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Review: Babeland Body Essentials Kit

My love of Babeland products, along with what they stand for as a company, should come as no surprise to anyone that’s familiar with my reviews. Between the high level of quality, discreet packaging, amazing scents, flavors and colors used, they’ve pretty much covered all the basics when it comes to creating fantastic sexual wellness products.

Whether it was their BabeLicious Lubes, Massage Candle or Natural BabeLube, every product I tried far exceeded my expectations and left me wanting to explore and sample everything they make! Fortunately the generous folks at Babeland were nice enough to send the sweet and citrus-y Babeland Body Essentials Kit my way, leaving me once again very pleasantly surprised.

*clicking the product links above will take you to each of my reviews of the products.


 The overall packaging is small, simple, discreet, practical and very well done. There is nothing on or within the clear plastic rectangles that’s rude, inappropriate, tacky, cheesy or embarrassing; just the name of the kit (Romance, Pleasure, Delight or Love) and what’s included.

The translucent container is surprisingly sturdy and held up to me dropping it about 4 times without so much as a crack. Sure there were scuff marks but that’s to be expected. As for the size, it measures just under 4.5″ inches in height and 2.4″ inches across making it a small enough size that you could put it in a drawer or box without taking up much room.

Of course the box doesn’t have to just be used for storing the products it comes with, when you’re done you can use it to hold batteries, condoms, sample lube packets, mini bullets, make up, art brushes, pencils, paper clips or anything else you can think up. No matter what you use it for it’s definitely a handy little container that could be reused for quite some time.

 The Goods

One of the biggest pet peeves I have when it comes to intimate accessories like lubes and oils is the fact that the vast majority of companies only sell one size, usually a large one , that doesn’t give the customer a chance to sample the flavor or scent before spending a large amount of money. The main drawback obviously being that if you don’t like the product you’ve ended up wasting your money. Thankfully Babeland takes the guess work out of choosing and offers smaller versions of their amazing products, allowing you to try just enough to decide if you like the scent, flavor, texture and experience each has to offer.

Each Essentials Kit contains: 1/4-ounce flavored Lickable Oil, a one-ounce bottle of Massage Oil, 8-1/2ml Massage Oil Spray, a 1/2-ounce BabeLicious Flavored Lube, one small Body Massage Bar , and a one-ounce Body Massage Candle. I received the orange “Romance” kit which included organge blossom, chocolate orange and citron fig scents and flavors.

Rather than just doing an over all review of the product I’m going to once again being doing mini reviews for each item. That way if you like the sounds of the product you can either sample them all by getting the kit or purchase a single larger item.

Babeland Body Essentials Kit

Babeland Body Massage Bar (Orange Blossom scent)

If you’ve tried natural massage bars before you’ll likely find that they aren’t that different from other brands. Starting out as firm little creamy bars that melt into heavenly oils, massage bars serve as a luxurious product that can be used alone, with a partner, after a shower as a body moisturizer, perfume or to simply help bring on a relaxed mood for you and your partner.

* To use just glide the massage bar directly over your warm skin and watch as it slowly melts into a silky oil upon contact. Once the bar has melted you can massage or rub the remaining oils into the skin.

Each of the lovely little circular 1/2-oz massage bars come wrapped in colored foil and wax paper that’s pretty, simple, discreet and professional. There’s nothing on the wrapper that’s rude, tacky or inappropriate and I definitely think they’d make for a fantastic present no matter the recipient.  To open simply unwrap the foil like you would a chocolate bar and gently peel back the wax paper. You’ll likely find that the wax paper sticks a tiny bit to the bar but not enough that you’ll waste or lose any.

The scent is warm, musky (not musty that’s different), slightly citrus, fresh, floral, inviting and sweet being neither too heavy nor too strong or overwhelming. As for the texture, once rubbed in I didn’t feel heavily coated in product, slimy, oily, greasy or sticky like lesser brands with chemical fillers and/or cheap synthetic oils. Of course there was a slight slickness to my skin but for the most part I was left soft, supple and wonderfully scented.

*I applied it after a shower my partner asked if I had been doing laundry, when I looked at him perplexed he said it smelled like the fabric softer I use – but better.

Side Note: when I received mine I popped it into the freezer right away to let it harden as it had slightly melted during shipping. Once it was firm I opened it and cut it into equal quarters which allowed me to try it on four separate occasions. If you’d like to do the same I suggest either rewrapping the unused portions in the foil or placing them in a freezer bag and popping it back in the fridge for later use.

Cautions: As massage bars are made with natural butters and oils I highly suggest making sure your hands are free of the oils before using latex barriers like condoms or dental dams. Because they melt at body temperature I’d advise keeping them somewhere cool, dry and out of direct sunlight (I find keeping them in the fridge or freezer works great!). Meant for external purposes only.

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Fragrance

Final Verdict: 5 out of 5 stars

BabeLicious Lubes (Chocolate Orange flavor)

Considering that the 5 oz container of flavored lube was one I had previously tried (review link here) I’m not too sure what I can say that’s ‘new’; it still smells and tastes great, has a fantastic thick gel like consistency, is latex safe and water based so you can use it with any intimate accessory, doesn’t contain glycerin or parabens, glides on smooth and lasts for quite some time without getting sticky or tacky. Of course how much you use will depend on your own level of personal wetness and/or how much you like the taste (during oral play), but for the most part a little will go a very long way.

The flavor is slightly chocolaty and sweet with a subtle orange undertone that’s very light. There is no gross syrupy taste, chemical burn in your throat or horrible after taste. It’s nice and simple, everything a really great flavored lube should be.

