Sex Ed 102: Contraception & STI’s

BirthControlIf you’ve found yourself on this page I just want to applaud you for taking your safety, and that of your partner(s), into your own hands.  As well know knowledge is power, and being educated on all the safety issues concerned with sex, you’ll be more likely to save yourself an embarrassing moment or the pain that comes with making life altering decisions one isn’t prepared for.

I realize that sex is readily thrown about by the media, portrayed in movies as the end all be all of human experience, put on a pedestal by music videos and commercials, and toted as the most important facet in becoming an adult, but the simple truth is; sex is an act that comes with risks and consequences. The more you know and better educated you are, the more able you will be to make good choices in your sexual development.

Below is a list of videos and written information that will help guide you in becoming well versed where contraception and STI’s are concerned.

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STD Prevention Methods & Information

      • STD Protection
      • Bacterial STD’s
      • Viral STD’S
      • Parasite STD’s
      • Protozoal STD’s
      • Fungal STD’s


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