Best & Worst Sex Toys ~ 2010

Today’s blog entry is pretty self explanatory, and rather than write a long winded couple of paragraphs as to why I’m even doing this, I thought I’d save you the time and just get right to it – especially since the reasoning is very simple; it’s a question I’m asked all the time.

A few things to note:

*This wasn’t done to create the assumption that all the other products I’ve reviewed are ‘not as good’, especially since I really do like all the products I’ve reviewed (if I didn’t like them, I wouldn’t have made the videos) but instead, it’s a list of the products I find myself continuously going back to simply because they are that good – for me.

*The quoted price ranges are based on various sites I am affiliated with, which will most likely be different depending on where you shop. Of course I would totally love if you purchased from my online sex toy store but if you find items priced cheaper elsewhere, don’t worry, I won’t hold it against you. (If you’d like me to link you to the cheapest site I know of feel free to message me or ask in a comment below – I’ll do my best to link you)

*For those of you interested in more “affordable” products, rather than those with varying (and sometimes large) price tags, you might want to check out a previous entry I wrote: Top 15 Products Under $20.00

*Also, keep in mind that since I’m being sent new products all the time this list may (and most likely will) change over time.

So, without further ado, here are my 10 fave products…

Dual Vibes

When it comes to the features and benefits that make a dual vibrator a worthy competitor I’ll admit, I have *very specific* personal likes and dislikes; it can’t be too big, it has to have varying speeds and vibration modes, it MUST be comfortable and on that note – easy to insert, it can’t be made of anything that isn’t body safe, it must do what it says it will (offer stimulation to both the clitoris and g-spot) and it has to have *something* that makes it unique and different from all the other dual vibes on the market – I mean common, they’re all pretty much designed to do the same thing; offer dual stimulation.

With that in mind, these are my (current) fave dual vibes;

Lelo ina VibratorThe Lelo Ina: Price Range $125.00 – $155.00

There are so many reasons I love the Lelo Ina; it’s easy to use, made from body safe silicone (it’s hypo allergenic/hygienic/non porous/latex & phthalate free/non toxic and silky to the touch), is built to last, has dual motors (meaning more stimulation), is powerful, very quiet, waterproof and has a setting I’ve never experienced on another product (the “circular mode”).

While it is rather pricey I have to say that it is most definitely worth it! If I wasn’t doing reviews and had the money to spend, based on the experiences I’ve had with it – I wouldn’t think twice about buying it. It really is that amazing!

Click the link to watch my review of the Lelo Ina.

Thrusting VibratorPurring Thrusting Panther: Price Range $97.36 – $159.99

I think it would be very easy for most of you to figure out why I like the Purring Thrusting Panther, especially since the name is such a give-a-way; for those of you that don’t get it – it actually thrusts!

Yep, that’s right a dual vibe that does almost all of the work for you. Arousal of course is in your hands, as is knowing the type of stimulation you like and where to apply it, but if you want a relatively hands free product that simulates intercourse in a way that is beyond believable – this would definite be the product to buy.

On top of thrusting it has 9 speeds of vibration along with 5 vibration modes for clitoral stimulation – which I’ll admit, are pretty epic on their own. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, it has 9 speeds of thrusting taking you from a steady, rhythmic thrust to a high speed very intense thrust – from low to high this baby has everything!

For those that are conscious of what they put inside them, it’s made of TPR (thermo plastic rubber) that’s phthalate free and won’t leach any harmful chemicals into your system. The only downside is it’s slightly porous so you’ll need to thoroughly clean with a good anti-bacterial toy cleaner after use. On that note, I’d only suggest a good water based lube as a silicone lube would be rather difficult to clean up.

All in all it’s still one of my fave vibrator I’ve ever received. With a tonne under my belt, that’s saying something.

