How To Spot A Fake Dating Profile

Most of you have probably tried online dating before, and if that’s the case then you know not everyone online is who they say they are. This is the internet, a place where people can just hide behind the anonymity of their computer screens. But just because there are a few fakes out there it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make the most of those dating sites. After all, there are a lot of genuine people looking for love and fun. Your best bet is to know when a profile is fake, and luckily there are ways that you can do that.

Profile picture

So you’ve just come across a dating profile and the persons picture really looks the part. They’re very pretty, in fact almost model-pretty. Furthermore, the picture almost looks like it was taken by a professional photographer. Well, if it all looks too good to be true then it often is. Sure there are some pretty people who use dating sites, but if your instinct tells you different then you might be onto something. A good thing to do is to run a google image search of their profile picture. It’s a shot in a million but you could find that that specific picture is in fact taken from a magazine or from someone else’s Facebook profile picture.

Profile content

Of course it is not all about the picture, but also about what people write. Whether you’re dating traditionally or even using adult dating sites to enter their dirty chatrooms, the principle is the same. People will either be truthful or not when talking about themselves, and again there are ways to find out if they are lying. You can copy their profile text and paste it into Google, and you will find out soon enough if they’ve been copying that text from some generic template. Whilst this is not always a sign of people lying as much as it could be that they simply don’t know what to write on their profile, you’re still not getting the truth from their profile. So if they are just copy and pasting other profiles or templates, it’s time to move on.

Anyone asking for money

This is something that might only occur after you’ve been talking to someone for a while. They might sound like the ideal person until they start asking you for money. It could be that they need cash to transport themselves to see you, but sometimes you will hear some sob stories where the person needs money for to help a sick member of their family. They often get you to fall in love by saying all the right things and once you’re into their grips, they make money requests. Your best bet is to not fall in love with the writings of someone online, those are just words. Keep your sense of logic together and don’t rush into anything. If someone asks for any money at all, you know they’re very likely trying to scam you. As long as you keep it together and don’t come across as too desperate then most scammers will probably stay away from you.