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Male Sexual Enhancement: The Basics


Since I started creating videos back in 2007 one of the issues I’ve continually covered is premature ejaculation.  Whether inquiring about the various options available online, or natural ways of obtaining results, this seems to be something that affects a large portion of my readers/viewers. As such, I thought I’d finally answer in a series of articles that covers a large variety of options and products available, while also providing a video that hits on all the basics.

Before I go into the various products and natural methods available to you, I thought it best to provide some insight on the way the body functions during arousal,  that way you’ll be able to fully understand how things work, how each option applies, and in the process possibly find one that best fits your needs.

Above is my video on the Male Sexual Response Cycle, hopefully it’ll answer some of your questions. If not, keep reading, we’re just getting started…

male enhancement

A Bit About Erectile Dysfunction

As stated within the video, the penis becomes erect due to the flow of blood that’s directed to it during the first stage of arousal and continues growing in intensity during the second. For some men this will be something that happens quickly and easily with little provocation, while others may find it’s a slow and difficult process.

For some achieving an erection won’t be the issue, instead maintaining one will prove to be the challenge.  No matter how hard they try or the stimulation they receive – whether it’s visual or physical – their member is just going to go flaccid in the heat of the moment, leaving them feeling frustrated, embarrassed, angry and disappointed.

Whether you find yourself relating to the first or second paragraph doesn’t really matter. What matters is realizing  it happens to people of all ages – from teens to 30 somethings and older –  gay, straight, bi, trans, black, white or otherwise, and isn’t anything to be ashamed, embarrassed or humiliated by. It’s normal, natural and to be expected from time to time. So normal in fact that over 18 million people aged 20 and over have had issues when it came to erectile dysfunction (study published in the February 1, 2007, issue of the American Journal of Medicine). Having said that, you’re definitely not alone.

Whether it’s minimal, moderate, or severe erection problems your dealing with, it’s important to note many things could be the possible cause including, but not limited to

  • physiological reasons (i.e. too much alcohol, medicine, drugs, smoking)
  • psychological reasons (i.e. performance anxiety, anger, exhaustion, stress, depression)
  • illness (i.e. heart disease, prostate cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and other circulatory problems)
  • low testosterone (if you think this is an issue you can try some of the best natural testosterone boosters found online, just check with your doctor beforehand to make sure they’re right for you)
  •  a poor choice in diet (i.e. fatty, sugary or processed foods)
  • an overall lack of physical fitness.

Regardless of the type of erectile difficulties you’re facing I do suggest speaking with a professional just to make sure a serious underlying health condition isn’t the cause.

9276Natural Methods

Taking all of that into consideration there are things you can do, outside of buying a product or popping a pill, that are worth trying.

  • Depending on your lifestyle you might want to make some changes in your diet and/or the chemicals you put in your body. If you’re used to eating a diet that’s heavy in fats or are a smoker (or take other recreational substances – read ‘drugs’) you might want to start eating a lean, low-fat, high-fiber diet and nip the fun stuff in the bud.
  • Since exercise is known to boost levels of HDL cholesterol (the good kind) you might want to get some exercise into your routine, not only will it possibly help you feel better (yay for endorphins!) but it’ll also help get the blood flowing, something that’s very important when it comes to erections.
  • Try not to stress or worry too much. I know that may seem a little silly or obvious, but many people fail to realize the impact their mental state has on their level of arousal, as well as maintaining it.
  • Lastly, take the time you need to become aroused and try not to rush things. Very often people just jump into bed without investing time in foreplay, in process often also limiting the level of arousal they’re experiencing – part of achieving an erection is being aroused, if you don’t take the time it may just have an effect.
  • Once you’ve ruled out health issues being the root cause, you could try a virtual online clinic specializing in PE programs for erectile dysfunction, or you could work with a doctor specializing in Erectile Dysfunction. There are also natural testosterone boosters like Virectin available online that are worth looking into.

Sexual Enhancement Products

Maybe it’s just me but the term ‘sexual enhancement products’ seems pretty straight forward, but for those of you still on a learning curve – they’re  products designed to aid in enhancing the sexual experience of the person using them.

