Sex Ed 102: Reversible Contraception Methods

“Birth Control” by definition relates to the use of any practices, methods, or devices that are employed to prevent pregnancy from occurring. The main goal of any birth control method is to either prevent fertilization of an egg, or implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus.

When I speak of Reversible Birth Control Methods I am referring to any practice of birth control that protects a person from pregnancy at any point in their life, while still preserving the option to have children at another time.In most cases the ability to become pregnant, returns shortly after the reversible method is discontinued. The rate at which fertility returns will vary with each method.
Technically there are 4 methods of Reversible Birth Control; barrier, behavioral, hormonal and emergency.This page will specifically cover the Barrier and Hormonal methods. If you would like to learn about the others please go back to the Contraception and STI page and select the corresponding category.


Safer Sex Practices

Barrier Methods of Protection

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