only able to go through the motions a couple times… not comfortably, and sadly not as impressively as I had originally hoped. Having said that, if you are a “size queen”… one that absolutely loves a challenge and isn’t afraid to test their skill and courage, the T-Rex will likely be for you.

*Even though it didn’t really work for me I’m going to do my best to make this review non-biased for those that are thinking of an adventure. Yes I’ll have my complaints and air them openly, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to bash the product like I did with another I thought truly deserved it. The T-Rex is meant for a specific market. I sadly am not of that market, something I fully understand and can’t hold against the T-Rex.

The Good

Being that the product is made by Tantus there are a quite a few good things it has to offer, much of which has to do with the amazing level of quality it has to bestow;

Like always the packaging is respectful, professional, and gender neutral with nothing on it that’s rude, crass or offensive. The clear plastic box is the same as pretty much every other Tantus toy, having a top that opens usually with a bit of struggle on my end via a few sliding tabs and a removable plastic insert that houses the product to keep in place for display.

The glossy and lustrous dark purple silicone is smooth, supple, and slightly squishy with a bit of give that’s also surprisingly flexible. I honestly think it was these features that allowed me to use it at all, had it been a firm product with no squish or give I likely would have given up on the first attempt due to the discomfort. Fortunately there was just enough give to help my body overcome obstacles like the upper ridge and girthy shaft.

trex2As with all Tantus products the T-Rex is hypoallergenic, hygienic, non toxic, phthalate and latex free, odourless, tasteless, eco-friendly, virtually non-porous so it won’t absorb bodily fluids, lube or bacteria, and designed to last a lifetime with a minimal amount of care. I’ve said it over and over again, if you want quality, you want Tantus. Trust me on this.

The firm but squishy balls located about a third of the way down the shaft let you gauge how far it’s inserted, something that can be rather difficult to know when you can’t see due to awkward positioning, leaving one to wonder if it’s in… all the way. Usually I wouldn’t mention this since I don’t necessarily think it’s a standard selling feature, but with the T-Rex, a product many will buy just to conquer, having the balls lets you know when you’ve succeed. At least that’s how I looked at it when I won (it also gives new meaning to the term “balls deep”).

The flared base acts as a pretty decent suction cup for those that like to mount from the top and go for a ride. My only suggestion is to slightly wet the bottom with a bit of water first (to make sure there’s no pet hair or lint to get in the way) and slam it down fairly hard on the surface you want it to stick to. It’s got quite a bit of weight to it so it’s not going to instantly affix itself as easily as some others and it’s also not going to stick so well to walls (the weight will eventually cause it to fall off)… but considering I was able to lift my table off the ground when trying to remove the T-Rex, it does have some impressive suction once in place.

Also on the note of the flared base, it’s totally compatible with strap-ons for those that like pegging. Sure getting it into the harness ring may require a bit of push and pull, but it’s very flexible and should insert without too much trouble. Just know in advance that it’s not going to stand at attention when you’re wearing it – it’s heavy, very heavy, and will slightly droop.

Size wise it’s a BEAST! No seriously, it’s huge. Like really huge… really, really huge, though that has more to do with the girth than the length. For those curious, the length is a fairly doable 6″ (Cush measures 6 3/4″), but the girth is roughly 7″ around. I say roughly because it slightly thickens toward the base, on top of having a protruding ridge around the head. Sure it’s big, but that doesn’t really mean it’s bad… at least not for those that like big things. For me on the other hand, yikes!

*For those that are going to attempt the T-Rex I have a couple suggestions to help make it far more enjoyable; use lots of lube and I do mean lots (it will decrease friction and allow it to ‘slide’ comfortably), don’t just go straight for the product unless you’re used to things of its size (or close to it) instead, work your way up to it by using a partner or other products before hand (the vaginal canal will expand and lengthen when a female is aroused, take advantage of that), finally, don’t be afraid to use something on your clitoris if you need to, it’ll likely help with the arousal and getting you in the mood.


Tantus T-Rex Dildo

uncomfortable ridging


Tantus T-Rex Dildo Girth

more than a handful


Tantus T-Rex Base

super flexible base


Tantus T-Rex Packaging



Care & Cleaning

Since it’s made of quality silicone you can wash it with anti-bacterial soap and water, boil it up to 600° Fahrenheit, bleach it with a 10% bleach solution, or simply put it in the top rack of your dishwasher…yes, I did say put it in the dishwasher.

As with all of the products Tantus makes you’ll want to use water based lubricants as a silicone lube will likely ruin it with time. If you’re dead set on using a silicone lube I’d suggest doing a patch test on the base of the dildo first. If it turns matte or ‘foggy’ don’t use it. If there’s no reaction you may be fine, I just wouldn’t chance it.

