Review: Crystal Delights Frosted Plug

Frosted Crystal Delights Butt Plug

Back in 2010 I was sent my very first set of  handcrafted Swarovski embedded Crystal Delights products, a small and large butt plug, so I could provide a comparative review and offer some insight to the difference in sizes.  To say I was wowed, impressed or totally blown away by the craftsmanship, beauty and ease of use would be a huge understatement.

Now, almost two years later, I’ve been fortunate enough to get my hands on two of their newer frosted designs; a small frosted plug with a rose Swarovski Crystal (pictured left) and a larger Star Delight Frosted Dildo with a powder blue Swarovski Crystal, both of which have left me totally awestruck.

*for this review I’ll be covering the frosted plug, with a review on the amazing dildo to follow shortly.


Unlike many other intimate accessories that come packaged in a plastic clam shell or cardboard box, the Crystal Delight plug comes rolled within a lovely black fabric pouch that’s pretty, elegant and discreet (pictured right). Since the pouch doesn’t bare any logos or written info it’s hard to tell exactly what it’s for, allowing it to be used for pretty much anything you choose. Fortunately it’s also slightly bigger than the plug giving you the option of also storing a few extras like condoms or a small bottle of lube. The outer layer of fabric is satiny, with a Damask design, while the inner layer is smooth and luxurious.

Swarovski Plug

Plug w/ Pouch

*I absolutely love the fact that it can be reused rather than being tossed in the garbage unlike most other packaging – #ecofriendlyforthewin

When it comes to cleaning the pouch you can simply give it a wash in cold water and line dry it. As for the material you’re looking at an outer layer of 60% Rayon/40% Polyester and an internal lining of 100% Nylon.

I know there are going to be quite a few of you that are looking at these and thinking ‘glass in my ass? No way!’, so before I go on about how much I love the plug I’m just going to suggest you head over to my original Crystal Delights review and take a gander at the great benefits and features Pyrex glass products have to offer. And while I’m at it, just let me state for the record that they’re far better than any porous jelly product you’d cram in your ass without thinking twice about how gross and unsafe they are.

You’re also probably going to assume that because the plugs are made of glass they might be a tad dangerous; so long as you don’t drop them or slam them against a wall I (but really, why would you be doing that?!) they will hold up to quite a bit of wear and tear. Trust me, I should know – I’ve accidentally dropped all of mine a couple times now  and not one has a chip or crack in it.

The Good

Unlike the previous versions I was sent, the frosted plug is not clear, instead being a slightly transparent white finish that turns almost transparent upon coming into contact with any kind of fluid. It’s this finish that gives it an almost velvety feel while still being wonderfully smooth.  As expected it’s hard with absolutely no squish or give, duh it is glass, allowing it to provide an amazing sensation of fullness once inserted.

Regarding the shape, the head is bulbous (rather than being tapered and elongated like the clear version – as pictured in the third from left image below), giving it a slight resemblance to a pawn from a chess set. At first I thought this would cause it to be difficult to insert and/or slightly uncomfortable, but to my surprise that just wasn’t the case; because the head is rounded there was a slight resistance at first, then ‘pop!’ in it went, with the rounded head helping it to stay in place without issue – if you’re tired of fighting with objects to stay in place, this should be a wonderful reprieve. The glass  also provides some weight to it, so it’s not a product you won’t be able to feel or wonder if it’s in. I gotta admit, the comfortable fullness it offers is pretty exceptional.

Having said that this isn’t something I would suggest to someone who is new to inserting anything anally as the shape and design may be a tad overwhelming, especially for someone that is tense or fearing it may hurt (to help ease any fears about anal play I suggest viewing my post/video: Butt Play Tips For Beginners). If on the other hand you’ve explored anally and liked the experience the Crystal Delights plugs are definitely worth splurging on.

Stats: Length – 3.3 inches, insertable length 2.7 inches, width 1.4 inches, weight 3.9 ounces

*While most would assume they can only be used anally I’d like to suggest vaginal use; with its bulbous head the plug has the ability to provide great g-spot/vaginal stimulation and/or pressure in all the right places.  If you are going to be using them anally I suggest you use a very good quality lube as the anus, unlike the vagina, does not self lubricate which can make insertion rather difficult.  If you are going to be using them vaginally just remember; you can go from front to back, just not back to front.

Rose Swarovski Crystal

length comparison

clear vs frosted


Piece Du Resistance

When I got my first set of plugs I was a little worried the Swarovski Crystal might fall out or come loose, sadly I had the same fears about the new products.  Like before I started picking at the seam and ran my finger over every edge to test if it was sharp, not surprisingly the Crystal stayed in place and the surface was smooth with absolutely no jagged edges. I really should know better by now. I mean, the company is known for quality and no one has ever had a complaint about losing the Crystals or being hurt.

As for the actual Swarovski Crystal, it’s breathtaking. Seriously, the pictures I took don’t do it justice. The rose color shines and sparkles even in dim lighting, something I really didn’t expect. Whether it’s one of their Pleasure Paddles, dildos, or large variety of glass butt plugs, I think everyone deserves at least one of their products.  After all, there really isn’t anything more luxurious than these, especially when compared to other luxurious and far more expensive products that see little use past the initial ‘oh wow it’s pretty‘ moment – you’ll use these, you really will!

Old vs New Crystal Delights Packaging

Old vs New Packaging

The Bad

I really didn’t have anything to complain about regarding the actual plug, but having said that, in comparison to the original clear version it is a tad harder to find the tip of the product when it’s behind you and you can’t see it as it was much more rounded and bulbous, making the original a bit easier to insert. Once in place there really isn’t much difference to the feel, I just know that for some people inserting a product anally can be a bit nerve wracking and overwhelming so the easier the better.

Unfortunately I did have one small complaint about the packaging; while it is discreet, luxurious, easy to clean, and highly aesthetically appealing, the new pouch isn’t as thickly padded as the previous velvety version my other plugs came wrapped in. Do I think it will still protect them? certainly, but for clutzy peeps like me the added padding puts a person a bit more at ease. Having said that, the outer Rayon shell of the new version is so much better since it doesn’t attract lint or pet hair like the other one did.

Care & Cleaning

In regard to cleaning the plug nothing could be easier; you can simply wash it with soap and water, spray it with toy cleaner or wipe it with an anti bacterial cleansing cloth. No mater what you do you don’t have to worry as the glass won’t absorb any lube, bodily fluids or bacteria.

When it comes to caring for your plug, just keep it safely tucked away inside the padded cover and it should be perfectly fine.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a durable plug that’s made of body safe materials that’s free of any harsh chemicals that could leach into your system, while also being eco-friendly, luxurious, non-porous (a big deal when it comes to butt toys), easy to care for and clean, comfortable once in place, warms quickly to body temperature and can be used for temperature play (warm and cool water only, boiling or freezing it may be too much to your body), made to last a lifetime and worth every penny you’d spend, not to mention being embedded with a genuine Swarovski Crystal (with 9 different colors to choose from might I add!), the ones made by Crystal Delights are definitely something I’d highly suggest you add to your list of wants/needs.

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. They really are that amazing.

To take a look at all of the products within the Crystal Delights collection I suggest you head over to their website where shopping for intimate accessories is easy, discreet and your privacy is of utmost importance.

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