Review: G-Ki by Je Joue

Thanks to the folks at Eden Fantasy I was sent what has become my all-time-favorite g-spot toy, EVER!

Seriously, The G-Ki by Je Jou is the best g-spot stimulator I have ever had my hands on and I would recommend it to any female, especially those that have had (or do have) a hard time finding their g-spot.


From the moment I got it out of the shipping box I was pleased; the G-Ki is beautifully packaged with nothing on it to hint at what’s inside; it’s discreet, professional, respectful and very high end.

Removing the packaging reveals a pretty black storage box that safely stores your G-Ki. Again I have to admit just how much I love products that come with cases/boxes or places you can keep your toy. Not only does it make your life easier when it comes to hiding toys (should you have to) but it also gives you a place to keep everything together and safe so nothing gets broken or goes missing.

The Good

Like most high end sex toys the G-Ki is latex free and made of medical grade silicone making it hygienic, phthalate free, non-toxic, easy to care for, durable and hypoallergenic. While it is a “firm” product it’s very soft to the touch, almost velvety in feel with a slightly squishy head.

In regard to size the G-Ki measures 9 inches  in total length and 1 1/2 inches  in diameter, suffice to say it is a very thin toy which should go a long way for easy insertion.  While it appears rather large (mostly in pictures) only the first 5 inches  of the curved head are meant to be inserted offering amazing and targeted g-spot stimulation. That said, you don’t have to insert the first 5 inches, just insert what’s comfortable for you even if that’s only the first 2 or 3 inches. Remember: every body is different, what works for one person might not work for you and vice versa.

As if the wonderful design of the curved head wasn’t enough, the product is also fully customizable! That’s right, finally a toy that you can shape and bend to your specific needs!

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what I mean by that, well let me explain:

Located on the G-Ki’s head and middle of the shaft are 2 bendable joints that allow you to shape and mold the product so it fits just the way you like.

To customize the head just push inwards on the raised bump located near the top of the product, releasing the joint and allowing you to widen or create a more extreme curve.

If you want to customize it even further just push inward on raised bump located on the middle of the shaft, releasing the joint and allowing you to curve it so that it’s more comfortable to not only hold, but also allows you to rock the G-Ki generating amazing g-spot and clitoral stimulation.

*I know that my instructions might seem a little confusing but in truth it’s actually very easy to shape and manipulate the product.

In total I found 5 different positions that you could shape the G-Ki. That said if the first one doesn’t generate g-spot stimulation, you always have another 4 that you can play with until you find one that does. Keep in mind that while it might take a little time, when you do find a customized curve that hits your g-spot, it will definitely be worth the wait! Trust me!

In regard to the vibrations; there are 5 different speeds and 5 different vibrational patterns and activating them is a sinch; simply press the metal + (plus) button located on the handle once to activate it and to run through the 5 different speeds. The sixth press of the button shifts to the vibrational patterns. To run through them  just keep pressing the + (plus) button until you find one that you like. If you go past a setting that you like just hit the – (minus) button located right below and you go back to the previous speed or setting. To turn it off just hold down the – (minus) button for 2 seconds and off it goes. Fantastic for those of you that need a product that has a “quick off” feature.

As if having 10 different vibrations wasn’t enough, the G-ki has vibration points in both the head and the shaft so when you turn it on, the entire toy vibrates. Unlike other products with only a vibration point in the head, shaft or base (usually limiting the amount of stimulation you receive) there is no area on the G-Ki that doesn’t carry the vibration. A feature that I absolutely loved!!

One of the other things I love about the G-Ki is the fact that it’s fully rechargeable, eliminating the need for batteries and ensuring that your product is ready to go when you are. To charge it (whether in or out of the storage box) simply place the magnetic charging dock on the buttons and charging begins. On that note, a single 2 hour charge of the G-Ki will give it 2 hours of use. Quite a bit if you ask me!

*Troubleshooting help; if you’ve placed the charger correctly the LED light on the shaft will flash  letting you know that it’s charging. If it doesn’t flash then you are doing it wrong and need to readjust the charger. Once charging is complete the LED light will emit a steady glow rather then flash.

Care & Cleaning

If you’re wondering what kind of lube to use I would only suggest a good water based one and not silicone as it might ruin your toy. As I’ve said before, silicone toys are great because they’re non porous and doesn’t absorb any bacteria. If you use a silicone lube with a silicone toy you run the risk of it breaking down which just defeats the purpose of it being non porous.

As for cleaning I would simply suggest washing it with a mild antibacterial soap and rinsing it well. If you’d like you could also spray it down with toy cleaner, just keep in mind that it is made of silicone so you don’t have to worry about it absorbing any bacteria to begin with. Once it’s clean you can simply place it back inside the storage case it came with, tuck it away in a drawer, closet or under the bed and it’s safe for next time.

I know a lot of you prefer to use your toys in the shower or bath for the security and privacy that offers; fortunately the G-Ki is waterproof, yet another feature I loved!

The Bad

In regard to negatives I have only one and to be honest it really isn’t anything to worry about; manipulating the joints to adjust the head and shaft might be a little scary at first, especially if you’re someone like me who tends to break things. That said all it takes is a couple minutes to learn the amount of pressure your G-ki needs to move and you’re fine.

Final Verdict

In case you can’t tell I’m a huge fan of the G-Ki, not only because of it’s superior quality, luxurious feel and the fact that it’s rechargeable, but also because of it’s ability to be personally customized…a feature that has provided me with some of the best g-spot orgasms I have EVER had!

As if that wasn’t enough it’s also phthalate and latex free, light weight, waterproof, powerful, discreet, very quiet and easy to use. I don’t really know what more a person could ask for!  Again, a big thank you goes out to the folks at Eden Fantasies, not only did they send me great products to review but some of my newest personal favourites!

If you would like any info or to purchase the G-Ki it can be found at Eden Fantasys for a very reasonable price, especially considering the quality, luxury and power of product you’re getting!

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