Click the link to watch my review of the Purring Thrusting Panther

BiMini Flash: Price Range $59.99 – $82.99

Contrary to what most people believe I’m personally not a fan of large penises – or large toys for that matter. I prefer products that are comfortable, don’t make me feel sore after and provide stimulation at the right depth to hit my g-spot, without going way past it – so far that they actually miss it (a common problem with longer products) That’s where the lovely BiMini Flash comes in (no pun intended)…

It’s small enough that it fits comfortably, is very powerful, has a handful of settings (enough for variation, but not so many you get lost) and most importantly it’s made of body safe material.

To be honest, the only thing I’m not a fan of is the device for recharging it, but since it doesn’t require constant recharging it’s something I’m more then willing to look past simply because it’s such a comfortable and great product.

On that note, I personally don’t think it’s worth the hefty price tag of $82.99 – but definitely worth the $59.99 it can be found online for.

Click the link to watch my review of the Bimini Flash.


Ahh, the ever elusive G-Spot. For most women (at least based on the emails I’m sent) finding the G-Spot can be a bit of a challenge. Now add getting past the feeling of having to pee (something often present during stimulation) and actually being able to relax and be aroused enough to have a G-Spot orgasm, well, it’s no easy feat by any means.

Fortunately there are many products on the market specifically designed not only stimulate your sweet spot, but even more importantly – help you to find it! Based on my own personal experiences, the three I’ve listed below are ones I’ve found to be extremely helpful when it came to producing some pretty exceptional orgasms.

Customizable G-spot vibratorThe G-Ki by Je Joue: Price Range $98.99 – $110.00

If there was one g-spot product I don’t think I could live without – it would be the G-Ki by Je Joue! Not only is it easy to use, body safe, waterproof, rechargeable, damn near silent and extremely powerful, but it also does something no other product on the market can – it fully customizes to fit your bodies needs, and quite comfortably I might add!

While I don’t very often write about my personal experiences with products (instead opting to cover the product as a whole) I can honestly say that this is the one and only product that has produced some of the strongest g-spot orgasms I’ve ever felt! Trust me, it’s worth the money!!

Click the link to watch my review of the Bimini Flash.

Glass G-Spot Dildos: Price Range $22.50 – $45.99

The first product that helped me to not only find my G-Spot, but also learn the type of pressure I needed to get off (orgasm) through G-Spot stimulation was a glass curved beauty like the one pictured.

Unfortunately the brand was different (they don’t sell online) so I can’t show you the *exact* one I own, but based on design and measurements the Don Wands Pink Bent Graduate is as close as you’re going to get to a duplicate.

Sure it’s glass, which some might find “scary”, but truthfully and contrary to what most would believe – the type of glass used in most sexual wellness products is one of the safest materials on the market.

*Did you know it takes more than 1,500 lbs of pressure to bend (snap) a 1″ bar of Borosilicate glass. Crush weight is somewhere in the range of 8 tonnes!

That said, there are reasons I love my glass curved beauty other then the fact that it’s safe; it’s great for temperature play (warms up and cools quickly), provides a fantastic amount of pressure, is non porous so it won’t absorb bacteria/bodily fluids/lube and it’s latex/phthalate free! What more could you want?!

Click the link to read my review of the Bent Graduate.

Platinum Edition Butterfly Kiss: Price Range $18.10 – $39.99

If there is one product I think every beginner should have (other than a Technobeat vibe) it’s the Platinum Edition Butterfly Kiss!! Seriously, it’s amazing!!

Not only is the product the perfect length for G-Spot stimulation, but it also has a lovely bulbous head to apply pressure just where I need it. More then that, it’s made of body safe TPR and it has 9 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation to help arouse and stimulate.

Sure the head is a little floppy, which might not work out very well for some females – but for me it does everything I need it to and then some! On that note, the fact that it has lovely little butterfly antennae for clitoral stimulation definitely help in the big “O” department.

(*In truth I could have added this as a dual vibe, but I love what it does for my G-Spot – so I’m putting it here)

Click the link to watch my review of the Original Butterfly Kiss.

