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Review: Tuyo Vibomasseur

Thanks to the folks at My Tickle Spot I was sent one of the prettiest, most discreet, fun and playful vibrating massagers/foreplay toys I’ve ever come across. Seriously, I love this thing!


The first thing that impressed me with the Tuyo Vibromasseur was the fact that it came very professionally and discreetly packaged. There was nothing, literally nothing, on the box that might hint to what it was; no sexual pictures, wording or anything else to give it away. To be honest, if I saw it in a store (even with my keen “sex toy radar”) I would have no clue what it was. It’s that discreet.

The Good

As for the actual product, it’s a vibrating ball. Yes you read right, a vibrating ball! Which in an of itself is kinda weird, but considering all the other bizarre designs on the market, not that surprising.

For those of you wondering what’s so great about the Tuyo let me explain;

*It’s very discreet ~ If anyone came across it they would have absolutely no clue what it was. If anything they’d probably just think it was a toy for your pet, and I guess to a certain degree it is, if you catch my drift…

*Since it’s a ball it could fit quite comfortably between two people, delivering the clitoral stimulation most females need to achieve an orgasm. Other then that it could be placed comfortably beneath your partner’s balls while you ride him.

*It makes foreplay fun and playful. By rolling it around your partner’s body you can create sensations that you aren’t able to with other products.

*It fits comfortably between your legs while sitting. I know that might not seem like a big deal but for those of you that like to take “lunch breaks” while at work (yes I know some of you do it!) this product is amazing. Not just for girls but the guys as well.

*It’s round design makes it very ergonomic. The Tuyo fits the curve of the hand rather nicely, eliminating some of the cramping that other hand held “wand” type devices can create.

*It’s latex, PVC and phthalate free making it very body friendly.

*Finally it’s great for massaging sore and aching muscles as it comfortably hugs the curve of the lower back and neck.

Operating Instructions

Operating the product is actually very easy; simply press the button located on the top of the ball and it turns on. Then to cycle through the 8 different modes of vibration just press the button, each time you do you will go to the next setting. To turn it off just hold down the button for 3 seconds and it quickly turns off. Like I said, it’s very easy!

In regard to the vibration modes there are 8 in total; 3 speeds of steady vibration going from low to medium to high, as well as a low throbbing, pulsation, escalation and a quick throbbing.

Care & Cleaning

For those of you that want to use it for sexual purposes like clitoral stimulation, I suggest you use a simple water based lube, but that’s only if you need any. In regard to massages you use an oil based lotion if you’d like, just don’t use anything with silicone in it as the Tuyo has a silicone non-slip grip which could get ruined if it came into contact with a silicone lube.

When it comes to cleaning the Tuyo can be washed with mild antibacterial soap, rinsed well then either left to air dry or wiped down with a lint free cloth. Keep in mind that the product is splash proof, but not waterproof, so you don’t want to be submerging it in water for any length of time.

The Bad

Even though it’s very discreet there are going to be times when you want to tuck it away for safe keeping. Keep in mind that it is a ball and if you put it on a slanted surface it might just roll away. Fortunately the Tuyo comes with a very pretty and discreet satin lined box that you can keep  it when not in use.

In regard to negatives, I didn’t like that it wasn’t waterproof and I’ll admit it is rather loud. On that note, when it comes to sex toys and the way they are being made we’re getting a little spoiled with all the features and benefits the newer ones are coming out with. Let’s not forget that the Hitachi Magic Wand is still a best seller and it’s neither waterproof nor quiet.

Aside from that, while it’s marketed as a sex toy I personally think it does a much better job of arousing through use during foreplay then delivering orgasms on its own. If you’re part of a couple and looking for something fun and playful to add to the bedroom the Tuyo is definitely a must have!

*For those of you that aren’t into pretty, elegant looking pink and white toys the Tuyo also comes in a very sophisticated black design.

