Tantus Haul ~ Show & Tell

After collecting Tantus products for over 5 years I figured it was time to create a video haul showcasing my faves and offering some insight to why they are so amazing.

Basically, if you want body safe intimate accessories that are phthalate and latex free, hypoallergenic, hygienic, virtually non-porous, eco-friendly and made to last a lifetime with minimal care, you want Tantus.

Products within the video (in order of appearance): Tantus Silk Small, Silk Medium, Silk Large, Small Ripple, Little Flirt, Ryder, Charmer, Curve, Panty Play, Little Secret Kiss (neon pink) and Tease (neon green), T-Rex (…LIKE A BOSS!), Large Beads (no long available *sad panda*).

To read more about why I love the company so much, check out my Featured Company (Tantus) post.

To check out all of my Tantus product reviews here’s the RSS feed for all things Tantus.

Not in the video but part of my collection (I couldn’t fit it all in one video): Tantus Vamp, Tantus Acute, Tantus B-Bomb (It’s too big. I’m working my way up to it), Beginner Cock Ring, Bend Over Intermediate Kit, Tantus Delta, Tantus Theta, Tantus Pi, Tantus Omega, Tantus Deuce 1 and 2, Tantus Goddess, Panty Play, Tantus Little Secret Whisper, Tantus Little Secret Touch, Tantus Little Secret Spoon, Stroker XL, Tantus Faerie (no longer available – it’s clear with SPARKLES!!), Tantus Flex, Tantus Cush O2, Unnamed Tantus Prototype (YAY for feeling special!)… I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting and I was clearly WAY off when it came to how many I said I was missing in the video (10 – 15? Um, no. Try more like 22. What can I say, I’m a whore for Tantus products.)

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