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Butt ToysButt toys are exactly what they sound like, referring to products inserted anally for sexual pleasure, thanks to the high concentration of sensitive nerve endings located within the area.

Some are designed to target the prostate, others offer a sensation of fullness. Some help the user comfortably get used to the feeling of having something in their butt, while others simply provide a safe means of anal exploration. Whether it’s a butt plug, set of anal beads, probe, vibrator, or product specifically designed for prostate stimulation, there is something for everyone… even the most shy and easily intimidated.

Not sure what type of product is for you? No worries! To learn more about the various types of butt toys I suggest you check out my Beginner Guide to Butt Toys.

*yes I know… I’m seriously lacking in the bum toy review department. Don’t worry, I got my hands on a Tantus Ryder, Tantus Little Flirt, small Tantus Silk and a set of seriously humungous beads (which Tantus no longer sells *sad panda*). Trust me, I’m workin’ on it!

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 Butt Toys

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