Review: Pipedreams ~ Bag Of Love

For my first review as a product reviewer for I chose the Pipedream “Bag of Love”, I specifically chose this product because I thought it looked fun, frisky and like something I might be able to offer for the beginners or those of you looking for a great addition to a romantic evening. Initially I debated about whether or not to do a video review for the Bag Of Love, but unfortunately there was less to like then I hoped causing me to choose not to make a video.

That said, while I’m personally split between a 70% like/30% dislike, I don’t think it’s deserving of an “unapproved product” listing either, so for now it will just remain an honest and fun written review. And rather then just reviewing the Bag Of Love as an entire kit, I’m also going to review the individual products so that you’ll understand why I was torn between a good vs bad review.

Pipedreams “Bag of Love” is a fun and flirty fire engine red, heart shaped Vinyl bag packed with an assortment of goodies…some good, some bad, but all designed to help create an evening of fun and romance. Included in the bag are; a Heart Warmer Massager (I LOVE these things!), Mini-Mite Massager with 4 interchangeable caps to vary stimulation (very similar to a Pocket Rocket) , Reusable Designer Bondage Tape (great for beginners!), Satin Love Mask (felt more like plastic), Heart-Shaped Jelly Love Ring, Toy Cleaner, Green Apple Body Heat Massage Lotion (quite yummy really), Basix Mini Jelly Butt Plug, Love Beads, & Lover’s Lotto Cards.

Lets begin with the actual Pipedreams Red Bag; I have to admit, while some might find it tacky or cheesy I think it’s kind of hilariously adorable with is shiny, fire engine red, heart design. It’s big enough to pack full of goodies and comes with a bedazzled red heart lock and key to keep nosey baggage handlers out! The zipper is sturdy and the bag itself is surprisingly well made.

The only downfall is the white “Pipedream” logo plastered on both sides, then again I don’t know too many people who would know what Pipedream is. All in all, I actually quite like the Pipedreams Red Bag, I just wish it didn’t have the company logo plastered on the side.

Next up is the Heart Warmer Massager a product I am actually a huge fan of!! I previously did a review on a similar product and this one reacts in the exact same way – click the small internal metal disc and watch as the fluid crystallizes and turns to a soft, mushy, warm and comforting gel like substance.

The heart is great not only for massage, but also fantastic for cramps, back aches or taking somewhere on a very cold day. As for the heat, it lasts for about a half an hour. To reuse the Heart Warmer Massager just boil it for 10 minutes and let it cool completely, then you can start snapping all over again. I’ve had mine for just over 2 years now and it STILL works!

If there is one thing I think every woman should have it’s a rocket style vibrator. They’re small, easy to use, only require one battery, great for clitoral stimulation, are powerful even for the size and if someone was to find one they might not know what it was. That said the Mini-Mite Massager is no exception; it works just as well as any other rocket style vibe and has the same features. One added bonus is the addition of 4 end caps that can be used for a stimulating massage or to enhance any foreplay you may be engaged in. The only thing I wouldn’t suggest is using them internally, they’re not really designed for that.

I’ll be honest on this next one, the Designer Bondage Tape is a product that I’m still a little on the fence about. While it is quite adorable with its rose, heart, plain barb wire or chain link design it’s not exactly the most “bonding” and for a bondage tape that’s a bit of a let down. The tape itself isn’t sticky, a definite bonus for those of us who have had other tapes stuck to our hair or other “unmentionable” areas. Trust me, that can be quite painful ~ think of ripping a band-aid off your coochie! ouch! ~ this product on the other hand doesn’t stick to skin, hair or anything else, only itself making for some of the most comfortable bondage play possible. That said, I had to wrap it around my ankles twice to get it to “stick”. Personally I wouldn’t suggest Designer Bondage Tape to those experienced with bondage play, instead I’d suggest it to those who are new to the idea and looking to experiment with a product that isn’t scary or dangerous.

As for the Satin Love Mask there isn’t very much I can say, especially considering the one I got wasn’t made of satin. Instead I got a flimsy plastic feeling one. If it had been the actual Satin Love Mask I’m sure I would have been thrilled. That said, since it was slightly see through it was great for foreplay and to help build anticipation (all you can see is shadows) but other then that, it’s a mask. Nuff said.

When it comes to the products in the kit that I don’t like the Heart-On Luv Ring is one of them. My first issue was that it was made of a smelly, sticky, jelly material. While it doesn’t say what it’s made of, it also doesn’t say what it’s not made of and judging by feel and smell I would only assume it isn’t phthalate free. As for the ease of use it’ just a simple ring, with quite a bit of stretch, so it’s not really that hard (no pun intended) to take on or off. It’s not a really bad product, but it’s not made of a quality material and that’s where it fails for me.