Unlike the larger version that comes as pictured above, the sample comes packaged in a small clear plastic screw capped bottle that’s discreet, and simple. There’s nothing on it that’s rude, inappropriate or tacky and since the label could be easily removed it’s nothing you’d have to worry about when it comes to people finding it.

Applying the lube is easy, just unscrew the cap, squish the bottle until it rises to the surface and place where ever you want. Maybe it’s just me but I found that banging the product on your hand to get the lube out was like trying to put ketchup on fries, it just doesn’t happen that easily. Fortunately spillage isn’t something you have to really worry about as it’s thick and not at all runny. I think most people would be able to get 1-3 uses out of it depending on how much natural lubrication they provide.

Ingredients: Deionized water, cellulose gum, potassium sorbate, polyquaternium-7, phenoxyethanol, sorbitol, citric acid, flavor.

Final Verdict: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Babeland Body Massage Candle (Citron Fig scent)

Unlike the larger version (pictured left and reviewed here) the 1 oz sample candle came packaged in a small silver metal tin that was discreet and simple. The lid easily popped off (unless my hands were oily) and almost instantly flooded the air with a warm but citrus-y, mature, clean and soapy scent. While it wasn’t overwhelming or obnoxious, I’d definitely say it was ‘heavy’ and very different from the pretty and feminine smelling Rice Flower candle I previously reviewed. Fortunately once it’s allowed to melt and applied to the skin the heaviness fades and the sweeter citrus notes take over leaving you smelling fresh and clean.

*To use just light the wick, give it about 3 minutes to melt into a warm puddle and slowly pour a small amount onto the skin. Because it has a higher melting point than regular candles it shouldn’t be hot enough to burn delicate skin. On that note, a little goes a very, very long way and you shouldn’t need much (ours lasted 5 uses – but we weren’t using a lot).

The texture is very different from traditional oils, as the  melted wax absorbs quickly without leaving the greasy residue that  petroleum, beeswax or mineral oil based products often do. It also didn’t leave me feeling coated in product, slippery, sticky, itchy, raw or sore, and spread quickly, feeling light, silky, buttery and leaving my skin soft and supple.

Cautions: Since it’s made with natural butters/oils I highly suggest making sure your hands are clean before using latex barriers like condoms or dental dams. Because they melt at body temperature I’d advise keeping them somewhere cool, dry and out of direct sunlight (I find keeping them in the fridge or freezer works great like the massage bars). I also suggest only having it lit for a short amount of time  – metal gets hot really fast, remember that when you’re reaching for the container! Meant for external purposes only.

Ingredients: Soy Wax, Shea Butter, Fragrance

Final Verdict: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Babeland Body Massage Oil Spray (Orange Blossom scent)

Because I have really sensitive skin I’ve always been really picky when it comes to massage oils. Maybe it’s just me but I tend to find that the vast majority will either cause a rash, leave me itchy and sore or make my skin feel as if I dumped a bucket of slime on me that I just can’t seem to wash off. While this Massage Oil Spray isn’t one of my fave products from the kit I can say it’s not a bad product, it’s just not my fave (it just seemed a little boring compared to the candle and massage bar).

*Hate wasting a product? No worries! 3 pumps of the spray provided enough to do my back and left enough for at least another 3 uses.

The long tubular transparent plastic spray bottle travels well and like all the other products in the kit is totally discreet, practical and simple. There’s nothing on it’s possibly embarrassing so you shouldn’t have to worry about leaving it out in the open should someone find it.

Unlike many other oils on the market the texture is smooth and spreads easily over the skin, quickly absorbing to leave you feeling moisturized and supple. There was no grainy feeling to it and while there was a slight sheen to my skin after application, there was no horrible sticky or slimy residue left behind.  The scent was light and airy, slightly citrus, floral, a little musky and sweet, delicate and not at all overpowering.

*If you’re looking to use an oil that wont leave you smelling like you’ve doused yourself in perfume, this is a very nice option.

Cautions: As it is an oil I highly suggest making sure your hands are clean before using latex barriers like condoms or dental dams. Meant for external purposes only.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, cyclomethicone, fragrance.

Final Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

Babeland Lickable Oil (Chocolate Orange Flavor)

Although there are many oils on the market that claim to be edible there are very few that are worthy of the term. It might just be me and my experiences but I very often find that flavored oils leave my tongue feeling slimy, my throat feeling coated and my teeth feeling slick (and not in the good way). Fortunately the folks at Babeland seem to have mastered the art of flavored oils and created a product that’s not only tasty, but also free of the other characteristics I’ve come to despise.

Unlike the larger version that comes in a clear plastic pump style container (pictured above left), the sample comes in a little .25 oz translucent glass bottle that’s easily portable, simple and discreet. Although the screw cap allows for an easy application, there’s also a chance you may use too much since there is no plastic barrier like an orifice reducer or roller ball to limit the amount used.

The oil is thin, runny, light, not at all grainy and spreads over the skin very nicely. Like the other massage products in the kit it absorbs quickly and leaves the skin soft, supple, delicately scented and moisturized. There’s no ‘coated in product’ feeling and you’re definitely not left feeling like you need to wash it off.

I found the Lickable Oil to be far tastier than the Flavored Lube (both Chocolate Orange), as it didn’t have the gel like consistency and the orange was more pronounced. Having said that I still found that it was slightly chocolaty and sweet, very light and fruity while also being rather delicate. By no means is there any gross syrupy taste, chemical burn in your throat or horrible after taste. It’s nice and simple, just like the lube.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Flavor.

Cautions: As it is an oil I highly suggest making sure your hands are clean before using latex barriers like condoms or dental dams. Meant for external purposes only.