Final Verdict

All in all I think the Tuyo Vibromasseur is one of the most fun little inventions I’ve ever seen. Not only do I think it’s done in exceptionally good taste but it’s also fantastically designed with its silicone non-slip grip, 8 modes of vibration, chrome trim and body safe materials (being latex, PVC and phthalate free!).

If you’d like to try the Tuyo Vibromasseur for yourself it can be safely purchased through MyTickleSpot where shopping for other vibrators or other kick ass sex toys is affordable and discreet.

P.s. I think it may just be one of the pretties sites I’ve seen, even if you’re not shopping it’s worth checking out 🙂

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Review: Ophoria ~ Bliss 1 Mini Vibe

From the moment I opened the shipping box I was impressed! The Ophoria Bliss 1 Mini Vibe is very professionally, respectfully and discreetly packaged. There is nothing on the box that screams “sex toy”; no nudity, obscene tag lines, cheesy images or cheap box. To be honest, if I didn’t already know what was in the box, I would expect to see it on the shelves of a big chain department store like Eatons or Sears (I’m in Canada, so those are the ones I know). That said, you can rest assured that if you purchased the Bliss 1 and someone was to come across the box by accident, you wouldn’t have any cause for embarrassment.

One of the questions I am most commonly asked when it comes to adult toys is where and how to store them safely so no one will find them… with the handy and discreet box that the Bliss 1 comes with you don’t have to worry; when you’re done using it just place it back in the box and tuck it into the back of a drawer or closet for safe keeping ~ problem solved!

As for the stats, measuring only 5” in length and 1.25” at its widest point the Bliss 1 is a rather small clitoral stimulator (which could also be used internally for those who wish to), especially for how powerful it is.

While a “firm” product in nature, the Bliss 1 is coated in a soft (almost velvety in feel) yet squishy, medical grade silicone making it both hygienic and very easy to care for. For those of you that are sensitive to Latex or other chemicals, not to worry, it’s hypoallergenic, phthalate free, latex free and body safe.

While it could be easily used for internal stimulation (or vaginally during double penetration – never anally as it doesn’t have a base), the Bliss 1 is fantastic for clitoral stimulation or to comfortably stimulate the vulva; especially due to it’s length, making stimulation of the inner lips and clit (at the same time) quite easy. It’s also great for clitoral stimulation during partner play, as it is soft enough and small enough to fit between partners during intercourse delivering the clitoral stimulation that some females require (about 70% of women need clitoral stimulation) to achieve and orgasm.

The controls of the Bliss 1 are very easy to manipulate; simply press the button located at the bottom once to activate it, then to run through the 9 vibrational settings continually click the button (every time you click it you will go to the next setting) until you find a setting you like. To turn it off, simply hold the button for 5 seconds and it quickly stops. Again I have to say how big a fan I am of products that turn of at the touch of a button rather then having to run through all the settings to stop ~ it’s such a time saver, not to mention easier on your batteries!

As for the vibrations of the Bliss 1 there are 9 in total; a low rumble, pulsation, escalation (2 speeds), throbbing (2 speeds), medium and high speed vibe, as well as one that is a mixture of everything. That said, if you are someone who like a variety of settings this is definitely a fantastic product for that!

Inserting the 2AAA batteries is also very easy; just twist the bottom cap slightly and it should pop off without much effort. Insert your batteries, twist the cap back on and you’re good to go.

In regard to lubes, because this is a silicone toy you’re going to want to use a water based lube only. If you use a silicone lube it will bond with the product over time and cause it to break down. As I’ve said before, one of the great things with silicone toys is the fact they are non porous and therefore won’t absorb any bacteria. By using a silicone lube you basically defeat the whole purpose.

As for cleaning, because the Bliss 1 is made of silicone it can easy be cleaned by using a mild (non film forming) soap and rinsing well with water, or giving it a quick spray with toy cleaner.