Like many other intimate accessories they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, materials, methods of application and work in different ways. Whether you like the feeling of something that cools, warms, desensitizes (numbs) or tingles, there’s a  range of options available. Not to mention products that work by drawing more blood to the area being stimulated (usually the penis) or limiting the flow of blood from the area and helping to maintain it’s firmness. Basically put, in the world of male sexual enhancement, there’s definitely lots to choose from.

In an attempt to help you deal with the issues listed above, while also providing a little bit of pleasure, I’ve listed a multitude of male sexual enhancement products within the different parts of this series. Hopefully between the information presented here and the mini product reviews (links below) you’ll be able to find a product, or mixture of products, that will work for you and your specific needs and wants.

Keep Reading:

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Cock Ring Reviews

Within the realm of cock rings there are many available; some are stretchy and allow lots of room for movement, others are crafted from firm plastic with no squish or give. Some vibrate, offering added stimulation for both partners, while others are made of hard metal and do nothing but help maintain an erection.

Regardless of the type you prefer, they all work in one basic way; by limiting the circulation of blood the penis is able to maintain its firmness and potentially last longer than before.

For those of you that want more info on cock rings, including how to apply them, I posted a Beginners Guide To Cock Rings that might prove very helpful when it comes to sizing, finding a type you like, learning how to apply them, and learning some tips & tricks to make using them easier.

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3 Piece Cock Ring Set Silicone

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Tantus Cock Ring

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TitanMen Metal Cock Ring

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Screaming-O Touch Plus vibrating cock ring

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Ophoria Vibrating Cock Ring

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Wireless Extended Ring Matador

Extended Ring Matador

Jesse's Raging Bull

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Male Sexual Enhancement Products: Ointments, Creams, & Sprays

male enhancemet productsIf you find that none of the natural methods work, or that cock rings just aren’t your thing, you may want to look into the option of topical ointments. Not only are they usually affordable, but many of them are easy to apply, safe for use with latex (condoms), have a limited span of time in which they’re ‘active’, and come with few side effects.

Whether it’s a cream, balm, spray, brush on liquid or otherwise, each of these products usually work by numbing the area and limiting the amount of stimulation the person in question experiences. Since every body is different, some will work and some won’t. The key is to not judge them all by the same measuring stick and instead experiment with the various options available until you get the desired results. Below I’ve listed some of the different products on the market along with a mini review of each one.

Warning: Because these products work by numbing the area it’s advised that you pay close attention to what you’re doing at all times. Any time you can’t feel yourself, or your partner, there is a risk of unintentionally hurting yourself or them.  While I’d advise products like this for external use (clitoris, penis) I would NOT suggest them for use internally, whether it’s vaginal or anal. If you want to use something for those purposes you’re better off getting a product that either relaxes the area or enhances sensation.  On that note, it’s always better to use the amount specified on the directions – using more doesn’t always mean you’re going to get better results. Lastly, if you’ve decided to use a condom as your form of protection, it’s a good idea to stop every so often and make sure the condom is still intact/on… if you’re numb you likely won’t be able to tell if it’s ripped or has come off.

Big thanks to the folks at for sending all the products my way! Without them, a post with this much info would not have been possible!

The Reviews

*Since I don’t have a penis to try these products on, I’ve enlisted the help of some very close friends who’s opinions and feedback I trust.  Names have been omitted out of respect for privacy.

China Brush Male Sexual Enhancement: China Brush($12.99 – $19.99)

When it comes to products I’m continually asked about Suifan’s Kwang Tze Solution, a.k.a. “Tiny China”, “Old Man” or as it’s more commonly known, China Brush, is most definitely one of them.

The watery brown liquid comes in a tiny 3ml sized bottle with limited info on the packaging and an almost complete lack of info on the bottle. If you’re worried someone might find it and know you’re using a dick ointment to last longer, I think you should be fine.

china brushPersonal Experience

My tester applied the product as directed – a small (and I mean small) amount under and around the sides of the glans (head) of his penis, the same small amount on the shaft, then sat back and waited. At first he said there was no real sensation, just a slight warming so he added more.  After about 5 minutes he said there was a hot and cold sensation that felt slightly like  he had put A535 on his dick (no erection).  After another 10 minutes he said it felt warm, not as cool, and started to go numb (only a slight erection). After a half hours time he said he didn’t feel much so he decided to add another product for effect… BAD IDEA!!! From there the ‘experiment’ went south, as did any hope of an erection.

