Sex Ed 102: Permanent Contraception Methods

Contraception is an important issue for many men and women, and considering this, there are quite a few temporary birth control options available. Some are perfect choices for those who want to plan their next pregnancy more carefully, but for others who have decided that they do not want children, a permanent solution is more desirable.

Permanent Contraception Methods use both surgical and non-surgical procedures to create a block preventing an unfertilized egg from coming into contact with  sperm. Although they may be reversed in some cases, they are usually called permanent because reversal is difficult and cannot be guaranteed. Like many things, choosing a permanent form of birth control is not a decision to be taken lightly. There are some serious issues that should be considered like side effects, health risks, and emotional responses before making a final decision. You may wish to seek counseling from your physician or gynecologist when making your personal choice to ensure it is the right one.

Technically there are 2 options for those with female genitalia; Tubal Ligation and Implants/Transcervical Sterilization. For those with male genitalia, there is currently only one option; Vasectomy. Unfortunately these methods do not provide protection against STD’s so further efforts must be made ensure safe sex practices are being used.

This page will specifically cover the Permanent Contraception methods. If you would like to learn about the others please go back to the Contraception and STI page and select the corresponding category.


Permanent Methods Of Birth Control

Tubal Ligation

Implants/Transcervical Sterilization




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