Casual Dating Etiquette

While the term “casual dating” might seem like an excuse for a lack of rules and a case of anything goes, you’ll find there is etiquette to be followed, a rather delicate one in fact.

datingFirst things first, make sure the two of you are well aware of the intentions. Last thing you want is for someone to get the wrong idea and for things to turn ugly quickly. Discuss what you both want, whether it’s just sex or someone to hang with. Make it clear if you’re seeing other people as well. If you’re looking for sex with no strings, announce that. If not, then explain exactly what it is you want from this arrangement.

Yes, casual dating sounds like it’s all about going wild and having fun, but it’s important that the person you’re with is on the same page.

Jealously springs up more than you might think. Spending time with someone over a longer period of time, it’s only natural that feelings might grow between the two of you, regardless of whether it was intended or not. How you go about things if this occurs should be discussed beforehand. Keep from doing any of the boyfriend/girlfriend stuff you’d expect in a relationship, remember this was a “casual engagement“ after all.

It might seem obvious but as is the case with any relationship, no matter how casual, being honest is key since it will help you both know where you stand. There’s no sense in hiding your intentions or being deceitful. After all you should both be in it for the same reasons. Furthermore, you should be open about what it is you like and what it is you would like to try. Before you know it, you’ll be discovering new things about yourself sexually and emotionally.

whisperingImagine it, you’re lying in bed with someone and suddenly they start talking about a person they met the other night. While it’s not a problem that they sleep with other people, hearing of their latest conquest is certainly something that might make you feel uncomfortable. Just as you wouldn’t expect your date to talk about past boyfriends or girlfriends, you also wouldn’t want them to bring up past sexual encounters, recent or not.

More one for the females, but still a rule to go by nonetheless. When seeing someone new whether it’s going on a date or just meeting for a sexual encounter, always agree to meet someone public and preferably somewhere the female feels comfortable (It’s not right to have the woman travel across the county for example). It’s just gentlemanly.

It’s strange to think of casual dating having rules to go by but like anything in life, there is certain etiquette to follow. It’s because of this that casual dating can be a much more pleasant and safer experience.

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