To put it in his words (this is going to be potentially inappropriate – just know I gave you fair warning)

You know the day after you eat really spicy chicken wings and use the can and your ass hurts after? You know, like you shat a hot pepper? Well yeah, that’s what the tip of my dick felt like.

Let that be a lesson to all of you, unless you know what your doing and how things work, do not mix them or add more!

After the experience he got up the balls to try the product again, this time in a smaller amount and only applied it once. He said it felt the same way at first but after about an hour the discomfort had subsided and left him feeling numb but aroused.  Intercourse felt slightly different, with the shaft of his penis being far more sensitive and the head being less so. The orgasm was also more intense, though he “wasn’t quite sure of timing the shot” as the tip of his dick was numb (I’ll admit, that last bit had me laughing uncontrollably at the visuals).

Ingredients: Fructus Cnidi (Carrot family), Cortex Cinnamomi (Cinnamon Bark),  Flos Caryophylli (Clove), Rhizoma Alpiniae Officinarium, Rhizoma Atractylodes, Pericarpium Zanthoxyli, Radix Angelicae Dahurica, Rice Wine


Application is rather simple, unscrew the cap and use the cotton swab (that’s attached) to apply a thin amount around the head of the penis and wait.  Based on various opinions I’ve heard it’s best to wait anywhere from a half hour to an hour before engaging in intercourse. If you don’t notice anything within the first 20 minutes DO NOT ADD MORE. Instead wait for it to take affect. If you use too much too soon you might not have a very good experience.

*Note: it will not desensitize your partner should they come into contact with it.

In regard to how it works I have to be honest, I’m not exactly sure. Having said that, all of the ingredients are natural and have been known to aid in various ways; some work at numbing the skin (clove – Flos Caryophylli), others relax muscles and increase nitric oxide release (Fructus Cnidi), while others increase blood flow (cinnamon – Cortex Cinnamomi). From the sounds of it, there’s quite a bit going on here.

Final Verdict: Smelling like an old ancient medicine and packing one hell of a punch, China Brush is a product you’ll want to use in small doses as using too much can often lead to pain, discomfort and the inability to achieve an orgasm. However if you follow the directions, don’t mix products and give it the time it needs to ‘set in’ (as per his second time around) the experience should be far more pleasurable.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars (deductions for the lack of detailed instructions and ability to cause an experience known as ‘hot pepper dick‘.  His words, not mine).


Stud 100 ($14.99 – $24.99)

If there is one male enhancement spray that’s managed to last the test of time I’d have to say it’s the quick acting male genital desensitizer Stud 100.  Available in 60 Countries and sold for over 20 years, with over 21 million sold world wide, this is a product that’s staying power has never failed to amaze me.

For those of you wondering how it works, Stud 100 spray contains 9.6% Lidocaine (a very effective local anesthetic used in many products) that delays ejaculation and orgasm by temporarily reducing the sensitivity of the penis. Basically put, it numbs your dick.

Male Sexual Enhancement: Stud 100Personal Experience

My tester applied 3 sprays and waited about 10 minutes then flicked the head of his dick to see if it was numb, being that he could still feel it, he applied another 5 sprays (taking him to the 8 that’s suggested).

After another 10 minutes he said there was almost no feeling so he put a condom on and went for it. He said he usually reaches an orgasm and ejaculates in about 10 – 20 minutes, but due to the numbing of his member he was able to go for about a half hour before reaching an orgasm.

When I asked him if anything was different that may have affected his experience (i.e. the mood, person involved, space etc), he said it was the same person he’s been sleeping with for some time and it was a situation and place that wouldn’t have changed the impact. In an attempt to make sure it wasn’t just a ‘one off’ I asked him to try it again – he happily obliged and followed the same steps as previously mentioned, leading to the same results.  When I asked him if there were any side effects he didn’t expect, he said that it felt weird when he peed for about a half hour after (probably because he was numb), but that was about it.

