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#FunFindFriday: Rainbow Sex Toys

With World Pride 2014 in full effect, Toronto has been infused with color like I’ve never seen before. From banks to fast food chains, crosswalks to libraries, even the CN tower, everywhere I look, I see RAINBOWS!

Not that I’m complaining, I actually wish this was a regular occurrence rather than something reserved for one acceptance and love filled week of the year.  But it’s not. So, while they’re here I’m going to take in as many rainbow sightings as I can… which got me thinking about rainbow sex toys, ’cause you know, that’s just how I do. #sexonthebrain

For those of you like me, needing a few more shades of fun in your life, here’s a little collection of all the rainbow sex toys I found floating around on the internets. There aren’t many, but the fact that some exist makes me happy beyond all words.rainbowdildos

BS Atelier Pride Rainbow Dildos: $64.99 – $74.99

If there were ever a set of dildos that reminded me of Pink Floyds ‘Dark Side Of The Moon‘, the Pride Rainbow versions from BS Atelier would be first on the list.

Crafted by hand in Madrid, Spain, each of the dildos in the Pride Collection is unique, sporting sleek black shafts, curved bodies for g-spot stimulation, and rounded bases perfect for strap-on or anal play.   Like Kusama and Amor, the stripes are defined with little to no bleeding, and contain all the shades you’d hope to find in a ‘traditional’ rainbow.

Whether you’re a fan the legendary rock band, or just someone who prefers a modern design, these sophisticated beauties are a must for anyone wanting a hint of a rainbow, without going overboard.

Babes N Horny KusamaBabes ‘N Horny Kusama: £80

Okay, so it’s not your typical red, orange, yellow, green, blue etc rainbow, but it’s close, and that’s good enough for me.

Like the Amor (mentioned below), Kusamas hand-poured stripes stand apart, bright and bold, with no bleeding or fading into the next. It’s playful, stunning, and certainly eye catching.

As for the specifics, the silicone is pliant with a decent amount of squish and give, has a lovely matte texture that’s smooth to the touch, and boasts a flared base for strap-on or anal use. Oh, and did I mention it’s uber comfortable and easy to use? ‘Cause it is.

Curious? Check my Kusama review.

Rainbow Butt Plugs: $32.99 – $43.99

ttamagerainbowplugIf butt plugs are more your thing, along with glass, look no further than the handmade creations found on the Ttamage Etsy store.

Although the colors aren’t as bright and predominant as the previous dildo, the delicate rainbow swirl is just breathtaking, and being crafted by hand, I’m pretty sure each plug is fairly unique.

The plugs come in small and large, are crafted from solid Pyrex glass (making them pretty damn sturdy), moderately sized where girth is considered, and have bases so they’re safe for use anally.

Rainbows in my ass? Yes please!

Lix Vibrating Tongue RingDouble Rainbow Vibrating Tongue Ring: $21

If insertables aren’t quite your thing, but you enjoy oral, whether giving or receiving… and have your tongue pierced (does anyone still do that?), this rainbow colored vibrating tongue ring might just be right up your alley.

I know some of you are looking at it and probably thinking “ouch, those pokey things look scary“, but I promise you they’re not; I had a pink one years ago (yes, I had my tongue pierced) and never had any issues. Instead of being made of hard plastic, the little nubs are a glossy silicone that’s firm but supple and slightly stretchy. To be honest, pulling on them is kind of addictive, so here’s your fair warning; if you pull hard enough they will come off. Basically, don’t pick.

Unfortunately getting it in place can be a little tricky since you’ll have to turn it on, then slide it in your tongue, then screw on the bottom ball, all while your tongue is jiggling like a bowl of jelly. Of course you could insert it when it’s not vibrating, but turning it on once it’s in your mouth is actually harder. Who knew?

Regardless, it’s way better than this vibrating tongue ring, or this stupid thing.

