The Best Black Friday Sex Toy Sales 2019

Black Friday Sex Toy Sales 2019For the last 6 years I’ve created a list of the very best Black Friday sex toy sales I could find. I debated not doing it this year as I’ve been fairly absent from the scene (because, life). But at the end of the day I figured I shouldn’t let my set backs keep you from having a great sex life.

That in mind, I’m once again taking away the guess work and posting all my favorite sales below. Rest assured you won’t find them listed cheaper anywhere else… unless I’ve missed a sale, and if I did, let me know and I’ll update the page if the products are body safe and quality made.

I’ve done my best to streamline the sales in an attempt to make bargain hunting easier for you. Last year I split the ‘hightlights’ into 3 sections, this year I’m going balls to the wall and creating lists that are highly specific. Hopefully that’ll help you find exactly what you want without wasting too much time.

If you’re up for it, I suggest doing a quick scroll down the page as there are products and bundled sales I don’t mention in the hightlights.

The lists this year are long and detailed… that’s what happens when I spend a week jumping between sites, comparing prices, emailing manufacturers for advance notice, and doing my damnedest to help you save! On that note, unlike other years I didn’t go overboard. Instead, I just focused on the stores I shop at personally. Quality over quantity.

Want to thank me for hooking you up? Just remember to clear your cookies and cache before you link to your favorite store, that way you can be sure I’ll make a tiny commission anytime you shop. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s enough to keep me doing something I love while helping you along the way.

*all prices are in USD unless otherwise specified

Black Friday Sex Toy Sales Highlights

If you don’t feel like scrolling over the whole page, or if you’re easily overwhelmed by big posts, here are all of my no bullshit lists of the very best deals I could find for some of the MOST COVETED products…

**(After you ‘proceed to checkout’ use the coupon codes for the discounts to apply – the websites wont automatically adjust the prices until you do this)

Clitoral Stimulation


Black Friday Sex Toy Sales Hitachi Magic Wand

Original Magic Wand

Black Friday Sex Toy Sales WeVibe Tango

WeVibe Tango

JimmyJane Form 2

Black Friday Sex Toy Sales Womanizer Liberty

Womanizer Liberty

Original Pocket Rocket

Vibrators, Thrusting Toys & G-Spot Stimulation

Black Friday Sex Toy Deals Njoy Pure Wand

Njoy Pure Wand

Bi Stronic Dual Vibe

G-Spot Pulsator

Max Thrusting Vibe

Lelo Gigi

Butt Stuff, Dildos, & Dilator Sets

Perfect Plug Kit

Sheology Dilator Set

What are dildos - Tantus Mark O2

Basic Dildo

Pride 6″ Rainbow Dildo

Tantus T-Rex


Fantasy Themed Sex Toys

Unicorn Horn Dildo

Game Of Moans Dildo

Tentacle Dildo

Darth Vibrator

The Realm Combo


Black Friday Sex Toy Deals: BDSM Highlights

For those of you into BDSM, I put together an extra little section so you wouldn’t have to hunt around online. Personally I think this list has enough stuff to help you get started, or add to your repertoire. I’ll be adding more as I find them, but for now this should do.

**(After you ‘proceed to checkout’ use the coupon codes for the discounts to apply – the websites wont automatically adjust the prices until you do this)

Dragon Tail Spanker

Wedge w/ Wrist Cuffs,

Wrist & Ankle Cuffs

Bondage Swing

Obedience Bench

For My Readers w/ Dicks & Prostates

Just because you have a dick or a prostate doesn’t mean you should be left out. That in mind, here’s all the best deals on masturbators, sex dolls, cock rings, prostate toys, and penis enhancers I could find. Hopefully it’ll help you find something that’ll work for your needs.

**(After you ‘proceed to checkout’ use the coupon codes for the discounts to apply – the websites wont automatically adjust the prices until you do this)


PDX Mega Stroker

Prostate Massager

AutoBlow 2

Plus Size Doll


For those of you interested in doing all your shopping in one place (as opposed to grabbing different toys at different places just so you can save more), I’ve listed the best sales at my favorite retailers and manufacturers below. Feel free to scroll through to the bottom and see which retailer/manufacturer suits your needs.



Like last year SheVibe is doing a straight forward tiered sale deal meaning, the more you buy the more you save. Truthfully, you’ll find better prices on single items elsewhere, but you likely won’t find the same amazing selection.

They’ve got just about all of my favorite independent manufacturers and lesser known brands in one place; Crystal Delights, Godemiche, Funkit Toys, BS Is Nice, Hole Punch, Lumberjill, Pop by the Semenette, Chrystalino, DoDil, Sili Saddle, Split Peaches, Uberrime, Vixen Creations, and Pleasure Works.

