Review: The Stamina Training Unit ( STU) by Fleshlight

If you read my blog, watch my product reviews, or follow me on Facebook / Twitter, you’re probably quite familiar with my love of the Fleshlight.  For those of you that don’t know about my lust, well, all I can say is it may just be the one and only product that gives me #penisenvy on a regular basis. I’d almost say daily.

Not only is the product well made, easy to use, soft, supple, discreet and realistic looking, it’s also probably the closest you’re going to get to the ‘real thing’ when it comes to fake vagina’s. Seriously! It’s amazing!

As for this review, I’m going to be covering the Stamina Training Unit, a product created by Fleshlight that’s designed to help you learn to last longer in bed, and more then that; help you become a better lover. Judging by my ‘testers’ experiences, it really will help.

How It Works

When I first saw the STU I thought it was a joke, I mean, how could a product help you to learn to last longer? It just sounded so absurd. However, after receiving and reading the manual the product came with, I totally got it…

Hidden within the 10 pages of the STU Manual (FREE with a purchase of the STU) are tiny gems of wisdom that most people should know, regardless of gender. From methods of stimulating the clitoris, performing oral sex on a vag, finding the g-spot (I’ll admit, the part about the g-spot is kinda cheesy with its pirate references), learning how to get to the brink of orgasm and back again, all without actually orgasming, this manual is definitely the selling point of this “unit”.

On that note, I’m sure most of you are hoping that I’m going to give out the hints and tips suggested within the manual, unfortunately I’m not allowed, or I probably would. That said, what I can offer (that’s throughout the manual) is something that should be common sense when it comes to being good at any sexual technique – practice makes perfect!

To help you practice the manual has a few key things to offer;

stuf“Mastering the art of ‘Brinkmanship'”: (as explained above) – 4 methods with steps to follow.

“Short Circuits”: the ultimate emergency safeguards against any ejaculation before you’re ready. (We tried it, it worked…very interesting!)

“Routines”: 3 different stroke patterns to help you learn to last longer. (My partner and I tested them and yes, they do work)

“Goals”: benchmarks to set for yourself while using the STU as a way of measuring how you’re progressing – 4 in total. (I think they may get rather tedious and possibly boring, but if you’re learning to last longer they’re worth a go and will definitely help)

“Five Essentials”: 5 essentials to remember when performing under pressure. (Rather simple common sense stuff, but helpful none the less – especially for those of you that are still learning)

Sure the Fleshlight itself is a badass find, but it comes down to following the guidelines set out in the manual that will help you to last longer, not the actual product.

The Good

The sleeve (the part you have sex with) is crafted from the same patented Real Feel Super Skin® as all the others within the Fleshlight collection. However, what sets it apart is the specifically designed “inner canal” texture; rows of small bumps that are soft, supple, comfortable and very accommodating. It also comes with a metallic gold case rather than the typically found black ones. I’m guessing it was supposed to be a clever reference to “going for the gold”? )

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Fleshlight line of products, I previously did a review that outlined all of the necessary care, cleaning, uses and suggestions for ways the product could be used. If you’d like to view it this link should take you there. Otherwise, here’s the basics

  • the product measures 10 inches in length and is 4 inches around at its largest, so it should be a comfortable size for most
  • if you’d like to alter the sensation, the Fleshlight can be placed in warm water until it reaches the desired temperature (DO NOT boil or microwave it!)
  • to further adjust the sensation, you can unscrew the bottom cap until the desired level of suction is reached
  • finally, while there is no need to use a condom with the Fleshlight (as long as you do NOT share your Fleshlight!), doing so will not harm the product or yourself.

Care & Cleaning

When it comes to lubes I would only suggest a good water based one as a silicone or oil based product will ruin it. Trust me on this!

To clean it simply remove the insert from the case and rinse it very well with lukewarm water; the product is porous so you will want to make sure there is no “residue” left behind. Once it’s clean either let it air dry or pat it with a lint free cloth (NEVER rub it or you will ruin the texture and appearance). Once it’s dry shake some corn starch or Renew powder and pat it gently; this will help to keep it soft and supple, rather then allow it to get sticky or tacky with use.

*If you do notice that it’s gotten gummy, sticky or tacky don’t worry, it’s not defective. The material the product is made of tends to do that over time (as do most other UR3, Cyberskin and similar materials). If you want to keep it soft and supple just use the corn starch or Renew powder.

stuThe Bad

In regard to the actual Fleshlight, I love it and have nothing bad to say about it!

As for the manual…

While it is for the most part relevant, honest, interesting, resourceful and straight forward, there are parts of the manual that are cheesy, slightly unnecessary (like the statement “No not the vehicle, that’s what you use to get her in bed”) and just didn’t hit the “funny” level they were hoping for, instead coming across as insincere.

I get where they were coming from and what they were trying to achieve, however, as an educator and someone who takes sex (and sex toys) seriously, I just would have liked to have seen a little bit more of a healthy respect for sex and sexuality.

*Had they removed the vehicle comment, and taken finding the g-spot a bit more seriously, rather then using a pirate who uses words like “Ahoy matey“, “Shiver Me Timbers“, “find her love cave” and “Scallywag” (really?, really?? ) to describe the experience, I would have been much more impressed with no complaints.

Final Verdict

Like all of the other products that Fleshlight makes I actually do love the STU!

Sure the manual has a few sections (really only 2 – “G Marks the Spot” and “The Hummer”) I wasn’t that fond of but to be honest, the rest was more then I expected. That in mind, if you’re someone who doesn’t last very long in bed, would like to practice with something that’s as close to the ‘real thing’ as you’re going to get, while also having a few pointers, suggestions, goals or tips to help guide you, the Stamina Training Unit by Fleshlight is pretty much the whole package.

For a limited time the Stamina Training Unit is on sale for $17.50 off!! They’re also doing a 25% off SITEWIDE SALE, plus free shipping with orders over $100! Sweet deal bro!

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