Review: Vida Zara

Thanks to folks at Fascinations I was sent a product that I absolutely love – the Vida Zara!

Unlike a lot of products on the market theZara arrives safely tucked away inside a stunning zippered storage case. The case itself is a sleek, matte, black, faux leather that is discreet, professional and very trendy looking. Not only is it pretty, but it’s also very roomy with enough space to safely store your Zara along with a small bottle of lube, the charger and some condoms.

The Zara is sleek in design, light weight and quite beautiful. Made of anodized gun metal aluminum and coated in black onyx silicone, the product is non porous and ultra hygienic. More then that, it’s phthalate, Cadmium, and Mercury free making it easy to care for and environmentally friendly.

As for the stats, Zara is very thin, especially compared to most vibrators on the market. It measures 7 inches in total length, with only the first 3 inches meant for insertion. That said, for those of you that don’t like large products this one is perfect for you. Not only does the thin width make insertion easy and comfortable but the size itself goes a long way for direct g-spot stimulation.

Speaking of g-spot stimulation, with its curved head and bulbous design that is what this product was specifically designed for. Not only does the unique shape create a greater surface area for stimulation but it also provides the user with the ability to control a more targeted application of pressure – something some women need to achieve a g-spot orgasm.

*While the product was designed for g-spot stimulation you could just as easily turn it around and use the head for direct and easy to control clitoral stimulation.

Using Zara is very easy; located on the front of the ergonomic handle is a single button surrounded by a pretty pink light. Press the button once to turn it on, then to run through the 5 different speeds of vibration click the button for each elevation in speed you’d like to experience. To turn it off just hold the button for 3 seconds and it quickly turns off. Again I have to say how much of a fan I am of products with a quick “off” function.

When it came to the volume of this product I was shocked to see that it held true to its description of being “whisper silent”; there are no rumblings, high pitched squeals or any other noises that might cause suspicion should you get caught in the act. On that note, I’ll be honest this product is possibly one of the quietest vibrators I have ever seen!

In regard to charging the Zara, it’s as easy as using it; simply flip up the silicone stopper, plug your AC adapter into the AC outlet, plug it in the wall, let it charge for 1 hour and you’re good to go!

*the first time you charge it it’s suggested that you do so for 3 hours before using it. Then after that you only need to charge it for one hour intervals rather then the initial three.

As if the product wasn’t great to begin with it’s also waterproof – who could ask for more! That said the Zara can be used in or out of the shower, bath or any other scenario you can think of. If you’re someone who would prefer to use it somewhere like a Jacuzzi or hot tub I am going to suggest placing it inside a condom first and tying off the opening, as I don’t know if chlorine will do any damage. It’s always better to be safe then sorry!

Because this is a silicone toy I would only suggest a good water based lube. One of the great things with silicone products is the fact that they are non-porous; if you use a silicone lube with a silicone toy you run the risk of ruining your toy. Trust me, with luxury products like the Zara you don’t want to run any risk of destroying it.

Since the Zara is made of silicone and waterproof keeping it clean is very easy. Just wash it with antibacterial soap and water, rinse it well and either wipe it down with a lint free cloth or let it air dry. Once it’s dry you can either tuck it away in the storage case or use the pretty little pouch it also comes with for safe keeping.

Being that this is such a kick ass toy I had a rather hard time finding faults with it. That said, the only ones that I could come up with were the fact that it has a few seams on it (which might interfere with a smooth insertion), it doesn’t have a multiple of vibration modes (i.e. rumbling, throbbing, pulsation, it just has speeds) and it isn’t as strong as a lot of the other luxury products on the market. I’ll admit that last negative may be a positive for some of you, especially if you find most toys too powerful. If that’s the case this might just be the perfect luxury toy for you!

Final Verdict

All in all I think the Vida Zara is possibly one of the most futuristic looking, easy to use, professional and interesting g-spot vibrators I’ve come across. As if it being waterproof, light weight, rechargeable, specifically designed for g-spot stimulation, comfortable, whisper silent and eco friendly wasn’t enough, the fact that it also comes with a one year limited warranty makes it a product that I would suggest to pretty much anyone!

If you’d like to try the Vida Zara for yourself it can be safely purchased through Fascinations, where shopping for other vibrators or the full range of Vida products and other lovely sex toys is affordable and discreet.

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