Review: WeVibe Touch

WeVibe Touch Review

Back in 2008 the forward thinking folks at the Standard Innovations Corporation created a sexual wellness product that changed the game by offering couples a new way to explore and enjoy each other. That product was WeVibe, the first vibrator ergonomically designed to stimulate both partners during intercourse. Not surprisingly it was very well received prompting the company to come out with a second upgraded version, the WeVibe II.  While the design itself stayed the same, the new version came in a variety of colors, a whole new list of features (like an automatic off, memory of the last used vibration mode) and offered users 9 various vibration patterns, along with a slight change to the buttons that made it easier to use and operate.

With both of their products being a success, three new game changing products were created, the thin and tubular lipstick looking WeVibe Tango (one of my absolute favorite sex toys!),  the compact classic mini vibe We-Vibe Salsa (update: they discontinued the Salsa), and the tear shaped hand held WeVibe Touch, the latter being the one I’m happily reviewing for you today.


Like all of the products within the line the WeVibe Touch comes packaged in a white flip lidded box that’s discreet, respectful and definitely professional. There is nothing on it that’s rude, inappropriate, tacky or cheap, instead being very high end and pretty in appearance. With the exception of the words “personal massager’ and a point form list of benefits and features on the back, there is nothing on the box to state what it is.

Once the lid has been opened you’ll find the product sitting inside a slim plastic container, the charger and a manual explaining how to use it along with any warnings or safety concerns. Everything about this product is professional, high end and luxurious.

*If you’ve refrained from purchasing a sexual wellness product in the past for fear someone may find it no need to worry, this is definitely one of the least embarrassingly packaged products I’ve found.

The Goods

WeVibe Touch ReviewMade of high quality silicone and unique in design Touch is relatively small measuring 4″ inches in total length, 4 1/2″ inches in circumference and 1 3/4″ inches in diameter. It’s by no means overwhelming or intimidating, instead being rather fun to play and experiment with. As with all of the We-Vibe products, it looks nothing like a traditional intimate accessory, making it both travel friendly and easy to store. Even if you happened to leave it out in the open there’s a likely chance no one would know what it was.

Quality & Design, Why I Love This Toy

Like most high end silicone products it’s hypoallergenic, hygienic, odorless, tasteless, and non toxic while also being latex, lead and phthalate free. It’s also non-porous meaning it won’t absorb lube, bodily fluids or bacteria. If you’re someone that is prone to yeast or other vaginal infections a high quality silicone product is definitely one you’ll be thankful for. As an added bonus, it also makes it much easier to clean and care for.

In regard to design, the elongated tear drop design allows the product to fit comfortably in your hand while also fitting the vulva in way that’s near perfect. Because it’s soft, supple and squishy, this adorable vibe offers a bit of ‘give’, allowing the user to grind or press against it quiet firmly without ever sensing any pain or discomfort. It also has a gently curved tip that’s slightly flexible and provides a larger range of motion, while also offering a depression on the underside that cups the clitoris wonderfully.

Because of its small size and ergonomic design it’s excellent during foreplay and/or stimulating the clitoris, balls, shaft of the penis, perineum (space between the back of the balls and the anus), nipples and/or any other erogenous zone. Having said that it’s not designed for internal vaginal or anal use;  it’s hard to insert, uncomfortable and difficult to remove, adjusting the vibrations is impossible, and there’s no flared base (as needed with anal toys).

WeVibe Touch Review FeaturesHow To Use

Operating the product is very simple; just hold down the button on the bottom and the vibrations quickly begin a deep rumble, hit it one more time and the rumble quickens its pace becoming heavier and more penetrative, pressing once more takes you to the fastest steady rumble in the series. From there pressing the button will take you through 6 of the differing vibration modes. Whether you like a heavy drawn out vibration, pulsations, escalation, roller coaster or a heavy thumping this vibe has it all.  All totaled there are 4 different speeds and 4 vibration modes (at least that’s what it felt like to me.

As if all of the other benefits and features weren’t enough, Touch is also rechargeable via the two small metal prongs located on the bottom. To charge the product simply line up the rounded magnet adapter with the base, plug it in the wall and let it be. Out of the many rechargeable products I’ve tried this has got to be not only the easiest to use, but also the best to date; not once did the connection break, nor did I have problems attaching it.  For a 90 minute charge you’ll get up to 2 hours worth of use.

Benefits and Features: easy to use, light weight, water proof, medical grade silicone, powerful, rechargeable, quiet, comfortable to hold and use, cradles the vulva/clitoris/labia comfortably, single push button activation, discreet, travel friendly.

Cleaning and Care

Because it’s waterproof and made of a high quality silicone that’s non-porous you can easily wash it under a running faucet with an anti-bacterial soap, just make sure to rinse it well. If you’d prefer you could also give it a swipe with an anti bacterial toy wipe or spray it down with your favorite toy cleaner.

In regard to lubes I’d only suggest a good water-based lube as a silicone lube would likely ruin it.

The Bad

When it came to things I didn’t like about the product there were only 2, and to be honest I was just nit picking.

First, it collects lint like pet hair to a new black dress. Seriously, I dropped it by accident and picked up dirt, lint, dust and fluff I didn’t even know was there. With that in mind, I highly suggest holding onto the little plastic case it comes with and keeping it inside when you’re not using it. I also suggest washing it after every use (which you should do anyways).

Second, because it’s a slicker feeling silicone there does tend to be a bit of drag on the skin. It’s not so bad that it hurts, but it’s also not too comfortable. To fix this just use a bit of lube.

Final Verdict

When I got the product I had really high expectations, something that either leaves me very impressed or totally disappointed.  Fortunately I wasn’t wrong in my assumptions and the product turned out to be one of the most powerful, quiet and easy to use intimate accessories of it’s kind.  From the sleek and supple medical grade silicone to the deeply penetrating vibrations, the We-Vibe Touch is simply amazing.

Whether you’re looking for your next big purchase, a gift for someone you think is worthy or simply want to find a product that allows you to explore and experiment with ease, I highly suggest trying the We-Vibe Touch. I’m almost certain you won’t be disappointed!
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