Top 15 Sex Toys Under $20

If there is one thing I am constantly asked in regard to toys it’s “what toys are good but won’t break my bank?” and/or “what would you suggest under $20 that isn’t a waste of money?”

As someone who once worked in a sex shop, I totally understand how hard it can be to decipher a good toy from a bad one. Not only is the market flooded with new products every day, there’s so much to sort through that it can be rather hard to tell which toys really are worth it… especially when you can’t touch them or feel their power.

Since it’s something I’m asked about so often (almost daily), and something I know quite a bit about, I thought I’d put together a list of my fave 15 affordable toys. Each of these are actually are worth the money and won’t crap out on you after a few sessions.

Picture above left by Fabrizio Pasini

A few things to note:

  • I’m writing this list in no particular order. I like them all for different reasons and purposes.
  • If you don’t see a product you’re interested in on the list leave a comment and if it’s one I know of I’ll give you my input.
  • Keep in mind that every person is different and what might work for one person might not work for another and vise versa. If you see something on the list that didn’t work for you, don’t automatically assume that all toys are bad and none of the other ones will help. Sometimes all it takes is something new or a higher (or lower) vibe or certain pattern to do the trick.
  • The quoted prices are based on my store, which will most likely be different depending on where you shop. Of course I would totally love if you purchased from my online sex toy store but if you find it priced cheaper elsewhere, don’t worry, I won’t hold it against you.
  • All products I’m listing are body safe! I won’t suggest something if I think it’s poorly made or made of materials that aren’t body safe. That way, you can all shop with confidence.

Review of the Butterfly KissPlatinum Edition Butterfly Kiss $18.02

I realize that I said I wasn’t listing this in any particular order but I’ll be honest, when it comes to the Butterfly Kiss there is a reason I listed it first – it has got to be one of the best vibrators that I’ve seen for under $20. Ever. It’s light weight, easy to use, made of TPR (downside, I’d suggest condoms), has multiple functions, is waterproof, a great size for g-spot stimulation, is powerful yet very quiet compared to other toys, is soft, supple and flexible making insertion easy and is very easy to care for.

Honestly, I love this thing!! If there was one product I would suggest for those wanting an affordable vibrator that was very powerful, pretty and targeted for g-spot use – this would be it!

Click the link to watch my review of the original Butterfly Kiss.

Vanilla Bondage KitVanilla Bondage Kit $9.39

I first saw this little kit when receiving a box of merchandise at the old sex shop where I worked. I immediately fell in love with the cute packaging. I mean let’s be real, who the hell doesn’t like an ice cream container packed full of S&M gear?

The kit includes 4 wrist and ankle restraints (made of very soft felt) 44′ long connector straps and 1 soft blindfold. I was rather surprised to see such gentle material being used as most restraints we carried were made of rough canvas or nylon. Aside from being soft the restraints had velcro closures rather then buckles or knots, making them extremely easy to get out of (should you need to in a hurry). While it’s a bit basic for more advanced BDSM players, the kit is absolutely perfect for those of you that are new to bondage and want to try something cute and simple without spending a lot of money.

System Jo Flavored Lube $4.16 -$11.56

If there is one thing I think everyone should have, it’s a really good bottle of flavored lube like the ones System Jo makes. Not only are the flavours delicious, but the product has a very low consistency of glycerin making it safe for use on those with vaginas.

Aside from that, it doesn’t get sticky or tacky, maintains its consistency, smells great and tastes amazing, is clear so you don’t have to worry about staining clothing or the sheets, has no artificial sweetener or aftertaste and is probably the most affordably priced lube for the amount and quality of product you get.

Whether you’re looking for small “tester” size bottles (so you can try a bunch) or a larger version, System Jo has a pretty big assortment available so there’s something for everyone. *My personal faves are Raspberry Sorbet, Tangerine Dream, Chocolate Delight and Banana Lick.

White Nights Pocket Rocket $10.13

The very first clitoral stimulator I got was the original version of this little number, the Pocket Rocket. If you have the extra $13 (it’s $23) I suggest you get that one instead, it tends to last a little longer then the White Nights version (why? I have no idea).

