Beginners Guide: The Top Fleshlight Textures Worth Trying

As many of you probably know I’m a huge fan of the Fleshlight series of masturbators. That probably seems a little bizarre being that I don’t have a penis, and especially since I’ve got the pick of the crop when it comes to vibrators and the like, but whenever I hold that heavy canister in my hands I can’t help but feel a twinge of penis envy. Truth be told, I’d give anything to have a go round with one.

For those of you questioning my eagerness, let me just list off all the features Fleshlight toys have to offer; they’re easy to use, come in a variety of textures and styles, offer adjustable sensations where ‘sucking’ is concerned, look amazingly close to the real thing, are crafted from soft, pliable patented high-quality material that’s specifically designed to mimic the sensations of penetrative sex, come in a canister that resembles an ordinary flashlight (allowing for discreet storage), create some of the best replicas of the most well known porn stars I’ve ever seen, and are 100% safe (i.e. they don’t leach harmful chemicals like other sex toys). Everything considered, I think it’s safe to say they’ve got all the bases covered.

Of course there are other strokers, pocket pussies, discreet masterbators, and sex dolls out there, but for the level of quality at the price point, Fleshlight is the very best you’ll get your hands on.

Still not sure? The video below should answer all your questions while also highlighting all the reasons I absolutely love Fleshlight brand products. If that doesn’t do it, here’s my review of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, review of the original Fleshlight Sex In A Can masturbators, Fleshlight Succu Dry and Count Cockula Vampire inspired Fleshlights, and the Fleshlight Blade and Sword masturbators. Trust me folks, I’ve seen just about all the products Fleshlight has created and I’m pretty well versed.




Top Fleshlight Textures: OriginalThe Top Fleshlight Textures For Different Preferences

One of the main features Fleshlight offers is a wide variety of sleeves to choose from; there are various well known porn star replicas (they actually made copies from moulds of their bodies), four different points of entry (mouth, vagina, butt, and butt cheeks), and most importantly, a large selection of internal textures to experiment with.  That in mind, this short post is going to specifically focus on the different textures. Hopefully by the end of it you’ll have a good idea of the texture that will work for your needs.

After you’ve read this post I highly suggest you check out this resource page, it has damn near everything you need to know about all of the different Fleshlights.

For Those That Like It Tight: Super Tight Fleshlight

If you have limited feeling in your shaft, require a firmer grip, enjoy the feeling of something tight around your dick, the Super Tight Pink Sleeve (pictured below) might be the one for you.

As you can see from the picture there is no internal texture to contend with, just a straight forward smooth canal that measures 1/2″ (13mm) in diameter and runs 9″ in length. With the Super Tight you’ve got four options to choose from; mouth, vagina, butt, and butt cheeks.

Although you won’t experience any extra sensations where the textures are concerned, you do still have the ability to control the strength of suction by simply adjusting the bottom cap to your desired preference.

How to keep the feeling in your tool, check on this page.


Top Fleshlight Textures: Super Tight

For Those That Like It Rough: Destroya Fleshlight

If you’re looking for a sleeve that seems to be a huge hit among serious Fleshlight collectors, the Destroya version is the go-to (pictured below).

Upon entry, a series of small bumps offer gentle stimulation. From there the ultra textured pleasure dome provides 360 degrees of unmatched bliss. The next chamber features a row of soft and pliable tusks that delightfully rub and pull at the shaft. Finally, a row of large bumps gives way to a super-ribbed texture that narrows the further you get inside.

As for specifics, the Destroya sleeve measures 9″ in total length and comes in three different orifices (mouth, butt, and vagina), as well as a replica of the adult star Stoyas vulva. Personally I’d go with this version if I had the choice.


Top Fleshlight Textures

For Those That Like Gentle Stimulation: Mini Lotus Fleshlight

If you’re new to Fleshlight sleeves, or if you simply want to experience something gentle while exploring different sensations, the ‘wavy’ textures provided within the Mini-Lotus (pictured below) have what you’re looking for.  Unlike the Destroya sleeve there are no bumps, ridges, or extreme textures to contend with; just a series of ‘waves’ varying in diameter from 3/4″ to 1/2″ offering complete satisfaction.


Top Fleshlight Textures: Mini-Lotus

For Those That Like Oral Play: Swallow Fleshlight

Do you joy a good blow job and want something fairly similar? The Fleshlight creators came up with the Swallow canal (pictured below) just for you.  The canal starts with a tight opening, followed by a row of small bumps. From there the shaft is teased by a series of arousing ridges. Halfway through you’ll encounter the ‘back of the throat’, finally finishing with a super tight canal.

Right now the Swallow texture is only available as a ‘mystery sleeve’. Originally it came with ten different mouth orifices from female porn stars, but over the years some have been discontinued. If you want one you’ll have to chance your luck and see who you get. Regardless of who it is I’m sure you’ll love the experience.

Top Fleshlight Textures: Fleshlight Swallow

For Those That Like Consistency: Speed Bump Fleshlight

The Speed Bump is great for new Fleshlight users as it generates an amazing amount of stimulation that’s not intense.

As you can see from the picture below the inner canal is covered with row after row of soft and pliable bumps, offering a consistent sensation during penetration.  On that note, the bumps can be felt from all sides, titillating the shaft and head of the penis simultaneously. Fortuntately there’s enough space between the bumps for a nice suction effect to happen while in use.  Furthermore, with an internal measurement that’s similar to the Super Tight sleeve the tightness inside the canal is near perfect.


Top Fleshlight Textures

Top Fleshlight Textures: Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for something highly stimulating, super tight, gentle but totally enjoyable, or the sensation of oral sex, each of the above mentioned Fleshlight sleeves has what you’re looking for.