Final Verdict: 4.75 out of 5 stars

Babeland Body Massage Oil (Orange Blossom Scent)

Since the Massage Oil is pretty much the same product as the Massage Oil Spray (with the exception of the bottle and the lacking of cyclomethicone) there really isn’t to much that I can say that would be new; it smells just as great, leaves the skin soft, supple and smooth, doesn’t have a grainy texture and comes packaged so that you can dispense as much as you’d like.

The only real difference I found was that it was a tad more runny and felt a little thicker than the spray. Of course that’s very likely due to the fact that it’s not applied in a spray that coats a larger surface area in small droplets and instead is applied in a pouring manner.

Cautions: As it is an oil I highly suggest making sure your hands are clean before using latex barriers like condoms or dental dams. Meant for external purposes only.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, fragrance.

Final Verdict: 4.75 out of 5 stars

Overall Final Verdict

If you’re a bargain shopper like me, one that also likes to ‘try before you buy’, there is no reason you shouldn’t want to take advantage of this amazing little kit. From sprays to lickable oils, flavored lube to massage candles and bars, it has everything in convenient sizes to test the waters before you spend bigger bucks on something larger. To make the pot even sweeter each of the products is all natural, smells great and doesn’t have the cheap chemical fillers you’ll find in lesser brands.

In a nut shell – each of these products was pretty damn amazing and the kit as a whole is something I’d highly suggest for anyone that’s looking for a perfect little gift, be it a birthday, bachelorette party, couples getaway, romantic night in or simply because you want to splurge and treat yourself. Considering it’s only $24.00 it’s a steal!

For those of you that would like to purchase the Babeland Body Essentials Kit head on over to Babeland and while you’re there make sure to check out the Babeland Body Kit (has a bath fizzy, condoms and vibe instead of the spray oil and lube), Babeland Body Mini Kit (massage bar, lickable lube, entice and vibe) or any of the other fantastic and sexy kits the kick ass folks at the company have put together for you and yours!

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Review: Gel ‘N Bath

I’m always on the hunt for products that are new, cutting edge and highly unique. With that in mind, the moment I saw the interesting little beads swirling in a bowl at The Everything To Do With Sex Show this past November I just couldn’t help but dive in hand first. From that moment I was sold!

For those of you wondering, the product I’m talking about is the innovative Gel’NBath – a therapeutic two stage process that turns your bath water into a heavenly scented creamy bead like gel…and then back water again. Sound bizarre? It totally is! (In the best way possible of course)

*although I primarily focus on intimate accessories and sexual wellness products I just couldn’t help but review this product, especially since it’s something I think could go a long way for helping you to relax and enter a state where your level of arousal can be easily increased. Speaking from experience, it’s also a pretty great way to spend a romantic evening at home with your partner.


Each two step Gel’NBath formula comes respectfully packaged in a tall rectangular box that’s professional, sturdy and high end in appearance. The front of the box sports the logo and a couple product descriptions along with the scent of the specific product. One side outlines the many benefits and features, with the other explaining how it works and the simple step by step instructions. Because it’s a bath product there is obviously nothing on it that may cause embarrassment and in my opinion, is something you’d likely find on the shelf of both high end department stores and local pharmacies.

*packaging pictured above left

The Process

What sets this product apart is clearly its ability to transform your bath water into an experience unlike any other in the following simple step by step process;

1.) When you’ve found a temperature that’s comfortable run the bath until it’s just under half filled (approx 100L/26 gal)

2.) Evenly sprinkle the Gel’NBath former pack (labeled Step 1) over the water and mix it all together with your hand. You can do this either in or out of the tub, just keep in mind that if you do it while in the tub you’ll get to experience the full sensation of it turning from water to creamy bead like gel. (the transformation usually takes between 4/5 minutes, but may very depending on the temperature of the water and amount of water that’s used)

3.) Relax and enjoy!

4.) To turn the beads back into water just sprinkle the entire package of dissolver powder (labeled Step 2) and mix with your hand while still in the bath. Slowly the mixture will dissolve back to water.  Depending on the amount of water used and temperature of the water the dissolving may take as little as 10 minutes or as long as 30.  If you find that it’s taking too long I suggest carefully standing and quickly washing off in the shower to remove the tiny beads.

*for the record I haven’t had any issues with my drain being plugged after use.

Ingredients (Step 1): Sodium Polyacrylate, Perfume Jasmine, Green 8.

Ingredients (Step 2): Sodium Chloride.

The Goods

Besides feeling amazing there are many other benefits this product has to offer;

  • while in the tub thousands of tiny beads gently exfoliate your skin leaving it soft, smooth and hydrated
  • the skins pores are opened and impurities are removed minimizing the amount of blemishes and blackheads
  • because the beads retain heat for up to 3 times longer than water alone it has the ability to soothe aching joints and muscles, reducing the level of pain you experience (as someone who has serious back issues this was a huge factor in my level of interest)
  • also on the note of heat, you don’t need to refill your bath water or top up as often limiting the amount of water used (it’s good for you, your water bill and the environment)
  • each package is infused with essential oils to help shift your mood and relax you (they really do smell pretty amazing!)
  • last but not least – stage 2 contains salts that naturally cleanse, soothe and soften the skin

As you can clearly see this is definitely more then just a bath!

For those of you curious about my own personal experience, when compared to the list above I can honestly say my skin did feel softer and was wonderfully hydrated, there was no horrible reaction to the beads (having very sensitive skin that’s a big deal), it soothed my back for a longer period of time than a typical bath would, felt absolutely amazing and left me (and the bathroom) wonderfully scented for hours afterward. This by far has got to be one of the best bath products I’ve ever tried!!