Since this is a blog for toys under $20 it’s a product I definitely wouldn’t pass up. While mine crapped out after 3 years (which is a long time for sex toys) it did the job on many an occasion! It’s lightweight, easy to use and care for, very powerful, rather quiet, only uses one battery, is waterproof, made of body safe plastic and can be used with pretty much any lube. If you’re looking for a good, discreet and very affordable clitoral stimulator I would highly suggest this one!

Technobeat $18.31

For those of you that have an extra $4.89 to spend (but not an extra $13) I can’t help but suggest the Technobeat for clitoral stimulation, it may just be one of my very own personal faves.

It’s like the Pocket Rocket/White Nights on crack!! (in a good way, not the Rob Ford way).

Not only is it very easy to use (only one button), waterproof, discreet and made of body safe material, but it’s also very, very powerful, especially for it’s size. Aside from that, its also got one key thing both the Pocket Rocket and White Nights Pocket Rocket don’t have; multiple speeds and vibration patterns!

Durex Pleasure PackDurex Assortment 20 pk $13.65

If there is one thing that I am adamant about, it’s that everyone should be practicing safer sex. While I understand that most people don’t want to use condoms due to the “garbage bag” feeling, I think that what most people are used to is not even close to the types of condoms that are currently being made.

From thin to colored, non latex to flavored, condoms have evolved in ways most probably never thought possible. Thanks to these new types of condoms people are able to explore their sexuality, partner and likes/dislikes on a whole new level!

I know most people might not think that condoms should be something included in a blog about “sex products” but the truth is, condoms not only help to keep us safe, they can add a whole new element to foreplay and intercourse. For those of you that want to try something fun, new, safe and possibly arousing the Durex Pleasure Pack is a perfect place to start.

Sex Vouchers For CouplesSexy Vouchers $2.02 – $12.83

If you’re looking for something fun, kinky, sweet, specific, naughty, or sexy, that’s very affordable and definitely going to go a long way for adding some spice or romance to your relationship, I highly suggest getting some vouchers/coupons!

These fun little booklets come with a bunch of coupons that can be ripped out and discreetly placed in your lovers wallet, pocket, brief case or purse. Not only are they great as they are reusable, but they also give you and your partner something to look forward to all day long!

Doc Johnson Little EndPlatinum Silicone ~ The Lil End $8.56

When it comes to anal toys I only suggest silicone as it’s non porous and won’t absorb bacteria, a no brainer when it comes to that kind of play. I also pretty much always suggest Tantus toys as they are my absolute fave when it comes to design and materials (they use the highest grade silicone).

That said, if you have the extra $6 I suggest you graduate up and get the Tantus Little Flirt as it’s the product the Doc Johnson Lil End is based on. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, but want something that comes really close to the top of the line products, the Lil End is probably the closest you’re going to get. It’s made of silicone, has a flared base making it perfect for anal use, is small enough to fit comfortably, and has a tapered head for an easier insertion.

Ophoria Finger VibeThe Ophoria Finger Vibe $13.29

The Ophoria Finger Vibe is a product I love for various reasons; it’s small, discreet, made of body safe silicone, fits comfortably on your finger (without pinching), comes in lots of fun colors (pink, blue, green, purple, yellow), is whisper quite (literally), and is very easy to use.

While the vibe is very fast, it’s not the most powerful I’ve ever seen. If you’re someone who has used toys before and knows you need a lot of stimulation to achieve an orgasm, I wouldn’t suggest it. However, if you’re new to toys, are just starting to explore your body, have a sensitive clitoris, or don’t need much stimulation to please yourself then this is just might be the ticket.

Mini Wanachi VibratorMini Wanachi Hand Held Massager $14.87

For those of you that have dreamed of the day when you might own the legendary Hitachi Magic Wand, but haven’t yet made the purchase due to the steep price, I would suggest a slightly lesser version of the original; the Mini Wanachi.

The Mini Wanachi is light weight, easy to use, waterproof, powerful but quiet, made of body safe material ( it’s phthalate free), and is perfect for uses other like massaging tired and aching muscles.  One of the things I love about “hand held massagers” is the fact that you can very easily explain why you have them should someone find them or should you accidentally leave them out in the open. The vibe on this bad boy is rather powerful and due to the dial it’s also multi speed. If you’re someone who likes a strong vibe to get off or if you prefer a gentle tapping this product has both, just another reason why I love it!

