Beginners Guide: Butt Friendly Sex Toys

Butt ToysJust like every other sex toy on the market, butt toys come in a wide variety of colours, shapes, sizes and materials, each designed to offer a specific kind of sensation. Some target the p-spot (prostate), others provide a feeling of fullness, some allow you to become comfortable with the idea of having something in your butt, while others penetrate deeply for a fuller feeling, some vibrate for a heightened sense of arousal, while others simply let you safely explore anal play.

Regardless of what you’re into, there is something to suit your needs, it’s just a matter of finding one that works with you and your body.

Tips & Suggestions

Since there is a lot of miscommunication and horrible myths when it comes to butt play, I thought I’d fill you in on a few tips & tricks just to make sure you’re fully in the know before getting busy:

  • Desensitizing products are a no-no; although some may feel using numbing agents is a good idea, I suggest you don’t; not only do they limit the amount of control you have, they could be dangerous as you probably won’t feel any pain and therefor not know when you’re going too far too fast. Instead, you may want to consider an anal spray that relaxes the area rather than numbing it.
  • Always use a product with a flared base; this is important as it will stop the product from being pulled inside, potentially saving you a trip to the doctors office. If you’re using beads, make sure to count them after. Yes, they have popped off and been lost in people before.
  • sliquidChoose a good quality lube; no matter what type you choose I highly suggest the use of a thick lubricant that’s very slippery and maintains its consistency. Otherwise, you’ll likely find yourself constantly have to stop to reapply. I find silicone lubricants work best (unless you’re using a silicone product, then I’d suggest something else like a good water based lube).
  • No rough stuff; be sure that anything you insert is smooth and free of any jagged edges, points, or ridges, as the internal lining of the rectum/anus could be torn or scratched, potentially leading to infection.
  • Never go from back to front; although you can go from vagina to anus, I highly suggest you refrain from going anus to vagina. That’s just asking for trouble. If you’re going to be sharing with a partner, I’d advise either using a condom (and changing it between partners) or thoroughly cleaning it between uses.
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness; on that note, because the anus can harbor bacteria it is always advised that you fully clean each and every product after use (that goes for everything, not just butt toys).
  • Pick a body safe material; finally, when shopping for a butt toy make sure to choose one crated out of a non-porous material like glass, steel, high quality silicone, sealed wood or aluminum as they won’t absorb bodily fluids, lube or bacteria like a cheap jelly or rubber toy would.

*Wanna play but not sure how to do it safely or where to begin? Check out my Beginners Guide To Butt Play as it should answer any of the questions you have.

Butt Toy Breakdown

Because there are so many different butt toys on the market, some that often beget a ‘wtf is that for?’, I figured I’d explain what the most common products are and what they’re used for:

Tantus Ryder

Tantus Ryder

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are designed to be inserted in the butt and held in place by the sphincter muscles. Because the muscles naturally react by clenching and relaxing around the stem and head of the plug, it often gives the impression of being “plugged up”. Basically put, you insert them in your ass and they stay there, providing a pleasurable sensation of fullness and/or pressure.

Because many plugs are smaller in size they tend to be great for those that are easily intimated or afraid of inserting anything in their butt.

*the Tantus Ryder pictured left is a good example of a body safe butt plug. Some other great plugs include the Vixen Creations Buddy, any of the Crystal Delights Plugs (comes with a genuine Swarovski Crystal in the base), any of the Njoy Pure Plugs, the newer Tantus Juice, Twist or Neo, or the ones Blush, Aneros, or Good Vibes make.

Anal Probes

While the name may sound somewhat scary (thanks to the association with ‘alien anal probing’), probes tend to be surprisingly pleasurable. Unlike plugs, which tend to be rather small by comparison, probes usually describe any type of longer sized intimate accessory that offers deeper anal penetration. Very often you’ll find they come in a tapered shape with some form of texture whether it’s ribbing, rippling or otherwise.

*the Fun Factory Wanda pictured right is a good example of a body safe anal probe. Some other great probes include the Tantus Ripple, or the Boundless 6 Inch Ridged Probe.

Fun Factory Anal Beads

Fun Factory Felix

Anal Beads

Because stimulation of the anus and surrounding areas can offer a surprising amount of pleasure, many people have shed their inhibitions and begun to explore anal play with products like anal beads.

As the name would suggest, anal beads consist of multiple balls or spheres of similar or varying sizes, which are inserted anally and removed at varying speeds during orgasm (the pleasurable feeling of having them pass through the narrow sphincter can help to enhance the experience).

Unfortunately not all beads are created equally, especially when it comes to body safe materials. Things you’ll want to consider when choosing; always look for silicone or non-porous material for both the beads and the ‘cord’ to which they’re attached (nylon, lycra and other fabric materials are all porous and therefore cannot be fully sterilized), beads that are fixed in place – meaning they don’t move up or down the ‘cord’, a sturdy handle for removal, and absolutely no steams or sharp edges.

*the Fun Factory Flexi Felix is a good example of body safe anal beads. Some other great probes include the Cheeky Beads, Vibrating Progressive BeadsTantus Beads.

Aneros Helix Prostate Stimulator

Aneros Helix

Prostate Stimulator/Massagers

The prostate, more commonly known as the “p-Spot”, is located few inches inside the anal canal (those that are ‘female bodied’ don’t have one) and forms a part of the male reproductive system, with the main function being to produce the fluid that protects and enriches sperm.

Because the nerves that control erections surround the prostate, many have found that applying pressure to the p-spot or stimulating it via massage is highly pleasurable. As such, there are many specifically designed to massage the area and intensify stimulation.

*the Aneros Helix pictured right is a good example of a prostate massager.

For some it’s the sensation of ‘fullness’ that brings pleasure, for others it’s stimulation of specific areas like the ‘p-spot’ that do it, regardless of your specific likes or dislikes, so long as you’re being safe and using a product specifically designed for anal play I say embrace it and enjoy it!

Curious about the butt toys I’ve reviewed? Head over to my butt toy review page for all the ass stuffin’ goodness!

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