Get 10% off when you spend $75+, plus free shipping (use code ‘BUMBLE10)

Get 15% off when you spend $100+, plus free shipping (use code ‘JACK15’)

Get 20% off when you spend $125+, plus free shipping, (use code ‘RALPHIE20’)

Get 25% off when you spend $350 or more , plus free shipping, (use code ‘GRINCH25’)

– The Perfect G-Spot Combo

Njoy Pure Wand

Liberator Decor Throe

Decor Throe

Sliquid H2O Water Based Lube

Sliquid H20

I’ve posted this combo every year because it’s just do damn good… pair the definitive g-spot ‘dildo’, Njoy Pure Wand $99.99 + Liberator Decor Throe for $89.99 or any of the Liberator Throes for that matter, + 4.2oz bottle of Sliquid H2O $10.99, for a grand total of $200.97… then use code ‘RALPHIE20‘ at checkout and save 20%, bringing your total down to $160.77 plus free shipping! That’s a total of $40.20 in savings versus buying at regular price! Honestly, if I could pick any combo of toys to give someone that loves g-spot stimulation (and either gets really wet or squirts), this one would be it.

*prices shown include applicable discounts from using coupon codes
  • If you love unique toys made by hand, you’ll definitely want to take a look at Hole Punch Toys (check out my interview with them), right now I’m lusting after the absolutely stunning Hole Punch Silicone Nun Dildo for $101 (reg $119), and their Carrot and Radish butt plugs. Yes, you read that right. They make veggie shaped butt plugs.
  • When it comes to wood toys, NobEssence is where it’s at – I can haz a Seduction for only $117?
  • For those of you that love the feel of silicone and want something bright, colorful, and fun, I think the lovelies made by BS Is Nice might be right up your alley. I honestly love all their designs, but I think they make some of the very best Rainbow Sex Toys around!
  • Last but not least, I can’t speak highly enough about Vixen Creations – everything they make is just perfection.


Hole Punch Carrot Plug

Hole Punch Carrot

Nobessence Seduction

Tentacle Dildo

Funkit Cashew Nib

BS is Nice Pride

Vixen Raquel

Crystal Delights Plug

Godemiche Ambit

BS is Nice Bingo

Hole Punch Rad-ish


Make sure to check out the blowout section – everything here is WAY cheaper than you’ll find elsewhere (in most cases you’re looking at 25% less than other retailers). Everything here can be reduced an additional 50% with the coupon code FIFTY. If you do choose to shop in this section make sure to pay attention to the quaity of the toys, not all of them are made of body safe materials; you’ll want to stick with pure silicone (not a blend), stainless steel, tempered glass, ABS plastic (think hard vibrators), ceramic, and wood. Avoid jelly/rubber at all costs; it stinks (literally), it sweats out harmful chemicals into your mucuous membranes, absorbs bacteria like lube and bodily fluids, and it can’t be fully sterilized. Ew.

Other than that EVERYTHING on the site is on sale for 40% off with the coupon code BLACK40. There’s A LOT to choose from, most of which I placed in the highlights at the start of the post. Below I’ve reposted some of those deals. Having said that, if you want to save definitely hit up Pinkcherry and browse through the site. I’m sure you’ll find exactly what you want at the lowest price available.

  • When it comes to hand held massagers the Original Magic Wand ($35) is where it’s at. For years it was a go-to for anyone looking for a powerfully deep and rumbly, yet discreet, vibrator. Then came the Rechargeable Magic Wand ($75), a very similar version with one main difference; no cord chaining you to a specific location. Personally I’m happy with the original version, but for those that like to switch things up, or those with limited power outlets, the Rechargeable version will do just as well (maybe better).
  • The We-Vibe Touch ($48) and We-Vibe Tango ($56), are a steal for two of the very best clit vibes available. I have 3 of them so there’s always one charged and ready to go. That should say something.
  • They also have the best prices I’ve seen for all of the Womanizer clitoral suction stimulators.
  • Again, my penis envy has forced me to list the following;
  • If you’re into a little BDSM Pinkcherry has some decent sales this weekend; you can snag an Adjustable Spreader Bar for only $27. Need a sturdy but portable place to bind your partner? The Strict Bondage Board provides 14 separate D-ring attachments that can be connected to cuffs, leashes, tethers and more ($180). For those that like weightless sex, or just trying new things, the Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing ($120) gives you the freedom to play and experiment without worrying about damaging the walls or ceiling (supports up to 300 pounds).

Black Friday Sex Toy Sales Hitachi Magic Wand

Original Magic Wand

Black Friday Sex Toy Sales WeVibe Tango

WeVibe Tango


Strict Bondage Board

WeVibe Touch Review

WeVibe Touch


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