In total there are 4 different scents:  Jasmine Green Tea, Ocean Breeze (Coconut), Strawberry and Lavendar Bergamot – of those I’ve had the pleasure of trying 3 – Jasmine Green Tea which was light, fresh, clean, musky and slightly citrus, Lavendar Bergamot which was warm, relaxing, comforting and very floral, and Ocean Breeze which was fresh, clean, creamy, light, slightly floral and refreshing. While they were highly fragrant, none of them smelled like chemicals or gave me a headache, something I’ve experienced with lesser quality products. No matter which one you pick I’m pretty sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Side Note

If there is one thing I pride myself on as a reviewer it’s that I always do my best to make my readers and viewers aware of any potential hazards, risks or side effects a product may offer, so when I came across the ingredient Sodium Polyacrylate (something I wasn’t familiar with) I did an online search as to what it was. Unfortunately all that came up was information on diaper rashes leading me to write to the creator and ask what made it different, this was his response:

Super absorbent polymers are partially neutralized polyacrylate, with incomplete cross-linking between units. This has very long carbon chains bonded with sodium atoms in the center of the molecule. When sodium polyacrylate is exposed to water, the higher concentration of water outside the polymer than inside (lower sodium and polyacrylate solute concentration) draws the water into the center of the molecule via osmosis. Sodium polyacrylate will continue to absorb water until there is an equal concentration of water inside and outside the polymer.

Sodium Polyacrylate is used widely in many consumer products, just like you mentioned in diapers. One main place that Sodium Polyacrylate is used is in agriculture. Farmers use this to help keep their fields hydrated and moist during the dry seasons. The Sodium Polyacrylate does not get absorbed into the crops.  I have my plants growing here in my office with my gel’nbath for the past two years.  They are doing better then ever.

When it comes down to diapers it gets a little more complex.  Gel’nbath step two is pure salt that helps shrink the gel beads and make the water more fluid. Urine is not pure water, Urine contains a lot of salt that help shrink the gel beads down as well.  From the research that I managed to get, It’s not the Sodium Polyacrylate that is harmful in large doses,  It’s the fact of sitting in ones urine to long that can be harmful.  Our bodies start to reabsorb all the toxin’s that our bodies got rid of over time.  The same goes for any salt infused baths, Like Epson salt.  They are a great way to help detoxify one body,  but if you soak in it to long you will start to reabsorb the same toxin’s that you just finished releasing.

I can honestly say that I haven’t had any negative reactions to the product, nor have I been left sore, itchy, bumpy or raw. In total I’ve used the Gel ‘N Bath products 4 separate occasions and had the same experience each time; a wonderfully relaxing bath that left me feeling soft, supple, hydrated and wonderfully scented.

The Bad

While there weren’t any real complaints I had about the product there are some cautions I think are worth mentioning:

If you have sensitive skin always make sure to do a small patch test before using the entire product (as someone that always learns the hard way, it’s better to be safe than sorry), although it may be a wonderful experience it’s not suitable for those going through the first trimester of pregnancy, it’s not suggested for use in motorized Jacuzzis or spa baths and it’s meant for external use only. Other than that I’m going to highly suggest being very careful getting both in and out of the tub as the product can make the bath very, very slippery – the Dual Locking Bath and Shower Handle came in very handy on one occasion!

Final Verdict

Every so often a product comes along that truly excites me, leaving me not only curious as to how it really works, but also amazed at the inventiveness.  Such is the case with the creamy bead like bath creatd by the folks at ‘NMore, the company behind the Gel’NBath system. From the amazing scents to the numerous benefits, this is most definitely a product (and company) I see growing into the mainstream markets in the months and years to follow.

If you’d like to get your hands on the product head on over to the Gel’NBath website where you will find the product available in 2 sizes and prices: 23 oz for $19.95 and 100.5oz for $49.95. The hardest decision you’ll have to make is which scent to try.

UPDATE: They’ve since discontinued the Gel ‘N Bath line, however you can sometimes still find it on Amazon.

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Review: Kama Sutra Treasure Trove

treasure troveSince I’ve spent so much time reviewing things that go ‘buzz’ in the night, I thought I’d get my hands on something completely different for my next review. When I saw the Treasure Trove Kit, made by the folks at KamaSutra, I instantly knew I had to have it.

*Fortunately the folks at Eden Fantasys are pretty cool with letting reviewers pick their own products, so getting my hands on it wasn’t too hard!


Like all of the products KamaSutra makes the packaging is respectful, professional, pretty and sturdy. There is nothing on the delightful pink box that’s rude, embarrassing or ‘inappropriate’; it lists the items included, scent/flavor and uses the word “lover” to hint what it’s for.

Maybe it’s just me, but I found it rather stunning and extremely high end in both appearance and feel. Fortunately the level of quality shown on the outer box is mimicked on all of the included products, with nothing having any rude or possibly embarrassing writing on them.

While I was a little disappointed to see that each item didn’t come as it would if bought independently (no outer case/packaging), I was rather surprised to see that the Oil Of Love and Stimulating Gel were securely sealed in clear plastic bags to ensure there was no mess should they accidentally open during transportation. A very nice thought on their behalf.


Included in the Treasure Trove are 3 items, all ofwhich are “Strawberries and Champagne” scented/flavored; a 3.4oz bottle of Oil of Love, 8 ounces of their fantastic Honey Dust (with the feather duster) and 1.7 oz tube of Stimulating Gel.

