Queefing a.k.a Pussy Fart

If you’ve ever had sex, you’ve likely found yourself in the following situation: you’re in the moment and loving it, when all of a sudden there’s a noise that sounds like a fart… one that came out of you or your partners vagina. It’s the kind of situation that can leave you humiliated and feeling exposed, but it doesn’t have to. Here’s everything you need to know about ‘queefing’.

What Is a Queef?

First and foremost, vaginal farts are a totally normal and natural bodily function that anyone with a vagina will experience at one point or another. While many think they’re just like a fart, they’re actually not;  gas from the rectum happens because of bacterial activity in the gut, whereas queefing is the result of a pocket of air getting pushed out of the vagina. This explains why farts often have a smell, and queefing doesn’t.

Although it can happen at anytime (it’s a common occurrence while exercising), a pussy fart a.k.a queefing, very often occurs during sex, when a penis or sex toy is inserted and removed from the vagina (i.e during thrusting) which can not only push the air inside, but also displace it.

Unfortunately there’s no way to stop queefs from happening, however there are ways to lessen the chance; try positions other than doggy, use lots of lubricant, and try to limit the amount of times an object (penis or toy) fully exits then re-enters the vagina.

How to Deal with Queefing?

No matter how embarrassing it might be, it’s best not to be ashamed. It’s a natural bodily function, after all. If you’ve both got a sense of humor you can always joke about it. Basically, do your best to not let something so inconsequential affect the great time your having.

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