Kegel Exercises for G-Spot Wellness

While there are many intimate accessories designed to make stimulating the g-spot exceptionally easy, I’m a firm believer that having a fit, healthy and strong vagina is still one of the most important factors when it comes to overall sexual enjoyment.

Just like any other muscle in the body, the PC muscles (or pubococcygeus muscles) need regular exercise to maintain their tone, functionality and overall health.

Not only does having strong PC muscles enhance g-spot stimulation, but it can also give you a more desirable grip during intercourse, help to control your bladder, make child birth easier, while also preventing incontinence as you age.

As for the sexual benefits, they’ve been known to help women learn to reach a g-spot orgasm, make their orgasms much more powerful, improve sexual arousal and possibly help make female ejaculation a bit more of a possibility.

*For those of you wondering, the PC Muscles are several layers of hammock-like muscles (found in both men and women) that are attached to the front, back and sides of the pelvic bones and stretch from the pubic bone to the tail bone. Along with other tissues, these muscles work to support the pelvic organs, including the uterus, bladder, small intestine and rectum.

pelvic musclesKegel Exercises for G-Spot Health

Since it may take patience, dedication and time to not only identify your pc muscles, but also learn how to contract and relax them, I thought I’d share some pointers to make practicing slightly easier:

Finding the right muscles: To find your pc muscles I suggest inserting a finger into your vagina and trying to squeeze the surrounding muscles (you should feel your vagina tighten and the pelvic floor move upward). Once you’ve done this successfully, you can relax your muscles and feel the pelvic floor return to the starting position. if that doesn’t work for you trying to stop the flow of urine when you urinate might be a better option. If you succeed, you’ve got the basics.

*Doing Kegel exercises with a full bladder or while emptying your bladder can actually weaken the muscles, as well as lead to incomplete emptying of the bladder — which may increases the risk of a urinary tract infection.

How To Strengthen Your Kegels w/ A Product

Thanks to the creation of different Kegel exercisers like Ben Wa Balls, Vaginal Barbells, Bio-Feedback devices and Duo Balls, strengthening the area has become much easier, and although the shape and size of such products may differ, using them is generally the same idea:

1.)  Relax your body and insert the product. If you find you’re having difficulty try adding a little bit of  lubrication  to help it/them glide in. (You can insert them standing, with one leg up or while laying down. Do what’s comfortable for you)

2.)  Squeeze your PC muscles together to hold the product in place. If you notice that it feel like they’re slipping or  pushing down a little (while inside your vagina) don’t worry it’s normal.

3.)  Hold the product inside for about 10 minutes a day to strengthen your PC muscles. Once you’ve built the muscle up you can increase the length of time they are inserted.

4.)  When you’ve had enough and want it removed you’ve got quite a few options to your disposal including jumping up and down, coughing, bearing down as if you’re having a bowel movement, inserting lubricant to help them slide out or simply inserting one finger and gently trying to roll them out (I’ve done all of the above so I know they work, especially with Ben Wa Balls). Just keep in mind that they won’t get lost inside you, or your vagina.

Great Products for Kegel Exercise

Ben Wa Balls: ($12.99 – $24.99)

If there is one product that seems to have stood the test of time is these lovely little marble shaped metallic 2oz weighted balls. Smooth to the touch and easy to insert, Ben Wa Balls are crafted out of solid non porous and non tarnishing metal, making them body safe, compatible with any lube and very discreet. If silver isn’t your thing they also come in a variety of colors, sizes and weights, as well as body safe ABS plastic, rather than metal.  My suggestion if you go for metal, get some stainless steel kegel balls; they’re far more durable.

To use them simply insert one at a time and use your PC muscle to hold them in place (don’t worry, they won’t get lost in side you – promise!).  While you can wear them during your day to day activities I suggest you be a little careful, at least in the beginning. I know a few people who have had them fall out and roll down a pant leg while in public. (Definitely funny in retrospect or to read in an email, but not so fun in the moment – for the record, it doesn’t happen that often).