Rather than just doing an over all review of the products I’m going to break each one down into its own separate mini review:

oil of loveKamaSutra Oil of Love:

The Oil of Love is a pretty, translucent pink, sweetly scented fluid that warms when rubbed on the skin or blown.

The consistency is slippery, thin and rather fluid, though it tends to get sticky and gummy if too much is used or it’s not licked off before it has a chance to oxidize.

With the exception of a sticker around the base that says “KamaSutra”, “Oil of Love” and the flavor/scent, it comes in a very pretty glass jar with nothing on it to state what it is.

*If you’re into reusing bottles for perfume, homemade oil mixtures or anything else you can dream up, this bottle is definitely worth saving.

Having said that I wouldn’t personally use it for massages, instead I would use it as a body topping or during foreplay to arouse and excite during oral teasing. On that note, I also wouldn’t suggest it for cunnilingus since it contains both glycerin and sucrose (which may cause a yeast infection for those that are prone to them), when it comes to blow jobs, enjoy!

As for the taste, it’s sweet, a little tart, slightly artificial but very yummy. There’s no harsh aftertaste, burning in the back of the throat or slimy feeling left on the tongue, something I’ve experience with other “oils”.  Aside from that it doesn’t tingle or numb the tongue, allowing you to do what you want without feeling like you need to go brush your teeth to get rid of the sensation.

*the 3.4oz bottle does not come with the container pictured above left.

Final Verdict: Overall I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars with a deduction for the sticky feeling and slightly artificial taste.

KamaSutra Honey Dust:

KamaSutra’s Honey Dust comes as pictured with a lovely satin red bag to contain the powder and an extremely soft feather duster for application.

There’s nothing on either of the items to state what they are, allowing you to leave it out in the open without any worry someone might come to the automatic conclusion it’s for a sexy rendezvous.

As for the taste, it’s light, sweet, flavorful and extremely tasty. There’s no burning, tingling, stinging or horrible aftertaste, just a yummy candy flavor that lingers deliciously on your taste buds.

Whether you use it to dust on each other and lick off, as a sweat absorbing powder before a busy day (it’s great for under/between the breasts), something to leave your skin delicately and deliciously scented or to sprinkle on your pillows before you hit the sheets, this product does it all!

Fortunately it doesn’t get sticky, flakey, gummy or pasty over time, instead leaving your skin feeling soft and velvety smooth.

*The feather duster can also be used to tease and gently tickle your partner during a night of foreplay and fun.

Final Verdict: I easily give this product  5 out of 5 stars  for its high end quality, designer look and feel, longevity (the 8oz lasts a long time) and delicious scent/taste.

KamaSutra Stimulating Gel:

Considering that the previous two KamaSutra products were so fantastic I had extremely high hopes for the Stimulating Gel. Sadly I sit somewhere on the fence between pleased and uninspired.

The Good: It’s not excessively sticky or tacky when rubbed into the skin (just a little of each), comes beautifully and professionally packaged, goes quite a long way for the little that’s used, cools when blown on and is latex safe.

The Bad: It tastes and smells like medicine (think cherry Halls or a fruity Vapo Rub), numbed my tongue, contains glycerine (which may cause a yeast infection if used vaginally) and didn’t really “tingle” like I expected (I can say it warmed, but “tingled”, not really).

*You could use it on the nipples, clitoris, penis, earlobes or other erogenous zones to help stimulate and excite, but I wouldn’t suggest it for internal use whether anally or vaginally.

Final Verdict: It’s not the worst product I’ve ever tried, yet it’s also nowhere close to being the best – 2.75 out of 5 stars.

Value For Your Money

When it comes to kits like these there is one question I’m always asked – “is it really worth it?”…

In this case I’m a little torn; if you bought the Honey Dust, Oil of Love and Stimulating Gel separately you’d easily pay over $50.00 (including tax, not including shipping), yet you wouldn’t get the pretty box for storage (which also makes giving it as a gift extra special). Since EdenFantasys offers it for $40.99 you’ve got a savings of $9.00, which is pretty sweet.

Having said that, I think the current asking price is a little bit much and would have been much more excited it if was somewhere around the $35.00 price point. Regardless, it’s definitely still worth it.

Overall Final Verdict

Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Stimulating Gel, I do think the overall package is pretty amazing; everything is easy to use, body safe, professionally and beautifully packed, tastes and smells great, comes ready for gift giving, can be used by anyone and definitely adds a whole new way to explore, whether  it’s between the sheets or anywhere else you can dream up.

If you’d like more info, to purchase the KamaSutra Treasure Trove or to take a look at any of the other products KamaSutra has to offer, make sure to check out Eden Fantasys where shopping is affordable, discreet and exceptionally easy.

*Don’t forget to take advantage of the different specials going on each month like discounts on kits, sales and even FREE products added to your order!!
Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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Review: Wickedly Sensual Fantasy~ Flavored Heating Pleasure Potion

In a previous review I wrote about the 9 Flavored Heating Massage Potions I was recently sent by the kind folks at Wickedly Sensual.

Not only were they all natural, gently warming and wonderfully flavored but they were also latex safe, very affordable, high end in look and feel and most importantly hypo allergenic.

*For those of you that don’t want the Coles Notes version and would prefer to read for yourself, the review can be found here.

As for this review, I’ll be covering the 4 deliciously Flavored Heating Pleasure Potion 2 in 1 Massage/ Lubricants I was sent – currently only available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart locations.

The Potions Have It!

Just like the Massage Potions the packaging for the Pleasure Potions is respectful, professional, discreet and high end in appearance. The metallic silver boxes, with their co-ordinated coloring (to match the flavor) have no writing on them that could leave you scared someone might find them.

