Sex Toys In The Digital Age: Beginners Guide to Teledildonics

Digital sex has moved past being a budding industry and is now a mainstay in many peoples lives. As our world becomes more connected (and disconnected), one of the many pillars of human interaction is following suit. The road to a better sex toy experience has been a long time coming, and the field of teledildonics is paving the way.

What Are Digital Sex Toys or Teledildonics?

Teledildonics are digital sex toys remotely delivering haptic (touch) sensations by sending data between a device and it’s controller. This means that these sex toys can be linked to and controlled by external factors, such as another compatible device or an encoded piece of video content. Teledildonics typically look like run of the mill sex toys – dildos, fake vaginas, butt plugs etc – but they’re far more technologically advanced and vastly improved where body safety and design are concerned.

If you’re looking for some to try, sex toy company Lovense, offers a full line of interactive products that allow sexual interaction at a distance. Two great examples of these products would be the Nora and the Max toys by Lovense. The Nora is a vibrator for women delivering pleasure via a rotating head, optimized shaft, and vibrating arm. For men, Lovense has designed the Max, a male masturbator in a mold similar to that of the popular Fleshlight fake vagina.

Where traditional sex toys require users to create the motion, teledildonics are automated through movements, vibrations, or patented air pumps. The Nora takes a vibrator to a new level while the Max is revolutionizing male masturbators. The best thing about these new devices is the ability to control them via a Smartphone app through Bluetooth or a WiFi connection. There is no range limitation as long as a connection is available, allowing a couple the whole world apart to be in control of each others’ devices.

teledildonics and digital sex toys, by vrsmash

Why Digital Sex Toys?

Digital sex toys are becoming extremely popular for people all over the globe for a variety of reasons. For starters, they take the strain out of long-distance relationships by offering partners an avenue to connect sexually. More than that, teledildonics are great for experimenting and adding spice to the bedroom, as well as enhancing solo play. In fact, many users love that these toys make masturbating easier by using programmed routines to stimulate and pleasure.

Another aspect pushing teledildonic integration, is the reiteration of virtual reality and with it virtual reality porn. Virtual reality porn is slowly taking the place of 2D porn and teledildonics technology caters perfectly to VR porn viewers.

“A huge part of the appeal of VR porn is that viewers can become immersed within the scene. That means we are always striving to represent as many senses as possible, and teledildonics is providing the next level. I call it “manual masturbation” and it was really taking away from the realism VR porn strives for. Teledildonics creates the hands-free capability that is really going to push us further.”Mike Hartman of the popular VR porn tubesite, VRSmash.

Will Teledildonics Take Over From Real Sex?

This question comes up a lot when talking about the future of sex tech and for good reason. But as the user adoption stands right now, digital sex toys are used mainly for connecting over distances, solo masturbation, or to enhance bedroom activities such as foreplay.  Sure, it’s possible to envision a future where sex is performed largely through toys, realistic sex dolls, or machines. Maybe many years from now it will be different, but machines won’t be taking over sex anytime soon. Even that day did come, there will always be the need for human contact and intimacy, so teledildonics will be an augmentation, not the standard. At the end of the day everyone wants to have better sex, and teledildonics focus on just that.

Like with any rising technology, the imagination is the limit and the future should be quite interesting. With so many digital sex toys to choose from, there’s sure to be something for everyone. From small and discreet, to something more advanced – companies like Lovense always have your best sex in mind.

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