*If you’re new to Kegel exercises I suggest you try using something a bit larger to first, as it’ll likely be much easier to hold onto. Once you feel comfortable and ready to move to something a little harder to master give the Ben Wa Balls a try.

Specs: Circumference 2 1/4″, Diameter 3/4″, Weight 2oz (.13lbs)

Final Verdict: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Silicone Kegel Balls: ($22.99 – $29.99)

From the moment I saw the Mina Luna Beads I loved them!

Not only do they come respectfully and professionally packaged but  they’re velvety smooth to the touch, firm and nicely weighted (not too heavy, nor too light). They’re also waterproof, made of high quality silicone so they’re non porous, hypo allergenic, hygienic, phthalate and latex free.

Rather than using a traditional string, the outer bulbous shells are connected via a thin piece of silicone that allows them to be very flexible and conform to your bodies shape and movements. As I said they are firm and have no squish or give to them, fortunately this isn’t necessarily a downfall as it makes inserting them very, very easy (though I still suggest using a good water based lubricant to help out).

Part of what makes these silicone K-Balls so amazing is the weighted ball contained inside each of the rounded shells; as you move they roll, bounce and ‘shake’ around, creating a whirling sensation inside you. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel good…or at least extremely interesting.

Since they come with a silicone cord that measures 3.5″ in length, removing them is a breeze. Just give a little pull and they should easily slide out. As for cleaning you can boil them, use an anti bacterial toy cleaner or wash them with soap and water.

Specs: Length: 7.5″, Insertable Length – 4″ , Width: 1.4″ , Girth – 4.5” around (at largest  part).


Final Verdict: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Couture Collection Éclipse II ($24.99 – $34.99)

If you’re someone who likes the ‘full’ sensation larger products usually have to offer I can’t help but suggest going up a slight bit from the K-Balls and trying the Éclipse II instead.

Like the K-Balls they’re made of high quality silicone, waterproof, contain weighted balls on each side, have a long silicone cord for removal, are easy to use, easy to care for and are very well made.

Of course there are a few differences that set them apart. First of all, they’re more like a tear drop than a ball, with an ergonomically shaped slight protrusion that makes them a bit more enjoyable for g-spot stimulation than the K-Balls.

Second, rather than just using silicone they incorporated a ABS plastic (it’s still body safe, don’t worry) to the mix, with the flatter side being ABS and the rounded side being silicone. While this may seem a tad silly I found it made inserting them easier, especially when a little bit of water based lube was applied.

Finally, and I’m not sure how to put this other than to say, they’re floppy. Yep, you heard right – floppy. Because the silicone connector between the two halves is more of thin thread than a firm connection, there is no support to hold them steadily apart. Although this makes them a little more difficult to insert (than the K-Balls), it does give them the ability to move around and conform to your body when inserted. One feature I’m definitely willing to trade for the other.

When it comes to cleaning you can use an anti bacterial toy cleaner or wash them with soap and water. Since they include an ABS plastic I wouldn’t suggest boiling them like the K-Balls.

*Contrary to what the the box and manufacturers website says, they do in fact have a seam.

Specs: Length – 8″, Insertable Length – 4 3/4″, Girth – 4.1″, Width – 1.5″, Removal Cord 3 1/4″, Weight 2.9oz

Final Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

Overall Final Verdict

If learning to strengthen your PC muscles (whether for sexual purposes or health related reasons) is something that you’re interested in, I highly believe that each of the products listed above will work wonders when it comes to getting into the habit of daily Kegel Exercising.

Not only are each of the above products body safe, easy to use, affordable, discreet and well made, but they’re also designed with female pleasure in mind…I’m not sure many typical exercise products can say that!

For those of you that want more info, would like to  purchase the products or are simply curious to see what other Kegel exercise tools are available, I highly suggest you head over to where shopping for intimate accessories is easy, affordable, discreet and your privacy is of utmost importance.


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