Off To Catalyst Con!

ccontravelingAfter a bus cancellation due to a freak winter storm (yay, Canada!) and a flight booked at an almost unreasonable price…  I’m finally on my way. Cue that whiny song from Armageddon. Not the Neil Diamond one. His version was decent.

Where am I going and what’s so worth it, you ask?

I’m headed to a place I’ve dreamed of for the last 2 years. It’s a place where sex positive enthusiasts, educators, mentors, retailers, game changers, and sex minded folks evolve and flourish. At least that’s what I’m hoping for, because I need a little more of it in my life.

I’ve seen all the pictures, read all. the. blog. posts. and *sad pandad* at the fact that I missed out…. but not this time! In a nutshell, I’m headed to Washington, DC to take part in Catalyst Con.

CatalystCon is a conference created to inspire exceptional conversations about sexuality. It is about reaching out and stimulating those who attend to create those important conversations in their own communities, changing how we as a society talk and treat sexuality.  It is about stimulating the activist that is within all of us and sparking transformation in the way our friends, neighbors, children and even politicians discuss one of the most important aspects of humanity“.

Sound rad? probably because it is.

CatalystCon East '14I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t overwhelmed by the excitement; there’s so many fellow bloggers I’m finally going to meet (I’d list them, but there’s way too many to count), an abundance of learning I’m going to do (especially looking forward to Creating Change In The Sex Toy Industry, The Business Of Blogging About Sex, Why Is The Media Afraid of Sex, and Promiscuity: Virtue or Vice)  a dinner with an epic group of people to be had, and to top it off, I’ll be in the same space with the vast majority of people who have inspired me over the years; Metis Black, Carol Queen, Ducky DooLittle, Tristan Taormino, Jackie Strano, to name a few…  those are all very big deals. Also, I’ll be doing this myself, both in terms of traveling and forking over hard earned cash (prices for traveling from Canada are fucking ridic). Sure, I’ve traveled on my own before, but this is very different.

So friends, I have a little favor to ask… if you see me and want to say hi, PLEASE DO! If I seem a little caught off guard at first, don’t take it personally, it’s only because I’m either awestruck by meeting you or so happy to finally put a name to the face that I look like a surprised lost monkey. How’s about we just pretend you’re meeting the IKEA monkey… but without the fun jacket, and I’m actually happy to be there.

As it stands I’m at the airport, my belongings strewn about like a haphazard child waiting for her turn in the sandbox, and I think it’s finally starting to hit me. I’m going to #CCON! Now let’s just hope I don’t pee myself from all the excitement.

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