Should You Pay For Sex? 

I’ve never had a girlfriend. My family moved around a lot during my teenage years and I was never able to form meaningful relationships. The worst part about all this is that I’m hitting my 40s soon and I have no idea what works with a girl, or how to have sex. I’m really ashamed of my situation.” 

~ Almost 40-year-old Virgin, Male   

I’ve always been busy with my career. I do not have time to date women. Paying for an escort is my way of having a companion. 

~ Corporate High Flyer, Male  

I’ve been abused emotionally, physically and sexually in my past marriage to my childhood sweetheart. I grew up in a strict religious environment and I didn’t know about sex and love from any other person, except him. It still hurts me till today and I feel afraid to start dating again. I never knew what it meant to feel wanted or desired, until I went to a male escort. He showed me that men can be gentle and kind, that sex can be an act to be enjoyed. 

~ Survivor, Female  

Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world, yet paying for sex remains taboo and illegal in most countries today. In a 2016 YouGov survey conducted on 1,000 U.S. men and women, 12% of male respondents and 1% of female respondents stated that they have paid for sex. Men and women may have myriad personal reasons to seek out the services of prostitutes or escorts, but some cases such as those highlighted above, seem to provide a basis that it is ok to pay for sex. In this article, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of paying for sex before we come to a conclusion. 


As hard as it is to believe, there are certain advantages for clients if they choose to pay for sex. We identified the following as pros when it comes to this business transaction: 

  1. No drama, no strings attached 
  2. No discrimination 
  3. Satisfying emotional needs 
  4. Satisfying physical needs 
  5. Variety and novelty

No drama, no strings attached 

Having a partner in a relationship comes with attachments and responsibilities. Moreover, every relationship faces its ups and downs with the different temperaments of the people involved. If the partners involved in the relationship are not emotionally mature, it can also cause a lot of drama, stress and strife within the relationship. Some people who wish to avoid relationship roller coasters opt to pay for sex as it is a no strings attached situation. Paying for sex can be convenient. If the client does not wish to see an escort or communicate with her again, everything ends after money exchanges hands. Clients do not need to deal with any overly emotional or messy expectations. 

No discrimination 

Escorts are professionals in their sex services and they do not discriminate against their clients. No matter how a client may look, whatever their skin color or their background, escorts strive to provide the utmost satisfaction for clients when they are hired. There are even escorts who specialize in helping disabled clients to have sex and fulfill their dreams or fantasies. 

Satisfying physical needs 

It is a human need to procreate and to have sex. Sometimes, people who have such needs but do not have a willing and available partner can only turn to escorts and pay for sex to have their physical needs seen to. They view paying for sex as another service to be purchased and as long as they are not hurting anyone else, they are not committing a crime. It is certainly better to pay for sex than to force another human being to do something against their will. 

Satisfying emotional needs 

Clients who pay for escorts might not necessarily be paying for physical sex alone. Escorts provide companionship to clients as well. Certain clients who feel that they have no one to talk to do seek out the services of escorts. And, as escorts meet all sorts of people from all walks of life, they are usually understanding and non-judgmental about their clients’ troubles.   

Variety and Novelty 

All over the world, there are escorts of different ethnicities, looks, personalities, body types and specialities. For some people who are bored with monotony, paying for sex with different escorts can provide a sense of excitement and novelty. There are also couples who may want to spice up their sex lives and seek out escorts to do so. In addition, for certain people with extreme fetishes, paying an escort to indulge their fantasies is the safest choice for them. 


After taking a look at the pros of paying for sex, we will now take a look at the disadvantages. Here are some cons for people who visit prostitutes or escorts:  

  1. Addiction to paying for sex 
  2. STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) 
  3. Cost 
  4. Distorted sense of reality 
  5. Ethical concerns

Addiction to paying for sex 

People who continuously seek out the services of escorts can sometimes become addicted to them and find that they are no longer able to build meaningful relationships. Because paying for sex is easy and convenient, it can become a habit of instant gratification. Clients can also easily become addicted to the variety of escorts that are available and no longer be interested in having relationships that are long-lasting. 

STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) 

When a person frequently engages in sex with a multitude of partners, the risks of acquiring an STD or sexually transmitted disease becomes highly increased. Condoms can prevent STDs that are passed through fluids, such as HIV or gonorrhea, but provide no protection for STDs that pass through skin contact or areas that are not covered. With this risk, paying for sex can be a huge disadvantage to one’s health. 


A search on, a prominent escort listing site from Australia, shows that the price range of escorts is at least AUD 100 and above, which is roughly USD 108 or more, for a single session that may be as short as 15 minutes. This also depends on the escort’s popularity. For higher ranking escorts, their rates are much steeper. Clients who frequently pay for sex will find that the costs could easily outweigh any potential pleasure they hoped to achieve. 

Distorted sense of reality 

Clients can develop a distorted sense of reality when they continuously pay for sex. They might believe that they are progressive and powerful in bed, but in reality, they could be lacking in any sexual skills at all. The job of an escort is to be a professional to please the client, and no escort would offend a client by telling him he is not a good sex partner. In the long run, clients can also begin to view sexual partners as objects instead of humans with their own feelings and needs. 

Ethical concerns 

Prostitution has long been linked with human trafficking. Clients who pay for sex do not usually care where the prostitute comes from, or whether she is willing to be providing the service. Many prostitutes are also forced to work under pimps who live off their ability to sell their bodies.  

So, after taking a look at both the pros and cons of paying for sex, should you do it?  

If there is a way for you not to have to pay for sex, if you are able to have meaningful relationships and a good sex life with a willing partner, there is no need to pay for sex.  

If you have some circumstances in your life that makes you unable to find sexual relief other than looking for an escort to help you, maybe you should consider paying for sex as long as the act does not cause any hurt or harm to someone else. 

If you must pay for sex, then do be diligent in selecting professional and independent escorts such as those listed on sites like who are willingly providing these services.  

You can also consider other alternatives to paying for sex such as online apps that allow you to meet and date people, fetish groups, online forums and more. Always bear in mind that sex should be between two willing partners and not forced, for it to bring you pleasure.