*Just keep in mind that there are warnings and cautions to keep in mind like not applying on broken skin, exceeding the suggested amount in a 24 hour time span, not applying internally or ingesting, limiting the use if a rash or irritation develops etc. Pretty standard warnings if you ask me.

The Bad

When it came to things that I didn’t really like there was only one – the packaging. While there is nothing on it that’s rude, inappropriate, tacky or cheesy, it’s by no means discreet; plastered on the front of the box (and spray bottle) are the words “Male Genital Desensitizer“. For as much as I’ll tell you there’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of, I know there are many of you that would be mortified if someone happened to come across it. Having said that, keep in mind that it is a small bottle that would be easily stored and hidden inside another container or drawer.


Applying the product is very simple; spray between 3 and 8 pumps of the clear liquid on the penis 5 to 15 minutes before intercourse, give it a chance to kick in, and when the penis begins to feel numb, you’re good to go.

*Note: the amount used will depend on a persons personal needs, but for the most part 5 pumps should do it. Unlike China Brush, this can potentially numb your partner(s).

The Good

Fortunately Stud 100 has much to offer as it’s non-toxic, odorless (for the most part there’s no scent, just a slight minty undertone), ozone friendly, easy to apply, has little to no negative side effects, begins to work within 3 – 5 minutes and can be used with latex condoms.  Just keep in mind that you’ll need to give it time to ‘set’ before you let your partner give you a blow job – yes, it can and does also numb the mouth.

Final Verdict: Considering that this is a product that actually does what it says it does, at an affordable price, with an ease of application and limited negative side effects, it’s definitely one I would suggest trying.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Rocket BalmMale Sexual Enhancement: Sprays, Oils, & Creams ($13.99 – $15.99)

For those of you looking for a balm, rather than a spray or liquid, the tingling sensation provided by the ‘all natural’ Rocket Balm is one you won’t want to over look.

One of the things I love about this product is the fact that it’s basically all natural and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or cheap fillers. When it comes to the list of ingredients there’s only 10 – all of which are derived from ‘natural’ sources and are things you’d likely find in a massage oil or candle: almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, menthol, peppermint oil, methyl paraben, bht, ginseng, wild oat extract – that’s it.

*Because it contains natural oils it is NOT compatible with latex, if you’re going to use this for intercourse make sure you have another method of protection available.

Male Sexual Enhancement: Rocket Balm For HimPersonal Experience

After the experiences he had with the other products he went easy on the Rocket Balm and only applied a very small amount to the shaft of his penis. He said he could feel the tingly and warm sensation almost instantly, but that it didn’t burn, hurt, sting or irritate like he expected. He said that although it didn’t really do much by way of numbing or delaying his orgasm/ejaculation, that it did actually help him maintain a certain level of arousal simply because it was such an interesting sensation. When I asked him what he thought of the product over all he said it was one he’d try again and was very pleased with the results – I guess 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

The Good

The packaging (pictured left) is respectful and professional, while also being fun and playful. Other than the word “orgasm” written on the back of the box there isn’t much to worry about. Out of the box you’ll find a silver tin with stickers on the front and back, the front being like the circular design pictured left and the back offering information on how to use it and the ingredients.

This smooth and creamy balm has an opaque white appearance when in the tin (due to the large amount) but glides on clear during application. It’s by no means runny, fluid or chunky and warms wonderfully, allowing it to spread very well over the skin, absorbing quickly and leaving you soft and supple. There’s a minty scent that’s fresh but sweet (it reminds me of spearmint gum and tastes like it too) with a slight hint of coconut – unlike like the China Brush which had a horrible medicinal scent and taste to it.


Applying the product is very easy, just slide your fingers over the top of the balm and gently massage a small amount onto the desired area (shaft, head of the penis, testis etc) until it’s fully absorbed. Almost instantly you’ll notice a slight warm and tingling sensation that’s arousing and heightens any stimulation received.

*Note: like any other product, if an irritation, rash or a burning sensation occurs discontinue using it and wash the area well – cool water is usually best.

Final Verdict: When it comes to making purchases that are in alignment with being eco-friendly and ‘all natural’, Rocket Balm has both bases covered. Aside from also being affordable and discreet, it does exactly what it says it will – without some of the nasty side effects my poor tester previously experienced.