Slimline GSlimline G $12.10 – $14.43

Ahh, the Slimline G – one of the best yet cheapest g-spot products I’ve ever come across! Not only is the product made of body safe material, but it’s also comfortably slim allowing for a very easy insertion. The head of it is firm and round, but more then that; it’s wide enough to offer a large surface area for stimulation. A feature I find a lot of g-spot products lack.

While the original version has a varying speed due to the dial (located on the bottom), the newer upgraded Slimline G 7x comes complete with 7 vibration functions (pulsation, escalation, throbbing etc) for even more pleasure – and for only $2.00 more then the original! For those of you that like fun colors the product comes in blue, fuchsia, teal, purple, hot pink, white and glow-in-the-dark as well as a mini version (shorter shaft).

Glass Dildo by RubyGlass21Clear Sinsation Glass Dildo by RubyGlass21 $18.00

One of the things I love about glass toys is the way they carry temperatures; just place them in either a cup of warm or cool water for about a minute to acclimate, then use them either vaginally or anally. Trust me, it adds a whole other element to the experience!

As for this dildo specifically; it has a substantial weight to it, is body safe being phthalate, latex, and chemical free, can be used with any kind of lube you prefer, has a great curve for the g-spot, is safe for use in the bath or shower, won’t break down after a couple uses (like some mechanical products), and is hand crafted of solid Pyrex glass – the best and only glass that should be used for sex toys. If the above features weren’t enough, glass toys are also great because they are non porous and won’t absorb any bacteria making cleaning a breeze!

Titanmen Toolbox Male MasturbatorTitanmen Tool Box $11.75

When it comes to masturbators I’m at a loss for one simple reason; I don’t have a dick… Fortunately my partner does (as do quite a few close friends) which allows me the ability to talk about these products with a reference to those that have used them and given me their honest opinion.

From all of the affordable “pocket pussy” type products I’ve seen (and my friends agree) the Tool Box is probably the best of the bunch; it’s lightweight, very soft, supple and squishy, easy to care for and clean, has grooves which allow for a great non slip grip, is long enough (with two open ends) to allow for different sizes and is very inexpensive. Aside from that, the fact that it doesn’t resemble a vagina is a bonus as it makes it discreet and unrecognizable should a nosy roommate, friend or anyone else come across it.

Lava Lotion $10.86

For those of you looking for something more romantic then sexual (i.e. not a toy but still great for making a night sexy and sensual), I highly, highly suggest Sunset Mountains Lava Lotion. When I first got my Lava Lotion Candle I was a little nervous to pour it on myself ’cause I thought it would burn… to my surprise the oil was warm, comforting, relaxing and smelled amazing!

It’s made of all natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about it being full of chemicals. It moisturizes like nothing I’ve seen before, and better still, doesn’t leave you feeling like your coated in wax or oil. Your skin is smooth, soft and supple, not to mention the fact that you smell great after.

Click the link to watch my review of the the Vanilla Lava Lotion Massage Candle.

Sex In The Shower Dual Locking Shower HandleDual Locking Shower Handle $12.50

If you’re someone who enjoys having sex in the shower, yet rarely ever does because it’s quite the uncomfortable pain in the ass…well, the Dual Locking Shower Handles might just be a product you’ll love.

The handles easily lock providing something safe to hold onto when you’re in the most precarious of positions. They can also help make the experience a lot safer as there is no real fear of slipping or falling. If the handles aren’t something you think would come in handy, Sportsheets makes a whole line of Sex In The Shower products to help bath time fun. From foot rests to mirrors, cards and everything in between! Trust me, it’s worth checking them out!!

Happy Shopping!

Hopefully this list helped you find some affordable products you’ll absolutely love, if not, I hope it at least pointed you in the right direction to knowing what to look for when shopping for your fave sex toys! For more vibrators, lubes, anal toys, male masturbaters and more don’t forget to check out my online sex store where shopping is affordable, discreet, fun and you’ll find the largest assortment of products online anywhere!

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