No strings, no emotions?

With all the adult dating sites in existence, having a one night stand is now easier than ever. You don’t need to go out to nightclubs or socialize to get laid anymore. The sex culture is growing, and more people are finding it easier to hook-up than to get involved in a serious relationship; and we can’t say we blame them. It is fun, easy and doesn’t require any real form of commitment.  But no matter how naughty and dirty the concept of sex dating might sound we can’t help but as ourselves, is it completely void of any emotions?

Not so much love

When you are dating to find your local nymphomaniac, there generally isn’t much love involved in the equation. You just message people online using adult dating sites and ask them if they want to have sex with you, it really is that simple. People will either reply with a yes, no, or maybe; and you’ll be chatting online to see if things can work between you. It almost sounds the same as traditional dating except without the love and commitment factor.  In fact, it is almost a requirement that people don’t fall for each other, as it makes the sex more ‘on the moment’ and just more fun. But love isn’t the only emotion out there…

Plenty of lust

Lust is a strong emotion, a wild desire that takes over your body and mind; very much like love but in different ways.  When you lust for someone, it can almost become blinding.  You want to have sex with that person so much that it invades your everyday thoughts; making you think about that person a lot.  In fact, we could argue that a lot of people confuse lust with love due to how close those two emotions rival with each other in terms of intensity.  People will do almost anything for love, and the same can be said about lust. A very strong feeling indeed.

Companionship is still there

When you have sex with someone, you still get the pleasure of their company.  Some of us can live a lonely life, and hooking up for sex still gives us the occasion to spend time with someone.  Sometimes sex buddies do talk to each other about other things than sex; heck sometimes they even end up falling for each other.  We’re all made in a different way, and some of us feel like we only get understood by people when we have sex with them; after all sex does require some intimacy and a degree of complicity.  Sometimes even a one night stand can bring you out of your loneliness, with the added benefits of having great sex.

Sex is an emotion

We can definitely assert that no strings sex is not empty of emotions, far from it. It is just a different set of feelings based on somewhat different values, but some core values such as complicity, respect and trust are still very much part of the mix. We’re all human after all, and our needs will always be a mix of physical and psychological factors.  So yes, love might be slightly overrated as the only true emotion we can feel for each other, but sex definitely provides us with enough emotions to make us feel more complete.