Rating: 4.75 stars out of 5 (deduction because it really doesn’t taste that great and isn’t latex compatible).

Trojan Condoms ExtendedSpecially Lubricated Condoms ($10.29 – $12.99)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the best kind of sex is safe sex – and yes, I really do mean that! There is nothing worse than finishing an amazing session and being terrified you may be pregnant or have contracted an STD (I hear it all the time). Having said that, one of the best options available for male enhancement is one that mixes pleasure and safety, allowing you to play to your hearts content without all the worry that sometimes comes with it (assuming you’re using condoms correctly).

Although there are many condoms on the market that offer this type of option, one of the best I’ve come across is the Durex Performax  or Trojan Extended condoms; they’re just like other latex condoms, only they have a ‘climax control lube’ applied to them. Unfortunately there is no full list of ingredients whether you’re looking at the packaging, internal leaflet or condom wrapper – but there is Benzocaine (as stated on the box).  Considering it’s the same ingredient found in many over the counter tooth and pain medications/topical ointments I’m not surprised that they work so well.

Personal Experience

The first friend, a female, was told to give hers to her boyfriend (with his permission of course) and to have him tell her what it was like. He said it felt just like a regular (non enhanced) condom and that it wasn’t until about 5 minutes in that he felt his dick starting to go numb. At first it freaked him out, which is understandable, but after 15 minutes of having the condom on he realized he was going for a far longer period of time than usual. Because he wasn’t feeling much (genitally) it enhanced the sensations he felt on his balls and inner thighs, and allowed him to go for over a half an hour before ejaculating. Considering his partner usually takes a very long time to orgasm herself, she said it was “the breakthrough they needed”. When I asked about dislikes they didn’t really have anything to offer.

The second friend used it with his partner and had a similar experience. It wasn’t until about 5 – 10 minutes in that he realized he wasn’t feeling much genitally. He too said it kind of freaked him out, but that since he knew what was going on he didn’t really pay it much mind. When I asked him if there was anything he didn’t like he said he didn’t have any complaints, just the opposite – he liked the way it was internally lubricated and therefore didn’t ‘stick’ to him like other condoms, the sensation, or lack thereof, was very interesting and it was all around one of the better condoms he’s used.

*Note: because they are made of latex you’ll want to steer clear of any lube that contains oil, you’ll also want to make sure you don’t have a latex allergy. Because they contain Benzocaine you should treat them like other male enhancement products and remove them should any rash, irritation or discomfort ensue.

Final Verdict: Speaking from personal experience, I absolutely love these condoms and have for quite some time now. They’re easy to apply, don’t feel like much, provide the reassurance and peace of mind that safe sex practices tend to offer, while also allowing partners to enjoy their experience… sometimes for a little longer than originally planned.  If you find that the sprays, ointments, creams and balms just don’t work for you, you may want to look into what desensitizing condoms have to offer (as an added bonus they don’t stink like many other condoms – how they pulled that one off I’ll never know).

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Review: The Stamina Training Unit ( STU) by Fleshlight

If you read my blog, watch my product reviews, or follow me on Facebook / Twitter, you’re probably quite familiar with my love of the Fleshlight.  For those of you that don’t know about my lust, well, all I can say is it may just be the one and only product that gives me #penisenvy on a regular basis. I’d almost say daily.

Not only is the product well made, easy to use, soft, supple, discreet and realistic looking, it’s also probably the closest you’re going to get to the ‘real thing’ when it comes to fake vagina’s. Seriously! It’s amazing!

As for this review, I’m going to be covering the Stamina Training Unit, a product created by Fleshlight that’s designed to help you learn to last longer in bed, and more then that; help you become a better lover. Judging by my ‘testers’ experiences, it really will help.

How It Works

When I first saw the STU I thought it was a joke, I mean, how could a product help you to learn to last longer? It just sounded so absurd. However, after receiving and reading the manual the product came with, I totally got it…

Hidden within the 10 pages of the STU Manual (FREE with a purchase of the STU) are tiny gems of wisdom that most people should know, regardless of gender. From methods of stimulating the clitoris, performing oral sex on a vag, finding the g-spot (I’ll admit, the part about the g-spot is kinda cheesy with its pirate references), learning how to get to the brink of orgasm and back again, all without actually orgasming, this manual is definitely the selling point of this “unit”.

