Review: Wickedly Sensual Fantasy~ Flavored Heating Pleasure Potion

In a previous review I wrote about the 9 Flavored Heating Massage Potions I was recently sent by the kind folks at Wickedly Sensual.

Not only were they all natural, gently warming and wonderfully flavored but they were also latex safe, very affordable, high end in look and feel and most importantly hypo allergenic.

*For those of you that don’t want the Coles Notes version and would prefer to read for yourself, the review can be found here.

As for this review, I’ll be covering the 4 deliciously Flavored Heating Pleasure Potion 2 in 1 Massage/ Lubricants I was sent – currently only available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart locations.

The Potions Have It!

Just like the Massage Potions the packaging for the Pleasure Potions is respectful, professional, discreet and high end in appearance. The metallic silver boxes, with their co-ordinated coloring (to match the flavor) have no writing on them that could leave you scared someone might find them.

In fact, other than the words “turning your body into an edible playground” and the adorable bat winged heart (pictured above) there is nothing to hint that they are to be used for sexual or “naughty” purposes.

As for the bottles, they’re identical to the larger bottles used for the Heating Massage Potions; same black lid and base, same heavy duty plastic container (looks like glass), same professional and high end appearance and same waste limiting pump dispenser.

The only difference is that they don’t have the flavor written on the bottle (notice the silver oval/text) and they’re 50ml compared to the larger versions 3.4oz.

If there is one thing I hate about most “massage” lotions, creams, oils or gels it’s the feeling left on my skin afterward. Whether it’s being goopy, oily, greasy, coated or left smelling stinky there is almost always something wrong with the products I try. Fortunately not the case with these – something I attribute to the ingredients.

Ingredients: Vegetable Derived Glycerin, Distilled Water, Flavor, Citric Acid, Color.

As you can see from the list above there are only 5 things that go into the Potions and what is there is limited where harsh chemicals are concerned.

From my experience, they spread nicely over the skin, are absorbed leaving you feeling smooth and soft (that’s if you don’t lick them  off first), only have a hint of color (they’re also non staining) are thin and slightly fluid (rather than thick and sticky) and best of all they leave you lightly scented.

*Also on the note of the ingredients, I have to admit how much I love products that don’t confuse me or leave me scared of what they’ll do to me. With the Flavored Heating Pleasure Potions the ingredients are all things I am familiar with and don’t need to look up before using.

Flavorful Fun!

In regard to the taste of the products I’m going to once again give you 2 points of view, mine and my partners, as I find things like taste and scent can be different for everyone.

Strawberry Seduction (transparent fuchsia):

When I first tried this it was sweet like candy, tasted of berries and had a hint of strawberry. The flavor of strawberry is delicate and something I don’t think most would be able to recognize right away. It wasn’t over powering, thick, heavy or rich and it didn’t  leave a horrible aftertaste in my mouth. When I asked my partner what he thought, he said it reminded him of the strawberry candies he used to eat as a kid. When I asked him if thought it was too strong or sweet he said that it was just sweet enough, then smiled and pumped out two more drops quickly licking them from his fingers. (My personal fave)

Tangerine Temptation (transparent orange):

I’m going to be brutally honest with this one; I love the way it smells but really don’t like the way it tastes. Like the Squeeze My Tangerine in the Massage Potion line it smells wonderfully like The Body Shops “Satsuma” perfume ( made to smell like orange pop). The taste is tart, a little sour, fairy rich and slightly syrupy. I’m sure there will be folks who like it, but it’s just not for me. When I gave it to my partner and asked him what he thought he turned to me, crinkled up his nose and said “it’s icky, I don’t like it”. Fair enough.

Sweet On You (transparent blue):

If there was ever a product that tasted like Cream Soda this would be it! It’s sweet, sugary, light, very candy floss like (or cotton candy depending on where you live) and absolutely delicious! My partners response “Okay, seriously now, why did you give me that orange stuff? why didn’t you just give me this? I like this, really, really like this. It’s like candy! Can we keep it, wait, can I keep it? You don’t need it for anything right?” (said with a wink). I think it’s safe to say that my bottle of Sweet On You will be hijacked by my partner. (his fave)

Mango Tango (transparent green):

I’m still not sure which side of the fence I sit on this one. On the one hand I like the tart, slightly sweet candy taste (think mouth wateringly good Sweet Tarts). On the other hand it’s a little heavy on the tongue and doesn’t really taste like mango to me. Regardless, as a general flavored product I like it, just not as much as Strawberry Seduction or Sweet On You. My partners response: “it’s kinda like Mango, but a mango that’s not ripe. You know, when they’re still kinda tart and not really sweet yet. Only this is sweet so you’d want to eat it. I like the candy one (Sweet On You) best but this is still good. I’d eat it.”

For those of you wondering how they could be used;

*They’re fantastic for massages since they glide smoothly over the skin (but I’ll guarantee you’ll eat them before they get a chance to absorb).

*If you’re having a hard time with b.j.’s or just want to add something to the oral sex experience they’re wonderful additions (if used on females just keep them out of the vagina).

*Finally, because they gently warm when rubbed or blown on they’re great for body exploration like nipple play or teasing other erogenous zones.

On that note, unlike other products that aren’t latex safe you don’t have to worry if you have left over on your hands. You can still apply a condom, dental dam or female condom and not be worried you’ll ruin it.

The Bad

When it came to things I didn’t like there were only two:

For those of you not in the know: when the body breaks down glycerin it turns it into a sugar and yeast thrives in a sugary environment – put 2 and 2 together and you’ve found yourself shopping for a package of Canesten (yeast infection treatment). 🙁

That said, since the first ingredient is glycerin (even thought it’s vegetable derived rather than animal derived) I would only suggest using them as a lube with caution. If you’ve never had one, or get them infrequently you might be okay, but sometimes it’s just not worth chancing it.

*I used them for everything but a lube (I was honestly too scared to try) and was very impressed. For those of you that have or will be using them as a lube feel free to come back to this page and let me know how it goes.

Secondly, since ingredients are the same as the Massage Potions I’m not exactly sure what makes them different – i.e. used for lubes when the larger ones aren’t meant for that. Maybe the amount of ingredients are different and that’s why, but it just seems a little silly. Since I went to school for Business Management I know how the marketing game goes, but I would have much rather had them marketed as a smaller option so you can taste and sample them before you buy a bigger bottle of your fave, rather than a different product all together.

Aside from that, and it’s something I don’t really consider a “bad thing” as it’s more to do with where you live than anything about the product per se – the line of Flavored Heating Pleasure Potions is exclusively available through Shoppers Drug Mart – meaning you can’t get them anywhere else.

If you do decide to try them (and I suggest you do, especially considering they’re only around $12.99) check the family planning section of the store (where the condoms are) as that’s where I keep finding them.

Final Verdict

While I wasn’t a fan of all the flavors I do think they are a fantastic line of products!!

They’re easy to use, discreet (both the packaging and bottle), are latex safe, hypo allergenic and all natural, they don’t get sticky or leave you feeling gross after, have no after taste, feel great when warmed up, absorb nicely and best of all – at only $12.99 are very affordable!

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