In fact, other than the words “turning your body into an edible playground” and the adorable bat winged heart (pictured above) there is nothing to hint that they are to be used for sexual or “naughty” purposes.

As for the bottles, they’re identical to the larger bottles used for the Heating Massage Potions; same black lid and base, same heavy duty plastic container (looks like glass), same professional and high end appearance and same waste limiting pump dispenser.

The only difference is that they don’t have the flavor written on the bottle (notice the silver oval/text) and they’re 50ml compared to the larger versions 3.4oz.

If there is one thing I hate about most “massage” lotions, creams, oils or gels it’s the feeling left on my skin afterward. Whether it’s being goopy, oily, greasy, coated or left smelling stinky there is almost always something wrong with the products I try. Fortunately not the case with these – something I attribute to the ingredients.

Ingredients: Vegetable Derived Glycerin, Distilled Water, Flavor, Citric Acid, Color.

As you can see from the list above there are only 5 things that go into the Potions and what is there is limited where harsh chemicals are concerned.

From my experience, they spread nicely over the skin, are absorbed leaving you feeling smooth and soft (that’s if you don’t lick them  off first), only have a hint of color (they’re also non staining) are thin and slightly fluid (rather than thick and sticky) and best of all they leave you lightly scented.

*Also on the note of the ingredients, I have to admit how much I love products that don’t confuse me or leave me scared of what they’ll do to me. With the Flavored Heating Pleasure Potions the ingredients are all things I am familiar with and don’t need to look up before using.

Flavorful Fun!

In regard to the taste of the products I’m going to once again give you 2 points of view, mine and my partners, as I find things like taste and scent can be different for everyone.

Strawberry Seduction (transparent fuchsia):

When I first tried this it was sweet like candy, tasted of berries and had a hint of strawberry. The flavor of strawberry is delicate and something I don’t think most would be able to recognize right away. It wasn’t over powering, thick, heavy or rich and it didn’t  leave a horrible aftertaste in my mouth. When I asked my partner what he thought, he said it reminded him of the strawberry candies he used to eat as a kid. When I asked him if thought it was too strong or sweet he said that it was just sweet enough, then smiled and pumped out two more drops quickly licking them from his fingers. (My personal fave)

Tangerine Temptation (transparent orange):

I’m going to be brutally honest with this one; I love the way it smells but really don’t like the way it tastes. Like the Squeeze My Tangerine in the Massage Potion line it smells wonderfully like The Body Shops “Satsuma” perfume ( made to smell like orange pop). The taste is tart, a little sour, fairy rich and slightly syrupy. I’m sure there will be folks who like it, but it’s just not for me. When I gave it to my partner and asked him what he thought he turned to me, crinkled up his nose and said “it’s icky, I don’t like it”. Fair enough.

Sweet On You (transparent blue):

If there was ever a product that tasted like Cream Soda this would be it! It’s sweet, sugary, light, very candy floss like (or cotton candy depending on where you live) and absolutely delicious! My partners response “Okay, seriously now, why did you give me that orange stuff? why didn’t you just give me this? I like this, really, really like this. It’s like candy! Can we keep it, wait, can I keep it? You don’t need it for anything right?” (said with a wink). I think it’s safe to say that my bottle of Sweet On You will be hijacked by my partner. (his fave)

Mango Tango (transparent green):

I’m still not sure which side of the fence I sit on this one. On the one hand I like the tart, slightly sweet candy taste (think mouth wateringly good Sweet Tarts). On the other hand it’s a little heavy on the tongue and doesn’t really taste like mango to me. Regardless, as a general flavored product I like it, just not as much as Strawberry Seduction or Sweet On You. My partners response: “it’s kinda like Mango, but a mango that’s not ripe. You know, when they’re still kinda tart and not really sweet yet. Only this is sweet so you’d want to eat it. I like the candy one (Sweet On You) best but this is still good. I’d eat it.”

For those of you wondering how they could be used;

*They’re fantastic for massages since they glide smoothly over the skin (but I’ll guarantee you’ll eat them before they get a chance to absorb).

*If you’re having a hard time with b.j.’s or just want to add something to the oral sex experience they’re wonderful additions (if used on females just keep them out of the vagina).

*Finally, because they gently warm when rubbed or blown on they’re great for body exploration like nipple play or teasing other erogenous zones.

On that note, unlike other products that aren’t latex safe you don’t have to worry if you have left over on your hands. You can still apply a condom, dental dam or female condom and not be worried you’ll ruin it.

The Bad

When it came to things I didn’t like there were only two:

For those of you not in the know: when the body breaks down glycerin it turns it into a sugar and yeast thrives in a sugary environment – put 2 and 2 together and you’ve found yourself shopping for a package of Canesten (yeast infection treatment). 🙁

That said, since the first ingredient is glycerin (even thought it’s vegetable derived rather than animal derived) I would only suggest using them as a lube with caution. If you’ve never had one, or get them infrequently you might be okay, but sometimes it’s just not worth chancing it.

*I used them for everything but a lube (I was honestly too scared to try) and was very impressed. For those of you that have or will be using them as a lube feel free to come back to this page and let me know how it goes.

Secondly, since ingredients are the same as the Massage Potions I’m not exactly sure what makes them different – i.e. used for lubes when the larger ones aren’t meant for that. Maybe the amount of ingredients are different and that’s why, but it just seems a little silly. Since I went to school for Business Management I know how the marketing game goes, but I would have much rather had them marketed as a smaller option so you can taste and sample them before you buy a bigger bottle of your fave, rather than a different product all together.