Tantus Asteroid, Comet, & MeteoriteTantus Comet: $37.50 – $67.20

With popping tones of lime green, fluorescent orange, and opaque fuschia, Comet, Asteroid, and Meteorite look like the start of a rainbow, one that forgot what followed, but in the most perfect of ways.

Tantus AsteroidUnlike the clean cut lines found on Kusama and Amor, Tantus’ versions are much less dramatic, with the trio of shades gently fading into each other to create a much softer effect. They’re simple, and that’s part of their charm.

Tantus MeteoriteLike all of my fave Tantus toys they’re totally body safe, won’t absorb bodily fluids, lube or bacteria, can be fully sterilized when it comes to cleaning, and will last a lifetime with a minimum amount of care (saving you money in the long run).

If minimalism is your thing, you need one of these in your life. Fuck it, you need all three!

Check my review of the Tantus Meteorite… here’s a spoiler; there was absolutely no prepping involved, and it was glorious.

The Rainbow Amor Dildo: $65

When it comes to the mother of all rainbow dildos look no further than the Rainbow Amor, sold exclusively at Babeland.

This stunning little number has been a favorite of mine since I laid eyes on it back in 2011. I coveted it, begged for it, almost going so far as to offer up my first born just to get the chance to review it (I hoard sex toys, what can I say). Fortunately things didn’t get that extreme, and before I knew it I had it in my hot little hands.

From start to finish this dildo is everything I could ask for; there’s no bleeding of shades from one to the next, it’s crafted from body safe silicone (Fun Factory, thank you for making this!), it’s neither too big nor too small, AND it has every color perfectly distributed just like a real rainbow should.

FYI, it’s one of the only toys that’s been in my bedside drawer 3 years straight. For someone that literally owns bins of sex toys, that counts for something.

Here’s my review of the rainbow amor dildo, just in case you had any questions.

The End.

For other fun stuff check out my growing collection of #FunFindFriday posts. I also have a #WTFWednesday section, though that just might freak you out.

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#Giveaway: SheVibe Bound Giveaway Contest

If you’re not in the habit of checking the sex toy scene on a regular basis you probably haven’t seen the badass new dildo that just popped up, it’s unbelievable… both in detail and design. Oh, and fyi, it’s the byproduct of two of my absolute most favourite companies ever.

This is a BIG DEAL!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Bound by Vibeology, designed by the Superhero retailers over at Shevibe, manufactured and distributed by one of the worlds leading silicone toy companies, Tantus. That right there just screams quality!

Vibeology Bound dildo in cream

Bound : Cream

Vibeology Bound dildo in Cocoa

Bound : Cocoa

Vibeology Bound dildo in black

Bound : Black


Now I’m sure a lot of you are reading this and wondering, ‘with millions of dildos on the market, what makes this toy so special?’

Rather than answering the question myself I went right to the source, asking the good folks at SheVibe if they’d answer a bunch of questions about Vibeology, Bound, the process of getting the toy made, amongst other things, and they very graciously obliged. Big thanks to Sandra (the Queen B over at SheVibe) for taking the time out of her busy schedule, just another reason I love SheVibe so much!

1.) Why did you guys create Vibeology?

shevibe We always knew we would reach beyond just being SheVibe (although that has been an incredible gift).  We knew we wanted to have a design presence and Vibeology seemed like a great name to encompass many different projects and ideas.  So we trademarked it a few years ago and here we are. The future of Vibeology may very well involve design services outside of the adult industry. Our offices are always overflowing with ideas. Vibeology is another outlet for that creativity.

2.) How did the collaboration between SheVibe and Tantus come about?

shevibe This is actually a longish story, but the short version is that we set out to make something happen for someone else – when that person turned out to be a total flake, we took the opportunity to capitalize on our design talents with the connections we had made.  Tantus was always our first choice (cuz obviously).  We called them up and asked if we could pay them a visit to show them some designs.  They graciously accepted and we literally flew across the country just for the weekend!  SheVibe and Tantus connected immediately and we settled on some designs to get the ball rolling.  The opportunity to work with a legendary manufacturer has been amazing, but more than that, the friendship we have forged with Metis and Mike is something everyone at SheVibe is thankful for.