The Bad

Aside from the difficulty I personally had with the large size there are a few other issues I think are worth mentioning:

There’s a ridge that slightly protrudes around the head of the shaft, making insertion extra difficult for those that aren’t used to products of this size (pictured above left). Maybe it’s just me but I would have liked for the product to maintain the same width throughout since it would have encouraged me to keep going. Instead it acted as a barrier between me and the conquering of a beast. On that note, because of the way the ridge is angled removing it is also a challenge, leaving my second attempt a slightly more painful one due to the fact that I tensed up in anticipation of the awkward ‘pop’ I experienced the first time around, unintentionally tightening around it in the process. #ouch

Although it’s great once you can get it to stick, the base isn’t as firm as I thought it would have been, an issue that made thrusting even more difficult for me (not that it was easy to begin with). Having said that I do know that if the base was firm it would have been damn near impossible to get it to fold and easily insert into the support ring for a harness.

Finally, again with being a lint collector! That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Final Verdict

I’m admittedly a little torn on this one… on the one hand I can totally see how it’s an amazing product for those that like fisting or larger than average sized products. It’s quality made, virtually non-porous, easy to care for and clean, can be used with a harness, doesn’t leach harmful chemicals into your body or contain latex and has some seriously amazing girth to it. On the other hand, it was just to much for me. Which makes me sad… mostly because I really wanted to be able to say I ‘tamed it’, but also because had that ridge not been there I think I would have succeeded… and totally learned to love it. C’est la vie I guess.

To get more info or check out all of the other products Tantus makes, many of which will be smaller and much easier to take, head over to SheVibe where shopping is easy, discreet and great customer service is a guarantee!

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Shevibe Sex Toys

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Tantus Haul ~ Show & Tell

After collecting Tantus products for over 5 years I figured it was time to create a video haul showcasing my faves and offering some insight to why they are so amazing.

Basically, if you want body safe intimate accessories that are phthalate and latex free, hypoallergenic, hygienic, virtually non-porous, eco-friendly and made to last a lifetime with minimal care, you want Tantus.

Products within the video (in order of appearance): Tantus Silk Small, Silk Medium, Silk Large, Small Ripple, Little Flirt, Ryder, Charmer, Curve, Panty Play, Little Secret Kiss (neon pink) and Tease (neon green), T-Rex (…LIKE A BOSS!), Large Beads (no long available *sad panda*).

To read more about why I love the company so much, check out my Featured Company (Tantus) post.

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Not in the video but part of my collection (I couldn’t fit it all in one video): Tantus Vamp, Tantus Acute, Tantus B-Bomb (It’s too big. I’m working my way up to it), Beginner Cock Ring, Bend Over Intermediate Kit, Tantus Delta, Tantus Theta, Tantus Pi, Tantus Omega, Tantus Deuce 1 and 2, Tantus Goddess, Panty Play, Tantus Little Secret Whisper, Tantus Little Secret Touch, Tantus Little Secret Spoon, Stroker XL, Tantus Faerie (no longer available – it’s clear with SPARKLES!!), Tantus Flex, Tantus Cush O2, Unnamed Tantus Prototype (YAY for feeling special!)… I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting and I was clearly WAY off when it came to how many I said I was missing in the video (10 – 15? Um, no. Try more like 22. What can I say, I’m a whore for Tantus products.)

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Review: Tantus Cush O2

Tantus Cush O2 ReviewFor as much as I tend to shy away from dildos, finding myself regularly opting to purchase and review vibrators instead, they never fail to impress with the level of pleasure they end up delivering. Sure, they lack the range of uses many vibrators provide, but all in all they offer something far better in its own amazing way: a distraction free fullness that’s hard for a vibrator to mimic.

When it came to choosing my next dildo for review I couldn’t help but be slightly intrigued by the Tantus Cush O2. There was something about the supposed soft cushy outer shaft, firm internal core, dual ridges and frosted white appearance that I just couldn’t resist. Fortunately the folks at SheVibe were kind enough to offer it up for review, allowing me to bask in the glory that is the Cush O2.


The product came in a simple plastic bag which unfortunately isn’t much to write home about. However considering it was a product I was offered for review, rather than one I purchased, I’m pretty sure the one you’d get would be in the same transparent plastic box that most Tantus products come packaged in.

The Good

The good… shit, where do I begin?

First, it’s damn near everything I thought it would be and more. The outer layer is soft, squishy, supple and pliable, affording quite a bit of give and allowing the shaft to adjust to the body quite easily and comfortably. The inner core is firm but still flexible enough to make insertion a piece of cake even if the size is a bit of a challenge (lube is important with this dildo. Very important).  On that note, once inserted it’s this firmness that provides a fullness that’s pretty amazing and offers a sense of control many other dildos lack.

*For those that are curious about the O2 texture vs Vixskin, I personally found the Vixskin to be a tad more ‘realistic’ and squishy, even when appearance is taken out of the equation. Having said that, the Vixskin products I’ve felt also had a thinner outer layer which may be the cause of the difference. Either way they’re both fantastic, it’s just a matter of personal preference.

