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When I first started reviewing products one of my main goals was to help expose my viewers to the best of the best, with an emphasis on affordability, ease of use and most importantly user safety. Not only did I think that might teach my viewers what made a product stand out from the rest, but I also thought it would cancel out many of the negative preconceived notions people had regarding intimate accessories and sexual wellness products.

Of course I’d love it you all shopped at my official online store, but the truth is that sexual wellness, education, liberation, exploration and being comfortable in your body is much more important than my own personal financial gain. As such, below is a list of some of my all time favorite retailers and manufacturers. Whether it was their fantastic customer service, emphasis on customer safety and representing quality made goods, affordable prices, creating an amazing community or standing up for sexual freedom by working outside the box, each has left me impressed and proud of how far things have come.

With that in mind, if you’d like to support reliable, honest and deserving companies, ones that actually need your help to grow and continue to offer such outstanding services, please don’t hesitate to choose them when it comes to your online (or offline) purchases.

* If you wanna help me out (my work continues thanks to commissions from online sales) make sure you have cookies enabled and clear your cache before clicking any of the below links. Thanks!

Retailers and Resellers

The first company I’m gonna rep is my own, for very obvious reasons. The not so obvious ones… the selection is pretty huge with over 100,00 items at some very affordable prices. There’s a shittonne of stuff available for under $20.00, all of the most sought after luxury toys, the totally intense Caesar sex machine, and a huge selection of sexy books, not to mention all of the products I’ve reviewed. Oh, and you’re helping me out every time to buy something.

When it comes to female friendly shops that are inclusive, classy, fun and the customer service is amazing – both online and in-store (I know because I’ve shopped and visited the locations) – Babeland is pretty amazing! Aside from that they also are the only place where you can get a rainbow dildo that’s Fun Factory quality,  massage candles that are to die for (I’d douse myself in the Rice Flower scent if I could), and adorable little foreplay kits that include everything you’d need for a great time! Seriously, they’re amazing and you should support them when you can!

With a pretty great review program, amazing giveaways, lots of sales and a sense of community that’s hard to find elsewhere, Eden Fantasys has become one of my go-to online sex toy stores when I’m looking for great products at great prices. Even better, once you sign up you can easily rack up points that can be converted to online dollars – snagging sex toys for those on a budget has never been this easy.

SheVibe has got to be the most esthetically pleasing online sex toy shops I’ve ever seen. More than that, it’s easy to navigate, always fun, affordable and always seems to leave me wanting more… and more… and more. It’s probably the one site I could spend hours combing through while sipping a Martini and staring in awe at the hilarious comics. Not joking. If you want to help a small online company with some amazing talent behind it, please support them. They deserve it.

Shevibe Sex Toys

Fave Manufacturers

Ah Fleshlight, the thing all of my penis envy moments are made of. With everything from the original pink lady to moulds of your fave porn starlets, stamina training units designed to help you learn to last longer to the smaller and slightly more discreet Sex In A Can versions, and even a collection of toys for ladies, there’s something for everyone.