On that note, I’m sure most of you are hoping that I’m going to give out the hints and tips suggested within the manual, unfortunately I’m not allowed, or I probably would. That said, what I can offer (that’s throughout the manual) is something that should be common sense when it comes to being good at any sexual technique – practice makes perfect!

To help you practice the manual has a few key things to offer;

stuf“Mastering the art of ‘Brinkmanship'”: (as explained above) – 4 methods with steps to follow.

“Short Circuits”: the ultimate emergency safeguards against any ejaculation before you’re ready. (We tried it, it worked…very interesting!)

“Routines”: 3 different stroke patterns to help you learn to last longer. (My partner and I tested them and yes, they do work)

“Goals”: benchmarks to set for yourself while using the STU as a way of measuring how you’re progressing – 4 in total. (I think they may get rather tedious and possibly boring, but if you’re learning to last longer they’re worth a go and will definitely help)

“Five Essentials”: 5 essentials to remember when performing under pressure. (Rather simple common sense stuff, but helpful none the less – especially for those of you that are still learning)

Sure the Fleshlight itself is a badass find, but it comes down to following the guidelines set out in the manual that will help you to last longer, not the actual product.

The Good

The sleeve (the part you have sex with) is crafted from the same patented Real Feel Super Skin® as all the others within the Fleshlight collection. However, what sets it apart is the specifically designed “inner canal” texture; rows of small bumps that are soft, supple, comfortable and very accommodating. It also comes with a metallic gold case rather than the typically found black ones. I’m guessing it was supposed to be a clever reference to “going for the gold”? )

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Fleshlight line of products, I previously did a review that outlined all of the necessary care, cleaning, uses and suggestions for ways the product could be used. If you’d like to view it this link should take you there. Otherwise, here’s the basics

  • the product measures 10 inches in length and is 4 inches around at its largest, so it should be a comfortable size for most
  • if you’d like to alter the sensation, the Fleshlight can be placed in warm water until it reaches the desired temperature (DO NOT boil or microwave it!)
  • to further adjust the sensation, you can unscrew the bottom cap until the desired level of suction is reached
  • finally, while there is no need to use a condom with the Fleshlight (as long as you do NOT share your Fleshlight!), doing so will not harm the product or yourself.

Care & Cleaning

When it comes to lubes I would only suggest a good water based one as a silicone or oil based product will ruin it. Trust me on this!

To clean it simply remove the insert from the case and rinse it very well with lukewarm water; the product is porous so you will want to make sure there is no “residue” left behind. Once it’s clean either let it air dry or pat it with a lint free cloth (NEVER rub it or you will ruin the texture and appearance). Once it’s dry shake some corn starch or Renew powder and pat it gently; this will help to keep it soft and supple, rather then allow it to get sticky or tacky with use.

*If you do notice that it’s gotten gummy, sticky or tacky don’t worry, it’s not defective. The material the product is made of tends to do that over time (as do most other UR3, Cyberskin and similar materials). If you want to keep it soft and supple just use the corn starch or Renew powder.

stuThe Bad

In regard to the actual Fleshlight, I love it and have nothing bad to say about it!

As for the manual…

While it is for the most part relevant, honest, interesting, resourceful and straight forward, there are parts of the manual that are cheesy, slightly unnecessary (like the statement “No not the vehicle, that’s what you use to get her in bed”) and just didn’t hit the “funny” level they were hoping for, instead coming across as insincere.

I get where they were coming from and what they were trying to achieve, however, as an educator and someone who takes sex (and sex toys) seriously, I just would have liked to have seen a little bit more of a healthy respect for sex and sexuality.

*Had they removed the vehicle comment, and taken finding the g-spot a bit more seriously, rather then using a pirate who uses words like “Ahoy matey“, “Shiver Me Timbers“, “find her love cave” and “Scallywag” (really?, really?? ) to describe the experience, I would have been much more impressed with no complaints.

Final Verdict

Like all of the other products that Fleshlight makes I actually do love the STU!