Aside from that, and it’s something I don’t really consider a “bad thing” as it’s more to do with where you live than anything about the product per se – the line of Flavored Heating Pleasure Potions is exclusively available through Shoppers Drug Mart – meaning you can’t get them anywhere else.

If you do decide to try them (and I suggest you do, especially considering they’re only around $12.99) check the family planning section of the store (where the condoms are) as that’s where I keep finding them.

Final Verdict

While I wasn’t a fan of all the flavors I do think they are a fantastic line of products!!

They’re easy to use, discreet (both the packaging and bottle), are latex safe, hypo allergenic and all natural, they don’t get sticky or leave you feeling gross after, have no after taste, feel great when warmed up, absorb nicely and best of all – at only $12.99 are very affordable!

Shop Online For Sex Toys

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Review: Flavored Heating Massage Potion

Wickedly Sensual Massage Oil ReviewYears ago (when I worked in a brick and mortar adult novelty shop) there was a line of premium all natural massage oils that I loved!

I tried to sell them to everyone as I was convinced they were amazing – not only were they luxuriously packaged, easy to use, left you feeling soft and supple rather than oily or greasy and very affordably priced, but more importantly they were well made, derived from all natural ingredients and smelled amazing.

Now, 4 years later, I’m extremely excited to finally bring a newer line of products from the same brand to all of you.

The brand of products I’m speaking of is Wickedly Sensual (created by Exciting Products) – a Canadian manufacturer focused on creating affordable, premium, all natural products that taste/smell amazing and feel great.

With that in mind I want to send out a very, very big thank you to the folks at the company for sending 12 of their new products my way – 9 (every flavor!) from the Flavored Heating Massage Potion line and 4 (again, every flavor!) from their line of Heating Massage/Lubricant 2 in 1’s (available exclusively through Shoppers Drug Mart).

To say I’m a happy camper is a big under statement – I’m ecstatic!

For today’s review I’ll be covering the Flavored Heating Massage Potions as they are the ones I’ve had the most fun with…so far.

If there is one thing I can say about the packaging it’s that it’s extremely high end looking. The box is metallic silver, shaded with a hint of the color that corresponds with the flavor it’s associated with; raspberry is a light fuchsia, chocolate is light brown, tangerine is light orange and so forth.

There is nothing on the packaging that’s rude, crude or embarrassing. In fact, I personally think it’s quite the opposite. The packaging looks like something you’d find in a high end boutique catering to rich women who want the best skin creams, lotions and potions, rather than something you’d associate with sexuality or buy in an adult novelty store.

As for the containers, again they are reminiscent of a high end bottle of lotion or skin cream rather than something used to bring excitement between the  sheets; each bottle is crafted from a heavy plastic container (looks like glass) and filled to the brim with your favorite flavor. There’s nothing on the bottle to hint it’s something sexual – except for the cute little bat winged heart with the letter “W” in the center, a small clue that it might be meant for something naughty.

I’ll admit, one of the things I love about the bottle is the pump dispenser. Sure it may not seem like that big of a deal but considering the amount of products on the market with faulty lids, screw tops or open holes for dispensing (all of which limit the amount of control you have) this type of product seems like an innovation – no worries of spilling, accidental leakage or messes to clean up and definitely no worries about pouring out a lot when you only want a little.  To me, less waste and more control is always a good thing.

When it came to the “potion” (i.e. the liquid in the bottle) I was extremely excited to see that the level of quality remained the same as the previous products I had come to love; it’s not sticky, thick, slimy, gel like or tacky, doesn’t leave you feeling oily or greasy, goes on smooth, has no aftertaste, is light, gently warms when rubbed or blown and definitely leaves your skin feeling soft and supple – not to mention wonderfully but lightly scented.  More importantly, all the potions are hypo-allergenic, non staining, all natural (I’ll get to that in a minute) and latex safe!

*if you happen to get some left over on your hands then touch a latex condom, dental dam or female condom you don’t have to worry about possibly damaging it like you would with most other massage products/oils.

Flavorful Fun!

As for the flavors, I’m going to give two sides (mine and my partners) for one simple reason; when it comes to flavors or scents I think it’s good to have more than one opinion. Especially since scent/flavor is sometimes different to everyone.

*all of the potions are translucent with a hint of color – they’re non staining so the color is nothing to worry about. (To test them I put some on a white pillow case that was going in the wash just to see what would happen. Surprisingly, the marks actually washed out – clearly staying true to being non staining)

Whip My Cream/Vanilla (light yellow):

To me this didn’t taste or smell like vanilla. Not in a bad way, quite the contrary actually – it tasted better! If you’ve ever had a toasted marshmallow straight from the fire, still warm and ready to melt in your mouth well that would describe this to a T. To my partner this tasted like a caramel or butterscotch sundae topping, not too sweet or syrupy, just sweet enough. (This is definitely one of my personal faves!)

Kiss My Raspberry (light fuchsia/purple):

Both of us agreed on this one – it tasted like a sweet but tart “blue raspberry” Jolly Rancher candy. The taste was a little heavy but didn’t linger on the tongue which was nice. It wasn’t too sweet nor too tart, instead having a nice balance between the two. If you want to see what the flavor is like before buying just pick up a pack of Jolly Rancher candies and try it…I can guarantee you’ll be buying the potion once you do! (another fave of mine!!)

Pop My Bubblegum (light pink):

I’ll admit, I’ve never ever been a fan of bubblegum flavored anything. I don’t know why, it just always seemed to make me nauseated. Unfortunately for me (and my partner) this tasted exactly like bubblegum – not a necessarily a bad thing, especially for those of you that love the taste. In fact, if you like that kind of thing you’ll absolutely love this!