Second, whether it’s inserted and simply left to be, mounted and ground/gyrated on or used for thrusting action, the raised front ridges allow the shaft to stimulate the g-spot in an absolutely amazing way. For those that can take the entire length, the double ridging is something to behold as both will target the area with precision, hitting the g-spot in a wonderfully intense way.

*Tantus previously made another vibrator/dildo called the Deuce 1 which was not the dual-density material yet looked exactly the same as Cush (minus the outer layer of course). Unfortunately the rigid body made it a bit of a pain to use since there was no give or suppleness to it. The newer version, due to the inclusion of the O2 material, is much more comfortable, accommodating and easy to use.

Third, the base, while thin, allows it to be harness compatible, safe for use anally (if you can take the size) and great for placing on flat surfaces if you wanted to mount it. More than that, it provides a small area for the fingers to grasp while in use minimizing internal shifting/turning or loss of control.

Fourth, at 1.75″ in width and 5 1/2″ in circumference it’s rather girthy… again with that ‘full’ feeling. Yes, it’s pretty amazing.

Finally, because it’s made of quality silicone it warms to body temperature rather quickly and maintains it very well. Of course you could also cool it down if you wanted to, an option that would make temperature play a definite possibility.

Tantus Cush O2 review

no squish

Cush O2 Review

squishy tip

Cush O2 review

bendy tip

Tantus Cush O2 Review

full bend

As for the rest of the good stuff…

The coloring is a thick frosty white matte that’s minimally translucent and gradually fades into a gradient purple. Because there are no ridges on the back (causing the outer layer to thin out) the inner core color is more pronounced, with the same being true for the base (it’s a deep luxurious purple rather than being a hint of color seen through the white). Of course this doesn’t make much difference when it comes to use, it’s simply aesthetic.

Regarding the stats you’re looking at 7″ in length, an insertable length of 6 3/4″, a circumference of 5 1/2″ and a width of 1.75″. With that in mind, Cush O2 is rather large and not for the faint of heart or those that like things on the small to average size of things. It’s big. It’s girthy. And fortunately, both of these attributes lend themselves well to those who like a feeling of fullness or simply like to challenge themselves. (Considering I’m more of an Amor girl, this was something I had to work up to with lots of patience and a little help from my Hitachi Magic Wand). Did I mention it’s also heavy? Because it is. And while it’s not T-Rex kind of heavy (that thing’s a BEAST!), coming in at 10 oz is nothing to laugh at.

When it comes to quality, you really couldn’t ask for more. Tantus only uses Platinum Grade silicone that’s hypoallergenic, hygienic, non-toxic, phthalate and latex free, virtually non porous (so it doesn’t absorb bodily fluids, lube or bacteria) and easy to care for and clean.

Cleaning & Care

Since it’s made of quality silicone you can wash it with anti-bacterial soap and water, boil it up to 600° Fahrenheit, bleach it with a 10% bleach solution, or simply put it in the top rack of your dishwasher…yes, I did say put it in the dishwasher.

As with all of the products Tantus makes you’ll want to use water based lubricants as a silicone lube will likely ruin it with time. If you’re dead set on using a silicone lube I’d suggest doing a patch test on the base of the dildo first. If it turns matte or ‘foggy’ don’t use it. If there’s no reaction you may be fine, I just wouldn’t chance it.

Cush O2 Review

scary ridges I grew to love

The Bad

When it comes to things I didn’t like there were a few…

It attracts lint like white on rice, something that for me is a major pet peeve. To avoid this I suggest you keep it away from any surface that has pet hair, lint, fluff or anything else that could be picked up. When it comes to storing I suggest either placing it inside a bag, lint free cloth or box with a lid.

For as much as I grew to love the ridging on the shaft it did pose a bit of a problem in the beginning: the first quarter of the shaft was easy to insert, however once I hit that first raised ridge the trouble started… then pop! in it went (fortunately the second ridge wasn’t as intense). This happened the first couple times it was used, after that I knew what to expect, granting me the opportunity to relax enough to allow it to enter with ease. #MindOverMatterOrSexToy

Because the silicone used is more of a matte than a glossy texture you’ll likely need quite a bit of lube to get things going, otherwise you’ll likely find that there is a bit of drag on the skin which could be uncomfortable during insertion.

Finally, it’s on the larger side which may make it a slight challenge for some. Of course that’s going to depend on you and your body and isn’t something that will be an issue for everyone.

Final Verdict

Although the size was a bit much for me in the beginning, the Cush is definitely a dildo I’d recommend to anyone who’s not afraid of a potential challenge. Not only is it made of body safe and luxurious materials that are also supple, squishy and accommodating, the Tantus Cush O2 has all the bases covered. Sure, it has its faults too, but so do some of the most expensive and high end sex toys on the market. At least the potential issues with Cush can be easily solved with lube, great storage and a little bravery and relaxation on the users part.

To get more info, decide on your shade of color (Pink, Blue or Purple), or check out the other products in the Tantus O2 collection, head over to SheVibe where shopping is easy, discreet and great customer service is a guarantee!

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