Advertising Opportunities

Thank you very much for your interest in my videos and what I create as a content provider, toy reviewer, and sex positive educator.

Whether you’re interested in increasing your companies online presence via banner ads or text links, want to provide products for review to an audience of 10,000+, are looking for someone who’s knowledgeable and experienced with intimate accessories to help test your product before it’s ready for market, want to sponsor a sex positive educator, need help with your blog, are in need of banner advertisements specifically created for your brand, hope to get your product in the hands of other reviewers, are keen on having someone help with building your presence through social media, or if you’re simply looking for video clips on sexual topics to include in your show or documentary, I’d love to speak with you!

Alternatively, if your a viewer who would like to submit a question, in need of some help choosing a sex toy, would like to request a video topic for future consideration, or to send a “thank you” note I can be reached @ Kara_Sutra (at)

What I have to offer:

Blog Ad Placements/Reviews

  • My viewers trust is something I have worked very hard to gain and something I will not jeopardize. This works in your favor as my vouching for the item will place your product in a position of being a ‘trusted brand’ among my viewership. If you want a great review manufacture and/or offer me a great product. It’s that simple.
  • I’m a Social Media butterfly having gained over 5,500 followers on Twitter, a collective 3,325+ friends and fans on Facebook, over 200 followers on Tumblr and just about 125 subscribers on Blip.Tv (all of these numbers continue to grow daily). To ensure that my content reaches a large audience each written review and/or video is posted to every social media account I frequent.
  • Kara_Sutra Reviews averages around 20,000 visits and over 34,000 page views per month.
  • Text and banner ads are shown on every post without exception, including reviews, pages and otherwise, ensuring your content reaches it’s maximum audience.
  • Access to a built in target market specifically interested in sex positive info.

Video Reviews/Sponsorships

  • I’ve had over 17,000,000 (yes, that’s 17 million) collective views and 36,000 + subscribers on YouTube, with each video gaining a minimum of 3,000 – 7,000 unique video views within the first week of being online. Since then many of my loyal viewers have followed me over to Blip.Tv and contribute to the 2,000 + views my videos gain within the first 72 hours. From there the number of views continue to grow slowly but surely.
  • A 20 second link to the sponsoring website within the video (unaffiliated), that way no matter where the video is viewed your web address will be present.
  • A link to my written review within the video (if not a sponsorship for a Sex Ed 102 video) so that viewers may gain further exposure to your brand/product as well as all of the information I was unable to include due to time constraints (though they may be much shorter, each video will max out at between 10 – 12 minutes).

Feel free to contact me through the contact form below