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While making videos for Sex Ed 102 I’ve been lucky enough to have some seriously kick ass opportunities come my way; I’ve been admired by Constance & Eric, interviewed by XBIZ Premiere magazine and Sexlife Canada, quoted in an article written by Metis Black for the American Journal of Sexuality Education, made the top 10 list of both Kinkly’s Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheros 2013, Between My Sheets list of Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2013, and Top 100 Sex & Love Blogs on Glamour Magazine Brazil (online edition), and had segments of my videos featured on the UK Channel 5 show Sex Lessons.

Life has been good!

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Sexlife Canada

It seems that everyone is taking to YouTube to bitch, praise, whine, and blather to try and become a viral video star. Built-in and inexpensive webcams give these folks the portal they need to tell us to stop bugging Britney or that a double rainbow is the most brilliant thing in the world. Fortunately, there are actually a plethora of videos that provide useful insight, particularly on sex and sexuality. How can viewers possibly wade through all of this to find valuable information?

If you’re looking to learn about sex, look no further than Kara_Sutra. Her series of YouTube videos are an internet sensation and full of advice and tips. Sexlife Canada caught up with her to discuss making videos and sex education.

SLC: What made you want to start the Sex Ed 102 channel?

KS: About 6 years ago I started working in an adult novelty store where it was expected that we learn everything we could regarding human anatomy (in regard to sex/sexuality), sexual techniques, sex toy materials, what each product was and how to safely use it, common misconceptions regarding sex/STD’s/sexuality and to challenge our perceptions of what “healthy sexuality” meant. Through this position I had customers ask various questions on a daily basis; some were regarding issues I thought were common knowledge (if we have sex in the shower we don’t need protection right?), some were based on a lack of knowledge about their body (my clitoris is inside my vagina right?), other’s were rare and extremely unique…

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sex life canada


Xbiz Premiere

Inspired by the lack of sex-related knowledge she encountered while working at an adult shop, Kara_Sutra’s blog and video series is fueled by viewer/reader questions about sex and consumer interest in the booming sex toy marketplace.

How would you describe your relationship with your readers?

My relationship with my readers and viewers is pretty amazing, most of the videos and blog posts were inspired by questions they sent in, with their feedback being my guide for future topics. I’m a social media butterfly so communication flows from Twitter to Facebook, Pinterest to Tumblr, and includes everything from answering questions about sex to guiding them to products best suited for their needs, helping them…

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Xbiz premiere

Mr. Will’s House of Thrills

1. As an advocate of sex positivity, what do you see as the single biggest issue facing advocates of sex positivity and safer, healthier, smarter sex? What steps do you think can be taken to fix this issue?

A. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s just one thing. If I had to pinpoint a few main issues I’d say the way the majority of society is taught to look at sex, their body, and being comfortable in their sexuality are major problems. For instance, from a young age most are taught that their genitals are ‘private’ and shouldn’t be touched, properly identified, or looked at. When this happens there’s almost instantly a disconnect; a feeling of embarrassment or shame takes over, causing them to believe a very basic part of their body needs to be kept hidden away…

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Radio Spots

n16407595141_4868Sex City Radio

On the May 7th episode of Sex City Radio I did an interview with the amazing Jon Pressick, host of Sex City Radio, creator of Sex In Words, and Managing Editor of Sexlife Canada (he’s also the creator of those fun Choose Your Own Sex Adventure books!), where we talked about how Sex Ed 102 was born, why I started reviewing sex toys as frequently and obsessively as I did, my fave sex toys, what I think makes a great sex toy.

Hear the full audio here, I’m just before the half way mark.


bettersexBetter Sex Radio

On June 10th 2009 I was interviewed by Bliss Connection’s amazing Chrystal Bougon for her radio show “Better Sex Radio”. There were two 11 minute interviews, below you can find the full audio segments.

Hear the full audio for Part 1 here.

Hear the full audio for Part 2 here.


Articles & The Like


I kicked off the first of their “Dear Santa” blog series, where some of the Web’s top sex reviewers picked out their favorite, most gift-worthy toys this year.

It’s not surprising that within a very short span of time it became my go-to toy … until the day I came home to find it laying lifeless and dead on the floor. While I was out running errands, my teething six-month-old puppy decided to destroy it without so much as a second thought. You truly can’t image the horror…

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 Ask Dan & Jeniffer

Sexting… A Criminal Offence Or A Need For Better Sex Ed?

With all of the advances in technology, teens no longer need to seek physical evidence (in the form of panties/bra or whatever it may be) to show proof of sexual behaviour to others in an attempt at acceptance/belonging. Now everything is push button, instant gratification…

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Screen shot 2013-12-07 at 6.42.30 AM

Her Campus

HC Awareness: The Lonely Female Condom

Kara Sutra covers every topic, from male impotency to…well, female condoms on her internet show. She has YouTube videos on a wide range of topics regarding sexual activity.

Is there a reason to use female condoms? According to Sutra’s videos, there are very legitimate reasons to use them.  In one of the most compelling segments of her video on female condoms, Sutra demonstrates how to use a female condom. And yes! She has used a female condom before.

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Press & Love

Constance & Eric

Kara appears the moment you want to “look under the hood” of your sexuality and sex life. A beautiful blond bombshell with an endearing smile, and habit of wearing necklines that tend to distract from the lessons at hand.

You may find yourself thinking, “Great, another busty babe giving blowjob tips”, well, yes you can start there on her site but the rabbit hole goes MUCH deeper than that.

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Bridging Sex Education and Adult Retail by Metis Black,  for The American Journal of Sexuality Eduction

I spoke with a former store clerk from a 20-store chain that has gone on to teach sex education very successfully. She told me that when she was a clerk, her store manager encouraged them to read books (which were not available in the stores for sale) and other material when the store was slow. The manager brought in material she thought were helpful and other sales associates shared and talked about what they found. Knowledge helped them “answer questions, better understand what customers were talking about, create repeat customers…

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Our Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2013

#10. (@Kara_Sutra)
Kara Sutra is a sex toy reviewer and supporter of sex bloggers. She’s also been spreading the sex-positive word via video in her Sex Ed 102 video series (everything you should have learned but didn’t!).


Glamour Magazine (Brazil Online Edition)

Top 100 Sex Blogs of The World

Ready to turn up the heat even more? Check out the following list with the main (and most influential) sex bloggers in the world and enjoy your tips really big news!

#10. Kara of Kara Sutra Reviews: If you want to know all about sex toys, this is the right place. The main issue here is that the details are spicy, but worth reading before risking the next purchase.

 Glamour Magazine Top 100 Sex & Love Blogs


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