Clitoral Stimulation

While I enjoy G-Spot stimulation, it just doesn’t bring me to a big “O” as easily, quickly and often as clitoral stimulation does. Not surprising when you consider that somewhere around 70% of women need some form of clitoral play to get off. Fortunately, there are many, many, many products on the market designed to offer every kind of stimulation your little clit could dream of; from pulsations to steady vibes and every strong, gentle, throbbing, escalating, roller-coastering (no it’s not an actual word, I just made it up) sensation there is – you’re pretty much guaranteed to find one you’ll love!

These are mine…

Hitachi Magic WandThe Hitachi Magic Wand: Price Range $45.99 – $79.99

Thank God for good “Old Faithful” – that’s what I like to call mine, simply because it’s the one product I can use clitorally and and it never fails me! Actually, considering the fact that it usually only takes about 3-5 minutes with the product to get off, I’d say it does way better than “never failing me” – I’d say it pretty much pwnes me!

Sure, I can see how some people might find the fact that it requires an outlet (since it plugs into the wall) a bit annoying, but for me, the fact that it’s extremely powerful and never runs out of juice (don’t pun that, I mean battery power!) is something I wouldn’t trade for the world!

To be honest, this one is actually a toss up between the Fairy Mini Wand (which I will very sneakily include here as one of my FAVES – rounding out the 10) and the Hitachi – with me picking the Hitachi only because it has seniority (simply put, I’ve had it longer so it gets special treatment).

Click the link to watch my review of the Hitachi Magic Wand.

The Beyond 2000 Ribbed Bullet: Price Range $38.38 – $69.99

When it comes to an orgasm producing bullet, one that fits comfortably between partners, has numerous speeds/modes, travels well and is extremely powerful – I reach for my Beyond 2000 Ribbed Bullet.

What I think I love most is the direct stimulation it gives; exactly where it’s needed most, without being big, bulky, heavy, hard to hold onto or confusing to use.

One of the other reasons I love it so much is due to the small, ribbed design which allows it to fit very well between partners (especially when the female is on top). In this position it presents the perfect opportunity for the female to grind on it while her partner is inside her, creating the much needed clitoral stimulation a penis just can’t deliver.

Now that I think about it, I think our ribbed bullet has been on every trip we’ve taken since I got it…not only is she well traveled, but she’s also very well loved!

Fairy Pocket Mini ReviewFairy Pocket Mini: Price Range $44.95 – $64.99

While I love my Fairy Pocket Mini for many reasons, I’m just going to tell you the 2 times I use it most as they seem to be my main reasons for loving it like I do;

1.) When I’m in a rush and want actually, more like need to get of quickly. Seriously, this this is so damn powerful I only need to put it on half way to get myself off. Of course there are times when I crank it, but that’s when I’m in a real hurry and need some serious stress release.

2.) When I’m having sex with my partner and just know that no matter what he does and how great it is, I won’t be able to achieve an orgasm – not his fault at all, as I think everyone with a vagina can agree that there are times when we put out simply for our partner even though we know it won’t do much for us. Sure, I could use the Beyond 2000 Bullet (listed above), but because this is so much stronger it gets the job done sooner.

I’m going to add a third situation only because I think it has happened often enough for me to warrant it;

3.) There are nights when I go out, get tickled pink – i.e. drunk I’m 31, I’m allowed! and come home tipsy and raring to go, only to find my partner sound asleep. Now of course I could wake him up and make a scene, but sometimes he just looks so peaceful I can’t bring myself to do it – that’s when I break out the Pocket Mini and bring myself to do it. It’s those nights that I find holding the Hitachi or Fairy Wand a bit too hard (since they’re heavy and bulky by comparison) and opt for my Pocket Mini – sure I might be tickled pink again, i.e. drunk enough to drop it…but at least it won’t hit the floor with a loud thud like the Hitachi or Fairy Wand – which would definitely wake my partner up.

Click the link to watch my review of the Fairy Pocket Mini.

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