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treasure troveSince I’ve spent so much time reviewing things that go ‘buzz’ in the night, I thought I’d get my hands on something completely different for my next review. When I saw the Treasure Trove Kit, made by the folks at KamaSutra, I instantly knew I had to have it.

*Fortunately the folks at Eden Fantasys are pretty cool with letting reviewers pick their own products, so getting my hands on it wasn’t too hard!


Like all of the products KamaSutra makes the packaging is respectful, professional, pretty and sturdy. There is nothing on the delightful pink box that’s rude, embarrassing or ‘inappropriate’; it lists the items included, scent/flavor and uses the word “lover” to hint what it’s for.

Maybe it’s just me, but I found it rather stunning and extremely high end in both appearance and feel. Fortunately the level of quality shown on the outer box is mimicked on all of the included products, with nothing having any rude or possibly embarrassing writing on them.

While I was a little disappointed to see that each item didn’t come as it would if bought independently (no outer case/packaging), I was rather surprised to see that the Oil Of Love and Stimulating Gel were securely sealed in clear plastic bags to ensure there was no mess should they accidentally open during transportation. A very nice thought on their behalf.


Included in the Treasure Trove are 3 items, all ofwhich are “Strawberries and Champagne” scented/flavored; a 3.4oz bottle of Oil of Love, 8 ounces of their fantastic Honey Dust (with the feather duster) and 1.7 oz tube of Stimulating Gel.

Rather than just doing an over all review of the products I’m going to break each one down into its own separate mini review:

oil of loveKamaSutra Oil of Love:

The Oil of Love is a pretty, translucent pink, sweetly scented fluid that warms when rubbed on the skin or blown.

The consistency is slippery, thin and rather fluid, though it tends to get sticky and gummy if too much is used or it’s not licked off before it has a chance to oxidize.

With the exception of a sticker around the base that says “KamaSutra”, “Oil of Love” and the flavor/scent, it comes in a very pretty glass jar with nothing on it to state what it is.

*If you’re into reusing bottles for perfume, homemade oil mixtures or anything else you can dream up, this bottle is definitely worth saving.

Having said that I wouldn’t personally use it for massages, instead I would use it as a body topping or during foreplay to arouse and excite during oral teasing. On that note, I also wouldn’t suggest it for cunnilingus since it contains both glycerin and sucrose (which may cause a yeast infection for those that are prone to them), when it comes to blow jobs, enjoy!

As for the taste, it’s sweet, a little tart, slightly artificial but very yummy. There’s no harsh aftertaste, burning in the back of the throat or slimy feeling left on the tongue, something I’ve experience with other “oils”.  Aside from that it doesn’t tingle or numb the tongue, allowing you to do what you want without feeling like you need to go brush your teeth to get rid of the sensation.

*the 3.4oz bottle does not come with the container pictured above left.

Final Verdict: Overall I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars with a deduction for the sticky feeling and slightly artificial taste.

KamaSutra Honey Dust:

KamaSutra’s Honey Dust comes as pictured with a lovely satin red bag to contain the powder and an extremely soft feather duster for application.

There’s nothing on either of the items to state what they are, allowing you to leave it out in the open without any worry someone might come to the automatic conclusion it’s for a sexy rendezvous.

As for the taste, it’s light, sweet, flavorful and extremely tasty. There’s no burning, tingling, stinging or horrible aftertaste, just a yummy candy flavor that lingers deliciously on your taste buds.

Whether you use it to dust on each other and lick off, as a sweat absorbing powder before a busy day (it’s great for under/between the breasts), something to leave your skin delicately and deliciously scented or to sprinkle on your pillows before you hit the sheets, this product does it all!

Fortunately it doesn’t get sticky, flakey, gummy or pasty over time, instead leaving your skin feeling soft and velvety smooth.

*The feather duster can also be used to tease and gently tickle your partner during a night of foreplay and fun.

Final Verdict: I easily give this product  5 out of 5 stars  for its high end quality, designer look and feel, longevity (the 8oz lasts a long time) and delicious scent/taste.

KamaSutra Stimulating Gel:

Considering that the previous two KamaSutra products were so fantastic I had extremely high hopes for the Stimulating Gel. Sadly I sit somewhere on the fence between pleased and uninspired.

The Good: It’s not excessively sticky or tacky when rubbed into the skin (just a little of each), comes beautifully and professionally packaged, goes quite a long way for the little that’s used, cools when blown on and is latex safe.

The Bad: It tastes and smells like medicine (think cherry Halls or a fruity Vapo Rub), numbed my tongue, contains glycerine (which may cause a yeast infection if used vaginally) and didn’t really “tingle” like I expected (I can say it warmed, but “tingled”, not really).

*You could use it on the nipples, clitoris, penis, earlobes or other erogenous zones to help stimulate and excite, but I wouldn’t suggest it for internal use whether anally or vaginally.

Final Verdict: It’s not the worst product I’ve ever tried, yet it’s also nowhere close to being the best – 2.75 out of 5 stars.

Value For Your Money

When it comes to kits like these there is one question I’m always asked – “is it really worth it?”…

In this case I’m a little torn; if you bought the Honey Dust, Oil of Love and Stimulating Gel separately you’d easily pay over $50.00 (including tax, not including shipping), yet you wouldn’t get the pretty box for storage (which also makes giving it as a gift extra special). Since EdenFantasys offers it for $40.99 you’ve got a savings of $9.00, which is pretty sweet.

Having said that, I think the current asking price is a little bit much and would have been much more excited it if was somewhere around the $35.00 price point. Regardless, it’s definitely still worth it.

Overall Final Verdict

Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Stimulating Gel, I do think the overall package is pretty amazing; everything is easy to use, body safe, professionally and beautifully packed, tastes and smells great, comes ready for gift giving, can be used by anyone and definitely adds a whole new way to explore, whether  it’s between the sheets or anywhere else you can dream up.

If you’d like more info, to purchase the KamaSutra Treasure Trove or to take a look at any of the other products KamaSutra has to offer, make sure to check out Eden Fantasys where shopping is affordable, discreet and exceptionally easy.

*Don’t forget to take advantage of the different specials going on each month like discounts on kits, sales and even FREE products added to your order!!
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