Review: Gel ‘N Bath

I’m always on the hunt for products that are new, cutting edge and highly unique. With that in mind, the moment I saw the interesting little beads swirling in a bowl at The Everything To Do With Sex Show this past November I just couldn’t help but dive in hand first. From that moment I was sold!

For those of you wondering, the product I’m talking about is the innovative Gel’NBath – a therapeutic two stage process that turns your bath water into a heavenly scented creamy bead like gel…and then back water again. Sound bizarre? It totally is! (In the best way possible of course)

*although I primarily focus on intimate accessories and sexual wellness products I just couldn’t help but review this product, especially since it’s something I think could go a long way for helping you to relax and enter a state where your level of arousal can be easily increased. Speaking from experience, it’s also a pretty great way to spend a romantic evening at home with your partner.


Each two step Gel’NBath formula comes respectfully packaged in a tall rectangular box that’s professional, sturdy and high end in appearance. The front of the box sports the logo and a couple product descriptions along with the scent of the specific product. One side outlines the many benefits and features, with the other explaining how it works and the simple step by step instructions. Because it’s a bath product there is obviously nothing on it that may cause embarrassment and in my opinion, is something you’d likely find on the shelf of both high end department stores and local pharmacies.

*packaging pictured above left

The Process

What sets this product apart is clearly its ability to transform your bath water into an experience unlike any other in the following simple step by step process;

1.) When you’ve found a temperature that’s comfortable run the bath until it’s just under half filled (approx 100L/26 gal)

2.) Evenly sprinkle the Gel’NBath former pack (labeled Step 1) over the water and mix it all together with your hand. You can do this either in or out of the tub, just keep in mind that if you do it while in the tub you’ll get to experience the full sensation of it turning from water to creamy bead like gel. (the transformation usually takes between 4/5 minutes, but may very depending on the temperature of the water and amount of water that’s used)

3.) Relax and enjoy!

4.) To turn the beads back into water just sprinkle the entire package of dissolver powder (labeled Step 2) and mix with your hand while still in the bath. Slowly the mixture will dissolve back to water.  Depending on the amount of water used and temperature of the water the dissolving may take as little as 10 minutes or as long as 30.  If you find that it’s taking too long I suggest carefully standing and quickly washing off in the shower to remove the tiny beads.

*for the record I haven’t had any issues with my drain being plugged after use.

Ingredients (Step 1): Sodium Polyacrylate, Perfume Jasmine, Green 8.

Ingredients (Step 2): Sodium Chloride.

The Goods

Besides feeling amazing there are many other benefits this product has to offer;

  • while in the tub thousands of tiny beads gently exfoliate your skin leaving it soft, smooth and hydrated
  • the skins pores are opened and impurities are removed minimizing the amount of blemishes and blackheads
  • because the beads retain heat for up to 3 times longer than water alone it has the ability to soothe aching joints and muscles, reducing the level of pain you experience (as someone who has serious back issues this was a huge factor in my level of interest)
  • also on the note of heat, you don’t need to refill your bath water or top up as often limiting the amount of water used (it’s good for you, your water bill and the environment)
  • each package is infused with essential oils to help shift your mood and relax you (they really do smell pretty amazing!)
  • last but not least – stage 2 contains salts that naturally cleanse, soothe and soften the skin

As you can clearly see this is definitely more then just a bath!

For those of you curious about my own personal experience, when compared to the list above I can honestly say my skin did feel softer and was wonderfully hydrated, there was no horrible reaction to the beads (having very sensitive skin that’s a big deal), it soothed my back for a longer period of time than a typical bath would, felt absolutely amazing and left me (and the bathroom) wonderfully scented for hours afterward. This by far has got to be one of the best bath products I’ve ever tried!!

In total there are 4 different scents:  Jasmine Green Tea, Ocean Breeze (Coconut), Strawberry and Lavendar Bergamot – of those I’ve had the pleasure of trying 3 – Jasmine Green Tea which was light, fresh, clean, musky and slightly citrus, Lavendar Bergamot which was warm, relaxing, comforting and very floral, and Ocean Breeze which was fresh, clean, creamy, light, slightly floral and refreshing. While they were highly fragrant, none of them smelled like chemicals or gave me a headache, something I’ve experienced with lesser quality products. No matter which one you pick I’m pretty sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Side Note

If there is one thing I pride myself on as a reviewer it’s that I always do my best to make my readers and viewers aware of any potential hazards, risks or side effects a product may offer, so when I came across the ingredient Sodium Polyacrylate (something I wasn’t familiar with) I did an online search as to what it was. Unfortunately all that came up was information on diaper rashes leading me to write to the creator and ask what made it different, this was his response:

Super absorbent polymers are partially neutralized polyacrylate, with incomplete cross-linking between units. This has very long carbon chains bonded with sodium atoms in the center of the molecule. When sodium polyacrylate is exposed to water, the higher concentration of water outside the polymer than inside (lower sodium and polyacrylate solute concentration) draws the water into the center of the molecule via osmosis. Sodium polyacrylate will continue to absorb water until there is an equal concentration of water inside and outside the polymer.

Sodium Polyacrylate is used widely in many consumer products, just like you mentioned in diapers. One main place that Sodium Polyacrylate is used is in agriculture. Farmers use this to help keep their fields hydrated and moist during the dry seasons. The Sodium Polyacrylate does not get absorbed into the crops.  I have my plants growing here in my office with my gel’nbath for the past two years.  They are doing better then ever.

When it comes down to diapers it gets a little more complex.  Gel’nbath step two is pure salt that helps shrink the gel beads and make the water more fluid. Urine is not pure water, Urine contains a lot of salt that help shrink the gel beads down as well.  From the research that I managed to get, It’s not the Sodium Polyacrylate that is harmful in large doses,  It’s the fact of sitting in ones urine to long that can be harmful.  Our bodies start to reabsorb all the toxin’s that our bodies got rid of over time.  The same goes for any salt infused baths, Like Epson salt.  They are a great way to help detoxify one body,  but if you soak in it to long you will start to reabsorb the same toxin’s that you just finished releasing.

I can honestly say that I haven’t had any negative reactions to the product, nor have I been left sore, itchy, bumpy or raw. In total I’ve used the Gel ‘N Bath products 4 separate occasions and had the same experience each time; a wonderfully relaxing bath that left me feeling soft, supple, hydrated and wonderfully scented.

The Bad

While there weren’t any real complaints I had about the product there are some cautions I think are worth mentioning:

If you have sensitive skin always make sure to do a small patch test before using the entire product (as someone that always learns the hard way, it’s better to be safe than sorry), although it may be a wonderful experience it’s not suitable for those going through the first trimester of pregnancy, it’s not suggested for use in motorized Jacuzzis or spa baths and it’s meant for external use only. Other than that I’m going to highly suggest being very careful getting both in and out of the tub as the product can make the bath very, very slippery – the Dual Locking Bath and Shower Handle came in very handy on one occasion!

Final Verdict

Every so often a product comes along that truly excites me, leaving me not only curious as to how it really works, but also amazed at the inventiveness.  Such is the case with the creamy bead like bath creatd by the folks at ‘NMore, the company behind the Gel’NBath system. From the amazing scents to the numerous benefits, this is most definitely a product (and company) I see growing into the mainstream markets in the months and years to follow.

If you’d like to get your hands on the product head on over to the Gel’NBath website where you will find the product available in 2 sizes and prices: 23 oz for $19.95 and 100.5oz for $49.95. The hardest decision you’ll have to make is which scent to try.

UPDATE: They’ve since discontinued the Gel ‘N Bath line, however you can sometimes still find it on Amazon.

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