G-Spot Guide: Helpful Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions

When it comes to topics I’m asked about on a daily basis, the g-spot is definitely one of them.  Although the questions tend to come in many forms, the most common seem to be from those needing help to find their g-spot, or asking for suggestions on great products to stimulate the area.

With that in mind, I thought I’d create this G-Spot Guide: Helpful Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions to help get those questions answered while also focusing on some of my favorite products, hopefully making the entire process easier.

For the record, I’m not here to debate its existence. I’ve heard from more than enough people that there is an area, located within the same space, that gives them immense pleasure and arouses them like nothing else. That’s all I need to be convinced there’s a more than likely chance it’s real.

*Big, big, big thank you to the folks at PinkCherry.ca for supplying the vast majority of products I’ll be doing mini reviews for. If it wasn’t for them, this wouldn’t have been possible!

The G-Spot

How To Find The G-SpotFor those of you that aren’t in the know, the g-spot (also known as the urethral sponge or “Grafenberg” spot, named after the fella that found it way back in the 40’s) is located somewhere between 1-3 inches inside the vagina on the front wall, between the vaginal opening and urethra.

  • Just remember, your g-spot is not in your vagina, but instead can be felt through the vaginal wall.

It’s bean-like in shape and made up of sensitive erectile tissue that engorges with blood when aroused, compressing the urethra (what you pee out of) to help prevent peeing during intercourse. On that note, if you’ve ever had something inserted (fingers, sex toy or been mid-intercourse) and felt like you had to pee — that’s most likely due to your g-spot.

  • I say it’s located “somewhere between’ because every body is different and where it’s specifically located for one person, may not be the same for another.

gSpotimageRegardless of body shape and size, most will find it’s located within a similar location – fingers length inside the vagina, slightly up ward and toward the lower part of the abdomen. Once the fingers are inserted, feeling around for an area that is spongy, rippled, ridged, bumpy, or generally feels different then the rest would be an ideal way of finding it.  If you’re trying to find your g-spot, whether alone or with a partner, be sure to use firm pressure (but not so firm it hurts) as that tends to be the most agreed upon method of stimulation.

  • Keep in mind that during different phases of  the sexual response cycle the shape and size of the g-spot may change and therefore make it easier or harder to find.


G-Spot Guide: Helpful Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions

When it comes to stimulating the g-spot there is a general consensus that a “come hither” movement with the fingers or applying some pressure will work best. If that doesn’t do it, you can also try lightly tapping the area, gently moving the fingers in a circular motion, opening and closing the fingers (like the “peace” sign) or sliding them back and forth in a “windshield” motion.

Whether you’re tapping, rubbing or applying pressure I highly suggest you keep the following things in mind:

  • Try to remember this is supposed to be a pleasure filled exploration of your body, not something that causes you stress, frustration, or leaves you felling embarrassed or annoyed. If you find that after multiple tries you can’t seem to find it, take the time to relax and pleasure yourself.  As I previously said, the area will likely engorge with blood as you become aroused; the bigger it is, the easier it may be for you to find.
  • Since you’ll be inserting fingers into either your own body or that of someone else, make sure your nails are trimmed and free of any chips or sharp edges. I don’t know too many people that have said being scratched or scraped internally was pleasurable.
  • While this may seem to be something that’s common sense I can’t stress the importance of having clean hands and/or making sure whatever you’re inserting is clean.  G-spot play should be fun, not something that leaves you with a possible infection.
  • If you’re not fully aroused and find that inserting a finger or sex toy hurts due to improper lubrication, remember that you can always use a good water based lube to make insertion easier.
  • Just because someone else likes the way something feels, doesn’t mean that you will, can, and/or should. Take the time to learn about your body, likes and dislikes, and find a way to make them work for you.
  • Most importantly, if you’re exploring with a partner and find a sensation or movement that works – tell them! I know talking during sexual pleasure can be embarrassing, but if you don’t tell them, they won’t know.
  • Considering over 70% of those with a vagina need clitoral stimulation to achieve an orgasm, targeting the g-spot might not work for everyone. In addition to the g-spot you might have to stimulate the clitoris to achieve an orgasm. (For the record there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just the way your body works)
  • Last but not least, empty your bladder, then make sure to drink LOTS of water.

Unfortunately stimulating it can be much easier said than done, especially if you’re masturbating and therefor not built with arms or fingers long enough to get the reach you need.  That’s where intimate accessories specifically created for g-spot stimulation can be of great help.

Great Products for G-Spot Stimulation

With the growing change in perception regarding sex and sexuality, more and more manufactures are creating products specifically designed for different functions; from dildos to vibrators, affordable sexual enhancement products to luxury items, there are many that will work wonders when it comes to targeting the g-spot, and in the process, bring about a further understanding of ones body, not to mention some fantastic orgasms!

On that note, rather than listing all of the products here, I’m going to split the mini reviews into different categories that can be found by clicking on the links below.

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