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welcome to sex ed 102 w/ Kara Sutra

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About Sex Ed 102 w/ Kara Sutra

Kara_Sutra is the host of “Sex Ed 102: All the things you didn’t learn…but should have”, a popular show on YouTube that has gained extensive notoriety.  Kara's sweet and friendly demeanor dotted with sly humor, the occasional trucker’s mouth, and fantastic natural cleavage has won her a large and supportive fan base.

While working in an adult store Kara came to the quick realization that there was a great misconception and stigma still attached to human sexuality and one’s own comfort with their body.  Sensing this, she decided to make it her goal to bring awareness to the subject and allow others a platform where sex could be talked about openly and honestly, without any judgment.

Wanting to reach a larger platform, Kara created her brainchild ‘Sex Ed 102’. Sex Ed 102 is a show that is informative, fun, and unabashedly frank. It delves into the many aspects of sexual wellness that are otherwise ignored or mishandled.Sex advice and product reviews dominate the show’s content, all sprinkled with Kara's signature style. She's been described as ‘adorably accessible, friendly and funny’, over the last 9 years she has worked hard to become the go-to girl for anyone sexually curious or desiring to unleash their ‘inner freak’.

To date, Sex Ed 102 with Kara Sutra has gained over 17 million views on YouTube alone. Read more...




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