Sex, Dating, and Hotel Rooms

If you are one for one night stands, then you know hotel rooms are often the place of choice when it comes to the act of getting down and dirty. Sure the date might start somewhere else like a café or bar; but people usually don’t bring a total stranger back home unless they’ve met in a nightclub and had a few drinks too many. In this day and age, people are weary of who they meet on the internet and don’t always want to bring their sex life onto their own doorstep. So hotel rooms it is; but how can you make the act of using a hotel room feel less functional and less seedy?

Prepare and look around.

Doing your homework always pays off, and the same goes for researching hotels in advance of your date. What this means is that even before contacting people online for a naughty date; you might want to take a look at what sort of hotel is available in your area. Doing research is particularly useful if you are interested in dating people in your area and looking at local dating sites like Basically, check the internet, look at different hotels and check the prices. Maybe you will want to have a couple of different contingencies depending on what you and your date can afford. The truth is that you don’t really need anything too expensive if you’re only going to spend a few hours in there, but maybe you will want something that doesn’t feel too cheap and dirty. It’s your call and your partner’s call too, so talk about it together before you meet.

Make it like home.

Hotels will often look impersonal, so bringing in a few bits and bobs to make it feel cozier would be good idea. A few candles, and some other decorations or accents can make a big difference. If you feel like taking it to the next level there are other things you can bring with you related to the act of sex such as sex toys, lubrication, and lots of condoms; maybe even some kinky uniforms, or lingerie, basically you want to be well equipped for a good time. Here is another tip: bring your own drinks and nibbles; it will save you a hefty bill later as most hotel minibars are exceptionally and unnecessarily overpriced. Also ask your partner to bring things with them too; maybe they will want to bring something that will make them feel at home. It’s a collaborative effort; and once you get to that room you can have fun sprucing the place before the real naughty fun begins.

Share the cost.

Yes it might sound like it is the ‘male’ thing to do to pay for the whole room; but this sort of logic is getting pretty old. If you are two people benefiting from the act of sex; then the two of you should chip in equally. After all there is not one which is particularly doing one service to the other; so no reason why one should pay and not the other. Plus look at it this way: if you both chip in then you might just be able to afford a better room at a better hotel. Play it right and you can move from: “quick shag in a cheap seedy hotel” to “shag, swimming pool, sauna” in a better establishment. Again it really helps if the two of you work something out ahead of time. Even giving yourselves a week before you meet can give you enough time to find the right place and save a few bucks in the process.

Be nice with the staff.

This is just a final note which is more in regards to the hotel staff. When you use a room for sex, it will most likely get very messy. But it doesn’t mean that you have to leave everything in a horrible state for the cleaners to deal with later. Sure you paid for the room but still; treat the place well, you might end up going back there again and you want to make sure that the hotel staff is happy to see you, not the opposite. Plus keeping things clean is more discreet; the hotel staff might not know you used their establishment just for sex and this could mean that you get better treatment from them later on; like getting a better room for cheaper and that sort of thing.

So there we go, we hope you make the most out of those tips, as using hotel rooms for sex can be a little unnerving; especially if it’s your first naughty hook-up. Remember it’s all about doing a little planning; so make sure you set a few things up before you become all horny while you’re chatting to potential partners online!