Review: The Lelo Ina

For those of you not in the loop Lelo makes a line of products that could definitely be classified as “luxury” toys. They’re made of FDA approved materials (silicone and hard ABS plastic), making them phthalate and latex free, seamless (allows for a painless insertion), rechargeable, professionally packaged, easy to care for, very powerful and come with a 1 year warranty, along with a 10 year quality guarantee! Seriously, if there was a line that was worthy of the price tag – Lelo would be one of them.

The Good

As for the Ina, there were many features that impressed me;

It’s very professional packaged. The box is both colorful and pretty with nothing on it that screams “SEX TOY!” – no nudity, profanity, it’s not cheaply packaged, nor is there anything that would otherwise make you recoil at the sight of it. The box itself is “designer” in appearance and could easily be mistaken for an unknown high-tech gadget found in a department store.

At just under 8 inches in total length, of which only 3 ½ are insertable, Ina is a very small dual vibrator. I’ll be honest, I was quite surprised as I had only seen it in photo’s and thought it would be MUCH bigger (which isn’t always a good thing, something many can testify to).

Although it is a “firm” product it’s also very soft (velvety almost), seamless, lightweight and fits very comfortably in a hand, not to mention the body.

Ina has 2 separate motors (one located in each “pleasure point”). As a dual vibrator this is definitely a fantastic feature as it allows both your g-spot and clitoris to have direct and powerful stimulation.

Finally, the fact that it is rechargeable, giving you 4 hours of play for a 2 hour charge time is pretty amazing. Not only does this save you money on batteries and the environment (again with the batteries), but it also means that you can take as long as you need to reach an orgasm without having to worry about it dying before you get “there”.

*On a side note; I charged my Ina for 2 hours as directed and then left it running on the pillow while I went about my day. I was quite curious to see if the product really lasted the 4 hours it says. To my surprise, just over 4.5 hours later it was still going. The red light was showing indicating that the battery was low, but it was still going a half hour after I thought it would. Suffice to say, the Ina will most likely be going long after you’re done.

Operating Instructions

In regard to working the product it’s very, very easy; located on the glossy handle are four buttons: + (plus) – (minus) Δ (upward triangle) and ▼(downward triangle)
*push the + (plus) symbol to turn it on
*hold the + (plus) symbol to increase the speed of the vibration
*press the Δ (upward triangle) to run upwards through the 8 settings. Each time you press the button you will go to the next setting.
*press the ▼(downward triangle) to run downwards through the 8 settings. Each time you press the button you will go to the next setting. **One of the great things with this is that you don’t have to run through all of the settings if you accidentally hit the Δ and go past the setting you like; just click the ▼button and you can go back to it.
*press the – (minus) button to lower the power of the vibration
*hold the – (minus) button to turn it off.

While that may sound like a lot, in truth it’s probably one of the easiest toys I’ve ever used.

As an added bonus, for those of you that like to take your toys with you when you travel the Ina comes with a “locking” feature that keeps it from accidentally turning on. Just hold all four buttons at once (the – + ▼ Δ) and the LED light will turn on, then off, letting you know it’s locked. To unlock the Ina just hold down all four buttons again and you’re good to go.

As for the 8 settings they include; a steady low flutter, clitoral stimulator only, g-spot stimulator only, both g-spot and clitoral stimulator, a pulsation, cycling (almost as if it goes circular from g-spot to clitoral and around again) a intermittent vibe between g-spot and clit, and a roller coaster between g-spot and clitoral stimulation. Add to that the increase or decrease in vibrational speed and you’ve more then 8 settings. Just another reason for me to be impressed with this toy!

Cleaning & Care

When it comes to lubes I would highly suggest a water based lube ONLY. Since it’s a silicone product you don’t want to use a silicone lube as it could bond with the material and cause it to break down over time…basically, you ruin your Ina.

On that note, since it’s a silicone toy it’s non porous and not going to absorb any bacteria making cleaning easy; just wash it with warm water and anti bacterial soap, rinse it well and pat with a lint free cloth to dry. For safe keeping I suggest you either place it back in the pretty box or bag it comes with for storage.

Once you’ve finished with the Ina and want to charge it for next time, or if you notice that the LED light is glowing red (meaning it’s low on juice) just remove the silicone stopper located on the bottom, insert the DC plug into the DC socket and plug it in the wall. While it’s charging the LED will flash to let you know it’s charging. When it stops flashing and just glows it’s done.

The Bad

In regard to negatives the only one I could find was that the clitoral stimulator, while flexible, wasn’t very long and for some women they may find that it comes up short when tying to reach their clitoris. But again, that’s not everyone so for some of you that might not be an issue. Other then that it’s not waterproof. But like most luxury products the benefits FAR outweigh the negatives.

Final Verdict

All in all, I think the Lelo Ina is a vibrator that anyone who’s looking for a truly decadent designer dual vibe NEEDS to have! Not only is it lightweight, made of FDA approved materials making it body safe, seamless, comfortable, soft in feel, odourless, easy to use, rechargeable and very powerful (while being damn near silent!) but it also comes with a one year warranty! I’ll ask again…what more could you want?

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