Sure the manual has a few sections (really only 2 – “G Marks the Spot” and “The Hummer”) I wasn’t that fond of but to be honest, the rest was more then I expected. That in mind, if you’re someone who doesn’t last very long in bed, would like to practice with something that’s as close to the ‘real thing’ as you’re going to get, while also having a few pointers, suggestions, goals or tips to help guide you, the Stamina Training Unit by Fleshlight is pretty much the whole package.

For a limited time the Stamina Training Unit is on sale for $17.50 off!! They’re also doing a 25% off SITEWIDE SALE, plus free shipping with orders over $100! Sweet deal bro!

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Review: The Bathmate Goliath Penis Pump

Before I make any suggestions I want to make it abundantly clear that very rarely would I ever support a penis pump as I believe that you have what you were born with and you just need to work with it… however, I also understand that no matter what I say, you will go out and buy a pump anyways… and if your going to do that, you might as well get one that works and is worth the money!

Thanks to the amazing guys at Bathmate I was sent one of their NEW BathMate Goliath pumps (a much larger version than the original) so that I could do a follow up Bathmate penis pump review of a product that I covered last year, the Bathmate Hercules Pump.

After reviewing the Bathmate Hercules Pump (which is the original one) I was messaged quite a bit from my male viewers in regard to their experiences with the product and what they thought of it;

  • About 80% of the reviews that came in said it worked in regard to gaining girth and/or length and/or consistently making them hard. But what surprised me most, was that from all of the positive reviews I received, I continually heard the same things over and over; how easy it was to use, that is was very comfortable, well made, and easy to care for. A lot of the males that messaged me also said that it easily became part of their routine and that they would recommend it to a friend. I will be honest, without their feedback, I might not have been so willing to get my hands on the new Goliath.
  • The other 20% was a combination of messages saying it was too small (so they didn’t use it), it didn’t work as quickly as they hoped so they quit using it, or they just didn’t have the time or commitment to keep up with it to see if it worked.

That said, just like any other product on the market, what might work for one person might not work for another, and in a market flooded with over a million products, it’s to be expected. That in mind, due to its ease and flexibility of use, durability, and following through in delivering results, I will still approve and stand behind it. Yes, I know I’m penisless and therefore can’t make a claim based on personal experience, but I also don’t think it’s a good idea to discredit others who have had positive results.

Bathmate OriginalsMisc Info

The BathMate Goliath Penis Pump is a much larger (in both length and girth) and heavier version of the original BathMate Hercules. As for the stats, Hercules is roughly 11′ inches in length whereas the Goliath is roughly 13′ inches in length, the Hercules is roughly 8′ inches around whereas the Goliath is roughly 10′ inches around.

So, for anyone that is above average in size I would suggest the Goliath, for those that are average or below I would suggest the Hercules. Please keep in mind that just because one of them is bigger it doesn’t mean that it works better. The Goliath works in the exact same way as the original, it’s just made to fit a larger sized penis.

The Good

Like the original Bathmate Hercules, I love this product for quite a few reasons;

  •  you don’t have to buy any extra parts to make it work. What you see is what you get and it’s pretty much all you need.
  • it comes with a full money back guarantee. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of products on the market (at least in the adult novelty industry) that offer that, so to have a company stand behind their product in that way really does say something.
  • unlike other penis pumps that use a hand held device or a trigger system to create suction, this pump is very, very easy to use and doesn’t have anything frustrating, annoying or tiring about it.
  • constructed of durable Polycarbonate, skin safe rubber, and stainless steel materials, the Bathmate is built to last. (it is also body safe)
  • when used consistently, properly, and on a regular basis, just like working any other muscle in the body, results will be seen. But that’s the whole success of its effectiveness; using it properly and on a regular basis and not going overboard.

Bathmate Penis PumpInstructions

As for using it properly there are three ways to go; in the bath, in the shower or with air.

For use with water:

Once you’re relaxed and feel comfortable fill your Bathmate with water from the tub or shower. Tuck your balls out of the way so that they don’t get accidentally get sucked in and insert your flaccid penis.

*I know some people say they like to use it while erect, personally I think it’s safer to use it when your flaccid so that’s what I suggest.