If your looking for a handy, small (only 1oz), easy to travel with and easy to use (without totally stinking) Toy Cleaner this one is great! While I know there are people who debate the need for toy cleaner, if your planning on traveling the soap in the hotels can be a bit too harsh for toys and that’s when a great toy cleaner would come in very handy. It’s not sticky or tacky and doesn’t leave an oily or smelly residue on your hands or on a toy, all definite bonuses! This one get’s my vote!

I have to admit, with its yummy candy apple taste and bright green color the Body Heat Massage Lotion might just be one of my fave things in the Bag of Love. It’s quite small at only 1oz (not as big as the one pictured) so traveling with it is quite easy. I also have to admit that the warming factor ~ warming up when you blow on or rub it, was also a nice touch. It’s not at all chemical in taste and doesn’t have the same harsh after burn that some massage lotions have, which for me was a nice change. The one thing to remember with this product is that it’s a massage lotion, not a lubricant, therefor it will get sticky a bit faster and isn’t suggested for any kind of vaginal use. All in all I think the Body Heat Green Apple Massage Lotion is a product I am very glad was included.

Just like the Heart-On, the Basix Mini Jelly Butt Plug is another product that for me was a let down. While it may say that it’s “phthalate free” it smells quite horrible, much like I would expect any other jelly toy that’s filled with phthtales would. Aside from that it’s made of a very porous rubber; I personally don’t think anything that’s porous should be put in such a bacteria filled area like an anus. Although it is flexible and thin I wouldn’t exactly say it was a “mini” either, something like Tantus’ Little Flirt is much more deserving of that name.  While I can appreciate what Pipedreams is trying to do in creating affordable toys, I think they would be much better off focusing on higher end items made of body & environmentally friendly ingredients.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a picture of the Love Beads by Pipedreams so I’m going to do my best to describe them and let you in on why I don’t think too highly of them ~ The Love Beads come with 5 hard acrylic beads strung along a thin black nylon cording tied to a hard (but flimsy) plastic hoop. Each bead is knotted in place, but with some light fiddling the knots came undone and the ball shifted ~ not something I was too keen on, especially if these are to be used anally. The last knot on the string actually came undone while I was playing with it sending the bead rolling across the floor (yay for new cat toys!), again something I don’t suggest for anal play as it could get lodged somewhere sending you to the emergency room. As for the nylon cording, it’s also something I don’t suggest for anal play as it absorbs bacteria quite easily. Lastly the plastic hoop (handle) is very flimsy and looks as if it would snap without much effort, not exactly the safest for vaginal or anal play. In my honest opinion I don’t think Pipedreams Love Beads is one of the safest products ever made, that said I’d just leave it in the packaging or give it to my cats to play with.

Last but not least we have the Lovers Lotto a fun, easy to use, cute and playful “scratch and win” game. The Bag Of Lovecame with 3 of these fun little things and I have to say they really are a great addition to a night of romance or play. On each card are the scratch options of what, where and when, with wins like “lick below the waist, in the bathtub at the stroke of midnight” as the prize. This is something that I think a beginner or advanced adult novelty enthusiast would find fun and could definitely use whether in the heat of the moment or as a fun little thing to tuck in a wallet or pocket. After a handful of not so great products I must admit, it was nice to have something like the Lover’s Lotto to round off the Bag of Love.

Final Verdict

Unfortunately when you’re looking at a product that comes as a “package deal” (meaning you save money) like the Bag Of Love you need to be able to look at it both individually (the specific items) and as a whole. That said, while there were enough products to make me a fan of the Bag Of Love, there were also enough to make me think Pipedream could have made some better choices when it came to products that should be included or left out.

Value for your money? As a complete bag you can expect to pay around $46.00. However, if you were to purchase each item separately, leaving out the Heart-Shaped Jelly Love Ring, Basix Mini Jelly Butt Plug and Love Beads, you’d pay roughly $48.50 ~ with the bigger bottle of Body Heat Massage Lotion and 9 extra Lover’s Lotto Game Cards too! ~ Personally I’d pay the extra $2.00 and shop separately then get the Bag Of Love as a complete product. You can after all pack the bag yourself…for me putting something together is always part of the fun anyways. You can buy the Bag Of Love from, where you’ll find a large selection of Vibrators and other great Sex Toys.

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