3.) What makes the Vibeology products/Bound different from others on the market?

shevibe With Bound in particular it’s texture & detail.  Tantus is the best silicone in the industry, hands down. This means SheVibe’s designs are brought to life in 100% Ultra-Premium Tantus Silicone. You’re getting original designs that create unique sensations in the industry’s highest quality and safest materials. Additionally, it’s no secret that Tantus is utilizing cutting edge technology including 3D rendering to create these intricate pieces.  I don’t think there is another premium silicone piece on the market with as much detail as the Bound.

Tantus and SheVibe are committed to maintaining quality, creativity and unique design in all future Vibeology pieces.

4.) Bound looks amazingly detailed, what was the process/how long did it take to craft, how did you choose that design?

shevibe We were actually inspired by the Tantus Harness line and created a dildo design to go with each harness (stay tuned).  The Bound was the companion to the Nevada Harness.  The look was so compelling, we knew we loved it and were so happy when Metis did too.  The concept sketch that Alex created was assigned specific dimensions and measurements before going to our super talented 3D modeler.  Once the 3D artist has perfected the design virtually, it goes to the 3D printer which produces a plastic model from which a mold is produced.  From there, it’s a matter of making sure the mold is conducive for extracting a silicone piece without flaws.  From concept inception to design to prototype production, about 100 man hours are expended. It’s quite an intricate and exhaustive process!

5.) What can we look forward to in the future from Vibeology?

shevibe Having access to the team of people that we do, there will be many more creative designs making their debut.  A half dozen products are in the pipeline and dozens more have been conceptualized. You can expect toys that are visually impressive enough to collect and, of course, pleasurably effective.

Bound Giveaway Contest

Now that you’re well versed with Bound, it’s only expected that you’ll want one… so, here’s a chance to win one of your very own in the SheVibe Bound Giveaway Contest!  Included in the mix: 1 Bound Dildo of your choice, 1 bottle of Ride BodyWorx Water Based Lube, and a Mini Silk Bondage Rope.

Entering is easy, just head over to the Bound Giveaway Page or use the form below, enter your info, and follow the instructions. I promise they’re unbelievably easy and totally painless. The contest runs through June 27th, 2014 so you’ve got lots of time to enter. Just make sure not to miss out!

Wanna be the first to know when new products come out? Of course you do! Make sure to follow Vibeology on Twitter and Facebook, and SheVibe on twitter and Facebook.

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#FunFindFriday: 101 Vagina Book Project


I’m about to say some things about vaginas/vulvas that you’re not going to like. Consider this your fair warning, and my preemptive apology.

Vulvas are ugly. Vaginas too. They’re hideous, foul, repulsive, and embarrassing. All that extra skin just flapping around, serving no real function. The whole kit and caboodle is just disgusting, both to look at and deal with. Don’t even get me started on vaginal wetness, making everything slick, slimy, and sloppy. Especially when menstruation is involved, it’s like someone went to town with a hatchet. And that wiry mound of hair, it’s obscene. Any person that thinks a pile of wrinkled protruding skin is anything but icky clearly has something wrong with them. Vaginas/vulvas are gross. End of story. Yuck.  I wish I didn’t have one, my life would be so much easier without it.

Contrary to your assumptions those aren’t my thoughts or the way I feel. Instead, what you just read is a mish mash of the messages I’ve received over the last 7 years from readers who’ve hated their genitals for one reason or another.

It’s sad, disheartening, and depressing.

