Due to the changes to the “FTC’s Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” I am here to disclose all of applicable information as it relates to my Sex Ed 102 videos and/or written product reviews found on KaraSutraReviews.com.

Sex Ed 102 with Kara_Sutra is an online web show/blog that provides information on sexual health, contraception, STD’s, sexuality, and sex toy reviews. The show/blog are written, filmed, edited, uploaded and monitored by me, Kara_Sutra.

All products I review, both in my blog and within my videos, have been received in exchange for my honest reviews.

My main focus has always been offering the “best of the best” to my viewers, with an emphasis on affordability, quality, safety and ease of use. I always present my true opinion and have never suggested a product I would not use myself.

While some of the products I receive provide me with monetary compensation in the form of paid sponsorships, I want it to be clear that nothing influences my opinion. If I don’t like a product, I have no problem with saying so.  When available, I also provide reviews on products that I have personally purchased with my own money and link to either the store in which it was purchased or an online store that I am a supporter of.

I also accept forms of paid advertising, such as images, links and banners which are placed in the sidebar or other places through out the site. This little bit of income allows me to continue doing a job I love and wouldn’t trade for the world.

I disclose where I received a product by linking to the company that provided it as well as the page where the product may be found. I am an affiliate for different online sex toy companies, and I receive a percentage of commissions from purchases made with my affiliate codes.

From it’s inception Sex Ed 102 has been about entertaining, educating, offering a non judgmental opinion and helping others to feel confident and comfortable in their sexuality, not making money.

For further questions from companies wishing to work together, please check what I currently have to offer, visit my advertising opportunities page, or view my Media Kit as a PDF.

Regarding the information presented on this website:

This website does not provide medical assistance or diagnosis for any type of illness, disease, or psychiatric problem, in any case you should visit a physician or other medical professional to seek assistance. I take no responsibility or warranty for anyone’s health who making a decision based on the information presented herein.