When trying to find a negative with the product I’ll be very honest, I had a hard time. This product is not only easy to use, virtually silent, body safe, phthalate free, easy to care for and discreet, but it’s also a product that could easily last a life time. That said, the only things I could think of were that for those of you who need a really powerful vibe (think of the Hitachi Magic Wand) to achieve an orgasm, this might not be enough for you. Other then that it isn’t waterproof, but to easily remedy that you could get creative and place it inside a condom and tie a knot at the bottom (opening of the condom) which would make the Bliss 1 usable in the bath, shower, jacuzzi or any other fun scenario you could think of.

All in all the Bliss 1 by Ophoria is a fantastic product that I would suggest to those who are new to sex toys, a more advanced user (if they don’t need a strong vibe), or anyone who is looking for a well made product that’s built to last.

For those of you interested the Bliss 1 can be purchased safely and discretely from where you’ll find a large selection of Vibrators and other great sex toys that great companies like Ophoria make.

Remember guys, if you support me and what I do please also support the sponsors. The more you support them, the more willing they will be to support me and send such fantastic products my way…without them, I have no way of showing you what’s worthy of your time and hard earned cash. Trust me, I know just how much crap there in on the market…gems like the Bliss 1 are few and far between!

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Review: Better Than Chocolate

Thanks to the amazing folks at Eden Fantasies I’m back with another amazingly unique, high tech, powerful, fun, discreet and extremely comfortable product to review. Again, a big thanks goes out to Eden Fantasies for getting me a product I’ve been dying to see in action.

The first thing that impressed me with the Better Than Chocolate was the discreet packaging it comes with; there is nothing on it that screams “sex”, no nudity, brash sexual referencing or anything that would make it otherwise seem like a “cheap” toy. Instead the packaging is professional, feminine, pretty, respectful and “designer” in feel.

As for the stats the Better Than Chocolate has a hard plastic body and is coated in a body safe, hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, non toxic and latex free thermoplastic elastomer that’s very soft, almost velvety, to the touch.

For a clitoral stimulator it is quite a bit larger then the traditional bullet/pocket rocket style vibrators, but having a larger surface area for stimulation is part of what makes it so amazing! From top to bottom the Better Than Chocolate measuress 4 ¼ inches in length and 2 ½ inches wide at it’s biggest point.

That said, this is a product not meant for insertion. Instead it’s designed for clitoral stimulation or to stimulate the entire vulva with the way it comfortably hugs the area. It may also be used to stimulate other erogenous zones like the inner thigh, nipples, perineum, testicles or any other area of the body that brings a heightened state of arousal.

For those of you that aren’t “technically gifted”, operating the Better Than Chocolate might seem a bit confusing at first. I myself am NOT “technically gifted” and quickly needed to resort to the instruction manual, so if you do too, don’t feel bad. That said, I have to admit, once I figured it out it was probably one of the coolest clitoral stimulators I had ever laid my fingers on.

To turn on the Better Than Chocolate just push the button located near the bottom. If you have inserted the batteries properly, the light inside the touch activated sensor should turn on to indicate that it’s functioning.

Once on the product will start at a very powerful, yet very quiet vibration. If the vibration isn’t enough, just simply run your finger upwards on the touch activated sensor (that’s right a touch activated sensor!!) and it will run at a higher speed. To continually turn up the speed just keep running your finger upwards on the sensor. Eventually it will max out at its highest speed, leaving you unable to turn it up more. To turn it down just run your finger down the touch activated sensor and it will run at a lower speed. It’s actually very easy to operate!

Now for my favorite part of the Better Than Chocolate; to run through the vibrational settings the product has to offer gently hold your finger on the light for 2 seconds and it should change to a pulsation mode. To adjust the speed run your finger up or down on the sensor. Once you’ve found a setting you like hold your finger on the top end of the sensor for 2 seconds. The light should change from blue to red letting you know that the current speed has been locked. Now, no matter what you do, the speed/vibration will remain at that setting. It’s an amazing feature for those of you that have a problem with accidentally hitting a button and changing the setting, totally disrupting your orgasm.

