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Over the last couple of years I have been continually asked about products used to enhance the experience of oral sex. As such, I decided to create a post specifically covering products that would be good for use, what’s not so great, and key pointers and tips to keep in mind.

In regard to the pointers there are a few things I would suggest:

  • Beware of products with a high consistency of glycerin or sugar (if its one of the first 3 ingredients, watch out!)
  • If you’re prone to yeast infections, steer clear of glycerin; when the body breaks down glycerin it turns into a sugar, yeast thrives in a sugary environment. By using a lubricant that’s high in glycerine you’re just asking for another trip to the pharmacy for your favourite yeast infection treatment.
  • As it’s exposed to air glycerin oxidizes very quickly (breaks down). This oxidization creates a very sticky, goopey, or thick substance that leaves you having to reapply often.

*Product developers and companies are smart, if they know the product gets sticky fast, causing you to have to re apply more often, you will also go through the product faster…leaving you to shop more. For them its all about the money, not the quality. Again, I suggest you watch for products that have a high consistency of glycerin and steer clear.

  • Pick a lube specifically designed for the type of play you’re looking to get into; for oral to vaginal stay clear of any products that contain glycerin or sugars, for blowjobs pretty much anything is good for use except silicone (silicone will coat your throat and make it very hard to swallow).
  • Because some STD/STI’s can be transferred via oral genital contact I highly suggest the use of dental dams any time you are engaging in play with a new partner or have not been tested for STD/STI’s.

Products Featured In Video

System Jo Flavoured Lube

System Jo was one of the very first lubricants I trusted. At the time the vast majority of lubes were made by the bigger sex toy manufacturers; companies that really didn’t a shit whether what they made was body safe or not. Thankfully System Jo sashayed onto the scene, brought a new type of product to the market (along with an awareness of toxic chemicals), and changed the status quo.   As for the flavored lubes; they’ve got a great taste, no aftertaste, no artificial sweeteners (natural plant based glycerin), never get tacky or sticky, feel silky smooth like silicone, and are latex safe (for use with condoms or dental dams). Granted they contain two different parabens, so keep that in mind. Also, if you’re sensitive to glycerin I’d suggest opting for another brand like Sliquid. I usually only use System Jo for oral play, but I still think it’s a decent enough brand to support.

Available in: Tangerine Dream,


*Tangerine Dream     *Pineapple
*Pomegranate            *Chocolate
*Strawberry Kiss       *Peachy Lips
*Watermelon               *Banana
*Raspberry Sorbet    *Cherry Burst
*Tropical Passion
*Lemon Splash



ID Juicy Lube

Containing no sugars or dyes, Juicy Lube’s clear, non-staining formula is water-based, long lasting and latex compatible, making it ideal for foreplay and oral sex on males.

If you wanted to use it on a female you could, I would just suggest you try to avoid inserting it or using it for sexual purposes due to the consistency of glycerin.

Available in
*Luscious Watermelon    *Banana
*Fresh Peach                 *Cool Mint
*Pina Colada                  *Wild Cherry
*Strawberry Kiwi             *Bubble Gum
*Passion Fruit

Cake ~ Dessert Flavored Lubes

The flavored lubes within the Cake line are probably the most “candy” tasting flavored lube I’ve come across!  Sweet and rich, relatively thick (so you don’t need a lot), latex compatible and come in a very tasty range of flavors.

Since they have a higher consistency of glycerin then others I suggest using them for oral sex on males only (blow jobs) rather than use on females.

Available in

*Devils Food Cake   *Red Velvet Cake  *Angel Food Cake

Flavored Condoms

Since STI/STD’s can be transmitted from the penis to the mouth, I highly suggest the use of condoms when you are engaging in any kind of oral play, especially when it involves the transmission of bodily fluids.

While people say they don’t like condoms for oral play, sometimes sex even, I just want to put one little thing out there; they’ve come a long way from the days when it felt like you were having sex with a garbage bag!! Condoms now come in a wide variety of tasty flavors, fun colors, different sizes, thicknesses, latex free and affordable prices, making them not only easily accessible but also great for experimenting with.

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Dental Dams

Since STI/STD’s can be transmitted from the vagina/vulva to the mouth, I highly suggest the use of dental dams when you are engaging in any kind of oral play, especially when it involves the transmission of bodily fluids.

I know most people haven’t even heard of dental dams and may think that they are funny, silly, a waste of money or might take away from the feeling but the truth is, they are actually very practical, inexpensive, come in a range of flavors (that are actually pretty good) and can do a great job of creating a whole new experience!

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