Sex Ed: For The Guys

From the time I started creating videos on the topic of sex and sexuality I had one main goal; to elevate the concept of sexual confidence by giving each and every person the tools and information they needed to become a better and more insightful lover.

As such, I decided to create separate pages containing my videos for both the male and female viewers to make the learning more gender specific. Not only that but to also answer the most asked questions, in video format, by each gender to make the experience an efficient and timely one.

For those that have clicked on this page please note that you will find all of the videos that I think would be helpful for my male viewers.

Since I feel it is important to seek as much information as a person can in order to be fully empowered, I highly suggest that each of my male viewers also watch the female videos to gain further insight to the experiences and questions that a woman will have when it comes to sex and their own sexuality.


All About The Penis


Sexual Intercourse & The Like


Male Product Reviews, Guides & Info


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