Spank My Mango (light greenish yellow):

When I first tasted it I didn’t get hit with mango per sé, instead I got fruity, sweet, slightly tart, rich and juicy. Then after tasting it a few more times I could really taste the flavor of a mango just before it’s fully ripe. As for my partner he said it tasted like “fruity candy” when asked what kind he said “the good kind”. I’ll take that to mean that he liked it.

Bang My Cherry (red):

Before tasting it I expected what you get from most Cherry flavored lotions – the familiar cough syrup flavor. Fortunately this tastes nothing like cough syrup; it’s light, sweet, a little tart, not at all syrupy, has no after taste and has a cherry candy taste. My partner said it tasted like “red Cool-aid” being that he loves the stuff I’ll again take it as a “like”.

Melt My Chocolate (almost translucent):

It smells like a cup of Hot Chocolate and tastes even better! It’s not too sweet or syrupy, instead tasting like a delectable chocolate topping you’d put on ice cream – without the heavy after taste or richness that can sometimes burn that back of your throat. It’s light, almost creamy, has a hint of hazelnut (to me anyways) and is definitely yummy. When I gave it to my partner he said it was “like a creamy, tasty ice cream sundae”, then asked if we could make martini’s with it. We tried, they tasted amazing!! (Our mutual fave!!)

Squeeze My Tangerine (light orange):

Next to the Bubblegum flavor this was my least favorite. It’s a little syrupy, kinda thick, slightly rich and tasted nothing like tangerines. If you’ve ever been to The Body Shop and smelled their Satsuma (Orange Pop) scented oil/soaps this is what the products would taste like if they were flavors. That said, it’s my fave scent for essential oil/perfume/home spray, so I loved the way the it smelled. My partner didn’t really like the way it tasted either, he said it tasted “like an orange cough candy that’s really trying to be orange” – I have no clue what that means.

Suck My Candy (light blue):

To be honest I’m not exactly sure what they were going for with this flavor, tasty candy floss? sugary sweet jelly bean? syrupy and rich cream soda? old fashioned mouth watering hard candy? Either way the product tasted like all of the above to me, while also tasting a bit like a white Mr.Freeze (which is supposed to be cream soda). As for my partner he said  “at first it tastes like Werther’s Originals, then I get toffee, then I get cream soda. I’m not sure what they’re going for but either way it’s sweet and sugary. I like it, but in small doses”. (In small doses one of my faves too!)

Pluck My Strawberry (light red):

Again, both of us got the flavor of Jolly Ranchers with this one. That said, it’s kind of a mix between watermelon (because it’s really juicy and mouth watering) and strawberry (light, fruity, sweet, delicate). The scent of this one is light, almost non existent – definitely not heavy, rich or syrupy, instead just a hint of candied berries. Like the Raspberry flavor, if you want to try before you buy just grab a pack of Jolly Rancher candies and pop a watermelon and strawberry one in your mouth at the same time. If you love the flavor, you’ll love this!!

Like I said earlier, the ingredients in the product are all natural and therefor shouldn’t do any harm. More importantly they’re safe to ingest and fortunately not full of chemicals like a lot of other flavored products on the market.

Ingredients:Vegetable Derived Glycerin (comprises approximately 90% of ingredients), distilled water, flavor, citric acid, color.

*if you’re someone who is prone to yeast infections I wouldn’t suggest these as a vaginal lube, just an amazing massage potion – which is what they are intended for anyways. That said, they are amazing for oral sex (blow jobs) and are completely latex safe (so you can perform a b.j. with a condom and not worry you’ll ruin it)

The Bad

In regard to things I didn’t like about the product, there really weren’t any. Sure it’s not something I would suggest as a lube, but then it’s a Massage Potion so I can’t really expect that from it.

On that note, when it comes to massaging I suggest that you don’t expect the same results you’d get from an oil – something that would make the surface area slick and easy to rub. Instead, these allow the hands to move over the area being massaged with ease, while slowly being absorbed by the skin as you rub. Sooner than later you’ll notice the product has completely disappeared and need to apply more – fortunately a little goes a long way, and with the pump dispensing a measured amount you never have to worry about using too much or going overboard.

*Since I have a serious “love on” for the product I thought I’d ask my partner what he thought just in case I missed something, this is what I got:

“Honestly, I like it more than I thought I would. They all – except for those two (Bubblegum/Tangerine) – taste amazing, they feel good and they don’t get sticky. You know me, I hate having lotion and sh*t on my body, it makes me feel gross and greasy, but this stuff wasn’t that bad. I actually didn’t even feel any residue. That’s a good thing right? Well, I think it is. Anyways, if you brought this home and pulled it out of that damn box of toys you have I wouldn’t freak out or say no, I’d probably welcome it. I think most people would feel like that, especially since it looks like it’s really expensive when it’s really not. It’s like an affordable luxury product – you can quote me on that.”

Final Verdict

To say I love the products is an understatement – I pretty much think they are amazing!

If you’re looking for a massage lotion/potion that doesn’t get sticky or tacky, definitely doesn’t leave you feeling greasy, slimy, oily or covered in goop, tastes amazing, is lightly scented so it’s not over powering, doesn’t stain, is hypo- allergenic, latex safe, affordable (only $18.35 for 100ml) and beautifully packaged then definitely try the Wickedly Sensual Flavored Heating Massage Potions. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

To purchase any of the flavors, sexual wellness products, massage tools or health and beauty items make sure to check out my online sex toy store where shopping is safe, discreet, easy and always affordable.

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