Having said that, I’m sure many of you have felt something similar at some point. Maybe you’ve contemplated labiaplasty because you thought your labia (inner/outer) were too big. Opted to have sex in the dark so partner(s) couldn’t see your genitals. Shaved it bare in an attempt to be more appealing. Smothered it in disinfectants to mask your bodies natural odour. Applied tightening lotions or potions in hopes of making your vulva appear more ‘youthful’. Slathered on lightening creams because you thought the pigmentation was too dark. Or maybe you’ve spent a lifetime feeling uncomfortable in your own skin because your vulva wasn’t a taught, neat, toned little package like the ones often seen in porn.

No matter the reason for hating your vulva, or embarrassment you’ve experienced because of it, I can promise you’re not alone.

It’s for this reason that I love 101 Vagina by Philip Werner. Throughout the hardcovers thick and glossy pages we’re given a brief but honest glimpse into what it’s like to be the owner of a vagina/vulva. Some of the writing is uplifting, poetic even, while other excerpts take on a tone of courage, anxiety, sadness, respect, appreciation, and humility. It is raw, deep, emotional, insightful, and intentional, offering the opportunity to redefine and honor our bodies in a way we may not have been able to before. It’s a reminder to love ourselves, to see past the indifference and shame, to fully embrace what we’ve been gifted with, for far too often we forget.


A few choice quotes;

Until I met my husband, I was ashamed of my vagina, I thought it was weird. But he made it his mission to change how I felt about her, and now I’m proud.

That doctor decided I needed my labia and clitoral hood stitched back together. The procedure felt like something akin to being on an alien abduction table for human experimentation. To this day I re-experience the trauma of this event every time someone looks as my vagina. (speaking about a childhood accident)

You have welcomed both feminine fingers and tongues and masculine pulsing hard members of desire, filling me with joy and breathlessness. I now look at my vagina with awe, gratitude, and reverence – she is truly amazing.

While many of the comments I get are fairly crude, they are actually stated with the utmost fascination – and no small measure of respect – for the awesome that is my vagina.

101vaginashavenUnlike the photoshopped images often found in pornography and film, depicting shaven vulvas, primed and perfectly sculpted to be plush, plump and camera ready, each of the 101 black and white photographs accompanying the writings are real; there are bruises on thighs, unevenly shaved pubic hair, crooked tan lines, aged and rippled skin, moles and scars, cellulite and stretch marks, freckles, stubble, piercings, and tattoos.

Moreover, there are labia of every shape and size; some protrude yearning to be seen, others hide tucked away safe from the prying eyes of judgment. And yet, each of them is beautiful, perfectly suited for the person to which they belong.

101vaginabooktextFor some this book will be a commentary on female sexuality. To others, a work of art. Maybe it’s an homage to the almighty vagina/vulva, or a personally transformative experience. A minority might even view it as carefully crafted pornography, but for all intense and purposes, *smut* it is not.

Regardless of your perspective, I hope 101 Vagina gives you a chance to take a good hard look at the way society views genitals, as a body part and a means of gaining pleasure, and how those views shape and potentially damage along the way. And in that, I hope you are challenged to see past the lies about ‘beauty’ we’ve been brainwashed to believe are true and learn to love your body just as it is. Perspective is everything, and the content within these pages has heaps of it.

We should be taught from a young age that our vagina is noting to be ashamed of, that we’re all different and beautiful and deserve all the love and appreciation

Whether you’re uncomfortable in your own skin, are a lover of vadges everywhere, have kids nearing an age of curiosity about their body/the bodies of others, or simply want a coffee table book that’s sure to spark conversation, I implore you to buy a copy of 101 Vagina. I promise you’ll be a better person for it

To get one of your own head over the 101 vagina website, hit up, or if you’re in Toronto from June 14th – 22nd you can check out the last leg of the 101 Vagina Art Exhibit & Book tour at Creative Blueprint Gallery. Copies will be available for purchase, and if you happen to see Philip, make sure to thank him for his work. <3

“Dedicated to our bodies and our sexuality,

our deepest desires and most delicate vulnerability.”

Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 6.56.39 PM

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