Once you’re comfortably inside the chamber press the rubber base against your body and give it a few good pumps. Keep doing this until you feel a vacuum from inside. When you can’t pump anymore stop and relax for 15 to 20 minutes. After the directed time is up just press the pressure release valve located on the top to break the suction and you can safely remove it. Pretty simple right?

For use with air:

If you wanted to use the Bathmate with air instead of water, it’s the exact same steps. That said, I have personally seen the best results from someone who used it during the shower and bath, so that’s what I would recommend.

Care & Cleaning

As for cleaning, the company sells accessories to help you keep it clean like a cleaning sponge and handle to get down into the product where you can’t reach and Sterilizing Tablets to help disinfect it. If you don’t want to spend the money on those you can always just wash it with mild soap and water. That however can leave a film or residue on the product so I would suggest antibacterial toy cleaner.


Now there are a few things that you may experience that I’d like to point out just so you’re familiar with them and don’t think there’s something wrong;

  • if you notice that you start to get an erection while you’re using it don’t worry that’s normal and to be expected. You are after all drawing blood into your penis, just like when you get aroused and get an erection.
  • pain does not equal gain. If you notice that it starts to hurt at any time just push the pressure release valve on the top which will break the vacuum seal and allow you to safely and comfortably remove it.
  • if you notice that the vacuum is not quite as strong (which usually happens after 5-7 minutes) just give it another pump to release more water and allow for a greater suction.
  • if you notice that water squirts from the top while you pump don’t be alarmed, it’s supposed to do that.

Bathmate Penis Pump - GoliathExperiences & Results

In regard to the actual gains a person can expect; I gave 2 Bathmate Hercules pumps to 2 different friends and had another friend use the Bathmate Goliath.

Hercules users:

The first person said that every time he used the Hercules he got rock hard erections and because of that, never used it for anything but intercourse. He said he tried to use it daily but since he was happy with his size he didn’t really care to see any special results. When I asked him if he would recommend it he said yes, but that he couldn’t offer input on size gain, only erections, since that was what he liked about it and used it for.

The second person, who also used the original Hercules pump, used it daily for the directed amount of time (which is 15 – 20 minutes) and after 5 months said he noticed he was roughly an inch longer. He said that it was easy enough to use and very conveniently became part of his morning routine. While his results were pretty good, you have to keep in mind that he used it daily, put in the time and used it properly. Other than the size difference, he also said he was able to achieve harder erections both when he was aroused and during intercourse.

Goliath user:

The third person (who used the Goliath) used it roughly every 2 days for only 10 minutes and said that at the end of 2 months he noticed a difference in girth, as well as rock hard erections, but only a very small difference in length. He said that he enjoyed the way it felt and used it on a few occasions as a masturbation device. When I asked him if he would recommend it he said yes, but that he would have rather used the original Hercules pump, as he found the Goliath to be a bit large for him and therefor a little bulky.

Overall experiences:

That said, the pump is going to work differently for different people and if you want to see lasting results you have to treat it the same way you would weight lifting or exercising;  if you go to the gym once you can’t expect to see big muscles or lasting results, you have to go everyday, be dedicated, and know what your doing so that you do it properly and can get the results you want.

Contrary to what most companies would have you believe, penis pumps aren’t a one time magical cure that’s going to solve your problems over night… it takes work, time and dedication. Remember that.


As for any precautions you should take:

  • if you are under the age of full development I DO NOT suggest that you use this product as your body is still growing and stretching.
  • this is not a cure or a treatment.
  • although this is a safe product, you should make sure that you follow the instructions carefully.
  • it should be stored and kept away from children.
  • consult your doctor before using the product if you suffer from any physical penile conditions.
  • Do not use if you have recently had surgery in this area or if you suffer any discomfort prior or after first use.”

Final Verdict

In my personal opinion, I think it’s a great product for those who are having problems achieving an erection or maintaining one, more so then for those that want help when it comes to gaining in size. I do realize that the company would rather sell it as a size increasing product but hearing male after male tell me that it was great for achieving erections, hard ones at that, why fight it?

For those of you that are interested in purchasing any of the Bathmate line of products you can do so safely either through (my online store) or the Bathmate website.

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