★ ☆ ~ Tis The Season ~ ☆ ★ Naughty & Nice Stocking Stuffers

To say I’m a great holiday shopper is an exaggeration of the truth. No matter how hard I try, no matter how early I start and no matter how “in the spirit of the season” I may be, I always find myself doing a last minute dash to the local malls in a frantic search for the “perfect” gifts.

Not this year! I’m very happy to say that all of my shopping is pretty much done and I’m way ahead of the game. Man does it feel good!

While I may on top of things this year, I know there are many of you who will be caught at the last minute with no idea of what to buy that special someone. No matter how stressed you may be, don’t worry, I promise you’re not alone.

For those of you hunting for actual gifts, and not fun little add-on’s yet, I’ll be posting future articles covering what I consider to be some of the best beginner, advanced, couples and personal products on the market – all of which will be body safe, easy to use, affordable and definitely worth trying!

For now, here are some affordable, fun and easy to use naughty and nice stocking stuffer’s that you & your partner are sure to enjoy!

Shop soon, as the date grows closer items will begin selling out FAST!!!

*For those of you thinking of making a gift basket/bag filled with fun and frisky products, this list will give you a very good place to start!

System Jo Flavored Lube 1oz $4.14

When it comes to flavored lubes there are only a few I can use, System Jo is one of them – not to mention my fave!! Of course I have many reasons for being such a fan; they don’t get sticky or tacky, can be used vaginally, anally or orally, maintain their consistency, can be used with silicone toys and best of all they taste and smell amazing!

Flavors: Raspberry, Chocolate Delight, Banana Lick, Peachy Lips, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Tangerine, Tropical Fruit, Watermelon, Cherry and Lemon Splash.

I.O.U. Sex Stickies only $6.95 for 100!

These fun little stickies are easy to use, come in sets for him or her and are definitely affordable. Whether you’re looking for something to help heat up your sex life, bring a little romance to the bedroom or simply add something frisky to your partners stocking these are a definite must!

Sexy Dice $1.89 – $13.68

Is sex in the bedroom getting boring? Having a hard time communicating to your partner that you’d like to try something new? Just looking to have some fun between the sheets? No matter what it is your looking for, sex dice are a fantastic way of bringing some excitement, spontaneity and playfulness to your sex life.

Not sure what you’re looking for? we’ve got 2 pages full of ideas!

Vibrating Bullet $3.45 – $28.00

They look cheap, feel cheap, basically are cheap yet multi speed vibrating eggs and tiny hand held bullets still tend to be one of my favorite options when it comes to those who are new to sexual wellness products and/or just want to try something new. They’re easy to use, don’t cost a lot of money, are usually rather powerful and are also very easy to take care of. While they may not last as long as a luxury product, they will most definitely give you the most bang for your buck while you have them!

Adult Mistletoe $2.29

You didn’t think I was going to list a bunch of fun stocking stuffers and not include something Christmassy now did you? 😉

While the Mistletoe’s a great excuse to make out with your partner, it also comes with a condom just in case the moment leads to something more. I personally love the idea, especially considering it’s so inexpensive and could go anywhere you do.

Flavored Condoms $2.09 – $4.91

Maybe it’s just me but I still think flavored condoms are a great way to add some fun and excitement to a relationship, after all – they’re a perfect excuse for giving or getting a b.j.

Fortunately you don’t need to buy a whole box of 12 condoms just to try something new, with the options available you can grab a 3 pack in assorted flavors like Vanilla, Spearmint, Cola, Strawberry, Cherry, Banana, Grape and please your partner fully knowing your safe and protected.

Hot Heart Massager – $9.00

If there is one product I think is highly underrated it’s the Hot Heart Massager, seriously I love this thing! Not only is it easy to use, reusable (I’ve had mine for over 4 years now), body safe, great for muscle pain, cramps, stiff joints and warming you up on very cold days (I travel with mine in the winter), but it’s one of the best foreplay products I’ve ever used. Just click the internal metal disk and watch as the fluid crystalizes while also slowly warming up. Once you’re finished, just pop it in a pot of boiling water which will return it to it’s liquid state, wait for it to cool and use it again. Honestly it’s amazing!

Watch my video review here: http://bit.ly/cg07ga

Vibrating Cock Ring $4.91 – $12.98

Looking for something to make your honey last longer?  I suggest a vibrating cock ring!

They’re affordable, come in lots of designs, colors and power levels, are discreet, easy to use, fun and best of all they turn him into a vibrator! What more could a person ask for?!

*While there are lots on the market I’d personally suggest going for ones made of Elastomer, Silicone, Opulux or Nitrile.

Blindfold $5.43 – $14.99

When it comes to products that I think are highly underrated blindfolds are one of them. Maybe it’s something about the not knowing. Maybe it’s something to do with the unexpected. It might even have something to do with the level of trust you’d have to have with a partner to be that vulnerable, either way, blindfolds can go a long way (at a very affordable price I might add) for spicing up stuff in the bedroom and taking intimacy to a whole new level.

Sexual Scratch & Win Tickets $1.36 – $2.26

They’re affordable, easy to use, fun, give you the opportunity to try new things and with options like Sexual Treats for Her, Sexual Treats for Him, Little Love Treats, Kama Sutra Sex, Sexual Fantasies, Feels So Good, Orgasmathon, Sex Jungle and many more the options seem endless.

For those of you that would like to reuse the tickets, rather than throwing them out after the first scratch, simply let your partner scratch off a new section everyday of the week until they’re all gone.

Kama Sutra Oil Of Love $11.28 – $13.35

I’ve been a fan of Kama Sutra products for years now, with good reason; they’re easy to use, body safe, come respectfully, discreetly and professionally packaged and best of all – they taste and smell amazing!

The Oil Of Love products are no exception and with 7 flavors to choose from, you’re pretty much sure to find one you’ll both enjoy.

Flavors: Chocolate Mint, Original, Tropical Mango, Strawberries & Champagne, Cherry Almond, Raspberry Kiss, Vanilla Cream.

*Watch my video review here: http://bit.ly/dwfswZ

Sexy Vouchers $2.02 – $12.83

If you’re looking for something fun, kinky, sweet, specific, naughty or sexy that is very affordable and definitely going to go a long way for adding some spice or romance to your relationship, I highly suggest getting some vouchers/coupons!

These fun little booklets come with a bunch of coupons that can be ripped out and discreetly placed in your lovers wallet, pocket, brief case or purse. Not only are they great as they are reusable, but they also give you and your partner something to look forward to all day long!

Male Masturbation Sleeve $5.00 – $14.99

I’m sure a lot of you may be questioning this addition to my list of stocking stuffers so let me put it into perspective for you – if girls get to have bullets, eggs, vibes, dildos etc then guys should get to have things other then their hand to “get them off” as well. Seems fair to me 😉

Fortunately there are lots of male masturbation sleeves on the market that are affordable, discreet, easy to use, body safe and feel great! Sure, male products are a little less common and slightly more taboo (why? I have no clue) but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get to play too! 😉

Santa’s Coming – Stocking $25.03

If you’d prefer to purchase a ready made stocking, one that’s got a little bit of everything and a tad more, not to worry we’ve got that too!

While I think everything in the kit is pretty decent, I’d suggest you don’t use the “love plug” as it’s made of a jelly material and not the most body safe. Fortunately everything else in the kit is fun, safe, easy to use and the added stocking is a definite bonus!

For those of you looking for bigger or better presents don’t worry, I’ll be posting some of my favorites over the coming weeks to help you find a fantastic way to get the good times going with the ones you like to play with!

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