Weird Sex Toys - Popsicle dildo For those of you wondering, #FunFindFriday is a collection of fun sex stuff I find on the internets, and share with you on Fridays.

Pretty straight forward, right?

Consider it my way of sharing some of the worlds coolest sex toys with you.

Unlike the majority of the things posted to this site, there's no real rhyme or reason to #FunFindFriday. Some Fridays I'll post, some Fridays I wont. You'll likely find concepts or ideas, fundraising campaigns, sex toys, new manufacturers, porn parodies, cool projects, and/or arty fartsy stuff. Some posts will be found on a whim, other times it'll be thanks to amazing people who feel like sharing whether it be on a social media platform or through the form below.

Regardless of what I'm including, I try to make sure all of the products are body safe, eco-friendly, and made by companies I'd buy from. And for the most part, something I think you'd like. Sure, a bunch of these inclusions may seem a little out of the ordinary (as per the Alien Dildos etc), different can sometimes be good... so long as it's done right. Let #FunFindFriday be a reminder of that.

Looking for something a little more cringe worthy? ...you might like #WTFWednesday, it's like #FunFindFriday, but darker, and way more messed up. Just remember, what has been seen cannot be unseen. Consider that your fair warning.


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Found something you think should be included in a future edition of #FunFindFriday? Feel free to get in contact... just make sure to include a link to the website so I know what you're referencing (not a spammy one, that's not cool).

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