To unlock the setting just hold your finger on the top for 2 seconds, the light will once again turn blue letting you know you can adjust the speeds to your liking. Pretty damn cool if you ask me! 😀

To turn it off at anytime just press the bottom button (the one that you used to turn it on) once. Again, I have to say I love that it has an easy off function for those of you that need one.

The Better Than Chocolate requires 2 AAA batteries that can be inserted rather easily; just unscrew the bottom cap, pop the batteries in, screw the cap back on and you’re good to go. As always, when your toy isn’t in use make sure to remove the batteries as they could corrode and kill your toy…trust me, you don’t want to kill your Better Than Chocolate.

In regard to lubricants, since it’s not a silicone toy you can use either a water based or silicone lube like the ones that System Jo has to offer and there shouldn’t be any negative reactions with the product.

As for cleaning and care, since it’s waterproof up to 1 meter (which is great for those of you that like to make bath time fun) it can be washed with a mild soap and water or sprayed with toy cleaner and left to air dry.

Storing the product is discreet and easy; it comes with a small box that is not only pretty, but also provides a safe place to keep it when not in use. If you didn’t want to use the box, the Better Than Chocolate also comes with a velvety case that fits the product perfectly.

When it came to negatives about the Better Than Chocolate I’ll be honest…it was rather hard for me to find one. The Better Than Chocolate fits better in my hand and body then most other clitoral stimulators I’ve tried. It’s made of a body safe and easy to care for material. It’s compatible with any lube. It’s nearly silent, a rare find for a vibe! It has a variety of vibrational settings, with the ability to lock them in place – something I LOVE! It has a shape and design that makes it very discreet, if someone saw it they wouldn’t know what it was. It’s waterproof up to 1 meter, is very reasonably priced for the value and has a 1 year warranty. What more could a person ask for?

All of that said, the only one that I could find was that the power isn’t the strongest, even on its highest setting. However, you also have to keep in mind that I see numerous toys and feel the need to compare everything to products like the Hitachi Magic Wand or Fairy Mini, which for some people are actually too strong. In my own opinion, I think this would be perfect for those of you that need a good solid vibe but one that doesn’t have the same powerful capabilities of something like the Fairy Mini.

All in all I think the Better Than Chocolate is a revolutionary, easy to use, light weight, discreet, fun and very comfortable clitoral stimulator that I think pretty much any woman would love. Again, a big thank you goes out to the folks at Eden Fantasies, not only did they send me great products to review but some of my newest personal favourites!

If you would like any info or to purchase the Better Than Chocolate it can be found at Eden Fantasys for a very reasonable price, especially considering the quality and power of product you’re getting!

Remember guys, if you support me and what I do please also support the sponsors. The more you support them, the more willing they will be to support me and send such fantastic products my way…without them, I have no way of showing you what’s worthy of your time and hard earned cash. Trust me, I know just how much crap there in on the market…gems like the Better Than Chocolate are few and far between!

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Review: Remote Pillow

Thanks to one amazing lady at I’m very happy to offer a product I think pretty much anyone would love, the Remote Pillow.

The Remote Pillow is a discreet, plush, soft (velvety in feel), remote controlled vibrating pillow. That’s right, a remote controlled vibrating pillow!! What will they think of next?

The Good

Before I go into the stats of the product I just want to list the things I personally think it’s fantastic for:

1.) By mounting the Remote Pillow and grinding on the vibrator a female can figure out what she likes and dislikes and learn how to achieve a clitoral orgasm when having intercourse while in the riding or cowgirl position.

2.)Have a bad lower back or other muscle problems? the Remote Pillow is amazing for helping to relax the muscles and lessen the tension. Trust me, it has done wonders for me (don’t pun that)

3.) Since the internal vibrator is removable you can take it out and use it for your own personal stimulation or as a massager when your on the go.

4.) Finally, with a remote that reaches 15ft you can engage in some pretty fun foreplay whether at a distance or up close.

