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Interview w/ XBiz Premiere Magazine


Kara Sutra Interview XBiz 2012, JuneFollowing in the footsteps of one of my all-time fave sex toy reviewers, I was interviewed by Xbiz Premiere for the June issue of their magazine. I know that for most of you this wont seem like that big of a deal, but as far as adult industry publications go, this is HUGE!

The portion I’m in is the “Blogger Spotlight”, something they started a few months back featuring those that blog within the realm of sexuality, sex and intimate accessories.

To read the interview you can check their digital version (just click “view current issue online”) or download the PDF, though I’ll admit the file is huge, really huge, so reading it online (or here) might be your best options.  For those with computers that take a long time to load, or others that are simply too lazy to view things if it requires clicking about (joking! well, kinda), I’ve posted a full copy below with links to the products/things I talked about. If you choose to hit up the online edition, I’m on page 101, though being on 102 might have been just that little bit cooler, what with Sex Ed 102 and all.

Regardless of the page, I’m super excited about this and so very thankful to the lovely Ariana Rodriguez for including me.

Adorably Accessible – Interview w/ XBiz Premiere Magazine

Kara_Sutra Delivers Sex Ed, Toy Advice With Signature Approachability

By Ariana Rodriguez

Kara_Sutra became known for hosting “Sex Ed 102: all the things you didn’t learn … but should have,” a popular web series in which she shed light on the topic of healthy sexuality with information and advice directed at inquiring adults. Inspired by the lack of sex-related knowledge she encountered while working at an adult shop, Kara_Sutra’s blog and video series is fueled by viewer/reader questions about sex and consumer interest in the booming sex toy marketplace. “Her sweet and friendly demeanor dotted with sly humor, the occasional trucker’s mouth, and fantastic natural cleavage has won her a large and supportive fan base,” Kara_Sutra’s bio says, and she maintains her relationship with fans by keeping an open stream of communication via social media.

When did Kara_Sutra Reviews & Sex Ed 102 launch, and what inspired their creation?

Sex Ed 102 started back in March of 2007, with the reviews following shortly after. During a shift at the adult novelty store where I was employed a gentleman asked if I could help, he stated that he had “poked” his girlfriends vagina and “it didn’t do anything,” leaving him to wonder what he was doing wrong. I asked him what he meant by “poked,” to which he replied (while motioning with his hands) that he had poked it, like literally poked it.  At that moment two things came to me: why would someone tell him to do that (?!), followed by that poor girl laying there being poked at — what a horrible experience that must have been.  It was that night that I went home and made what became the first video in the series “Things Boys Need To Know About Sex”.  Within the first 24 hours of being on YouTube it gained just over 100,000 hits, and although that isn’t very much by today’s standards, back then it was considered a viral video. Almost instantly my inbox was flooded with questions regarding sex or sex toys, making it apparent to me that there was an obvious need for this type of information, and prompting me to continue making videos.

*The video link I included isn’t the original, and therefore doesn’t show the true view count the video received (which was close to 2 million before YouTube killed my account), it’s just a mirrored copy someone posted a few years back. Looking at the video now I shudder with wtf was I thinking moments! Ugh, #failvideo

How have your blogs and videos evolved since they launched?

When I first started I didn’t really know what I was doing, the attention and growth happened almost overnight, leaving me to create videos as I saw fit. Initially my videos were only around three minutes in length and although the information I offered was well researched, I wasn’t quite sure of how to present it, finding myself talking to the camera as if I was talking to a friend. At the time it worked, but with changes to the policies within YouTube’s structuring I had to make necessary adjustments to allow the videos to stay on the site. Fortunately that worked in my favor as it forced my videos to become much more professional, respectful, gender-inclusive and structured. Now my videos are free of distracting background music, longer in length to present all the information I want to offer, cover a much larger range of topics as well as much more luxurious products. Looking back at the first few videos I cringe, especially when comparing them to the level of quality I’m creating now.  I’ve since left YouTube and now place my videos on Blip.tv, they allow the content I provide without any issues and have much better customer service.

How would you describe your relationship with your readers?

My relationship with my readers and viewers is pretty amazing, most of the videos and blog posts were inspired by questions they sent in, with their feedback being my guide for future topics. I’m a social media butterfly so communication flows from Twitter to Facebook, Pinterest to Tumblr, and includes everything from answering questions about sex to guiding them to products best suited for their needs, helping them through personal issues to general bantering. In turn they’ve showed me the utmost loyalty a girl could ask for, honestly, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am today. They are awesome and I’m exceptionally grateful!

Please provide an “anatomy of Kara_Sutra product review.” What factors of a product’s design and functionality do you cover?

In regard to product reviews, my main focus has always been providing an honest, reliable and open-minded review, while also offering the “best of the best” to my viewers with an emphasis on affordability, quality, safety and ease of use. Having said that, if a product doesn’t work for me (personally) I’ll do my best to cover it in way that’s honest but respectful, for instance the T-Rex made by Tantus is a BEAST and just didn’t work with my body, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t others who would absolutely love it, especially with the level of quality it has to offer. Judging by the number of people who regularly ask for shopping advice I think I’ve done a pretty good job so far.

Current industry trend in product design that you’d like to see more of?

The level of quality being offered now is exceptional, especially when compared to when I first started. I’d personally love to see more body safe products being made, with attention being given to discreet designs and luxurious materials (Crystal Delights, Jollies, Njoy and the Leaf collection being prime examples).

Top 5 favorite sex toys?

For a girl that likes to hoard sex toys that’s an exceptionally hard question to answer. If I absolutely had to choose I’d pick the LELO Ina, WeVibe Touch, G-Ki by Je Joue, Tantus Ryder (or Small Ripple), and the last would be a toss up between the Fun Factory Amor dildo, Vixen Creations Tex, LELO Ella and the Hitachi Magic Wand.

Again, BIG THANKS to Ariana Rodriguez, having me be a part of this has definitely made my Month!

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