Like the rest of the remote controlled products on the market, I have say that one of my favourite things is that they allow a greater freedom of movement. Rather then having to reach down to try to find a button, you just push a button no matter where your hand is, making you able to reach a climax without interruption or discomfort.

As for the stats; the Pillow is 12 x 12 inches in size and is velvety soft. If you don’t like the heart design the pillow comes with, I’m sure you could find a suitable pillow cover to put over top if you wanted to. Personally, I think it’s adorable.

Part of what makes the Remote Pillow different from the rest is that rather than using a loop or simple elastic to hold a vibrator in place, the Remote Pillow has its own vinyl pocket where the vibe will snugly fit to stop it from moving or shifting around, something that has been a problem with other pillows I’ve seen.

As for the insertable vibe, it measures just over 3 and a half inches in length and is roughly 4 inches around. While it could be inserted vaginally and has a string for easy removal, I think it’s much better designed for clitoral stimulation because there are seams on it, both on the top and the bottom, that could make it uncomfortable.

In regard to the remote it is quite small and is very discreet. If someone found it they would have no clue what it was for and probably assume it was something for a car.

As I said earlier the vibrator can be used either with or without the remote;

*If you wanted to use it without the remote just press the function button located near the bottom to turn it on and then again to cycle through the 10 different settings. It is very easy to use.

*If you wanted to use it with the remote – put the switch on the remote into the on setting then hit the function key to run through the 10 different settings. Its that simple.

On the topic of batteries the Remote Pillow requires one 23A 12 volt battery for the remote, for those of you not sure where you get them I suggest you check an electronics or watch store. As for the vibrator it requires 2 AAA batteries.

Care & Cleaning

In regard to cleaning, the pillow casing is washable just use cold water and lay flat to dry so that it doesn’t bleed or shrink. As for the vibrator, just give it a good wash with mild soap and water or you could use an antibacterial toy cleaner if you wanted. It’s a hard, non porous plastic so it’s not absorbent and wont retain any bacteria. When it comes to the remote, just use a damp clean cloth to wipe it off. Keep in mind it’s not waterproof so I don’t suggest you wash it.

The Bad

In my opinion, the only downfall with the product is that you have to run through the settings to turn it off. If it had a simple on/off button that would have made it better, but it’s really not that big of a deal.

Final Verdict

That said I still think the Remote Pillow is a fantastic product for anyone considering it can be used for massage or muscle relief, a teaching tool, foreplay, has a range of 15ft, can be used with or without the remote, is discreet, body safe, is easy to use and not at all intimidating.

For those of you interested the Remote Pillow can be purchased safely and discretely from where you’ll find a large selection of Vibrators and other great Sex Toys.

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Review: Original WeVibe

Probably the best toy I have EVER seen when it comes to having intercourse! Forget vibrating cock rings!! Replace them with the We-Vibe!!

Unique in design, the revolutionary original WeVibe is the first ever toy that can be used while making love. The innovative design allows for both external (clitoral) and internal (g-spot) stimulation for women engaging in both solo and partner play.

We-Vibe is easy to use – made of body safe silicone – high quality – discreet in shape and easy to care for.

Comes with a beautiful case to discreetly hold your We-Vibe and charger.

The We-Vibe is hands free, strap free and wireless making it comfortable and not at all painful or uncomfortable.

It is rechargeable and boasts 2 powerful motors for up to 2 hours of fun – offers dual vibe stimulation in all the right places for both the man and the woman!

2 speeds – low speed 3000rpm ultimate gentle purr. High speed – 5000rpm gives ideal climatic stimulation

The silicone is medical grade, phthalate free and has no smell or taste. It’s Lead free – ROHS certified – Environment friendly – WEEE compliant – Carbon Neutral

Travel Case
Charger (country specific)
Instruction sheet
90 day Replacement Warranty

If you don’t have one, I honestly think every couple should own one!!


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