Review: Tenga Soft Tube Onacup

After many requests from my readers for more “toys for boys” I thought I would cover a product that’s not only easy to use and very affordable, but is also quite interesting.

The product for today is the Tenga Soft Tube Onacup (formerly known as the Squeeze Play 8.0) it’s a phthalate and BPA free disposable masturbation product that is meant for “one time use only”. Basically, you have your fun with it and chuck it aside after…kinda like a one night stand, but not.

Just because it’s disposable doesn’t mean it’s a waste of money. For those of you that tend to travel a lot, or want something that you don’t have to worry about hiding or taking care of this might just be the perfect product for you.

For those of you wondering why I say “travel a lot” it’s due to a few key features the product has to offer;

  • It’s very light weighing in at only 130(g) compared to the Fleshlights 800(g). For those of you that use the Fleshlight I’m sure you would agree that while it feels damn amazing it is rather heavy – something that I think might make it a little hard to travel with.
  • It’s discreet. While it does have some suggestive writing on it explaining what it is, it doesn’t have an orifice that resembles anything sexual, nor does it have sexual images on the cover that could cause embarrassment if you’re stopped at customs.
  • It’s disposable. For those of you that just want something you can take with you and chuck away after, the Tenga Soft Tube Onacup is great! Keep in mind that while it is disposable it’s also very inexpensive (under $11.00 on my site) so it’s not like you’re tossing money down the drain.
  • Finally, it comes pre-lubed so you don’t have to worry about also bringing a bottle of lube with you.

As for the stats, it measures 8 inches in length, 4 inches in width at its widest point and 3 inches at it’s smallest (by my measurements anyways). If you are someone who is 8 inches or above in size, you might want to opt for something larger like the Fleshlight, which might be a bit more comfortable.

In regard to using the product it is very easy; just pull on the perforated seam, remove the wrapping and peel the sticker off the end. Once you’ve done that you can simply pop off the lid, insert your self and you’re good to go.

Unlike most of the other male masturbation products on the market the entry point does not resemble anything sexual; it’s just an opening set inside a white squishy “tube”.

*For those of you worried that it might be found, I don’t think it would really raise any suspicion. It might leave people rather perplexed, but they surely wouldn’t be offended.

*On that note you might also have to do a bit of  fantasy play or turn on some porn to help distract you since it doesn’t offer any visual stimulation.

When it comes to the internal texture; it starts with a “rippling tightening zone”, then has another “tightening zone” followed by a “brushing zone” (made of 40 nubs) and finally ends with a rounded head consisting of 29 large and small nubs. I can only assume the added sensations these textures would create would make the product feel pretty damn amazing!

As I said earlier the it comes fully lubed so when you first open it you may find it to be sticky, slimy, goopy or wet to the touch. I’ll be honest when I first opened it I was a little surprised with how much lube was on it and the way it made the product feel. (*I didn’t say bothered, I said surprised)

For those of you that are curious as to how it feels, since I don’t have a penis I can’t speak from personal experience, however I can tell you what my “tester” said;

“At first it felt a little weird; it was wet, cool and a very foreign. All it took was watching a couple of minutes of porn and I completely forgot what I was fucking. Does it feel like a vagina? No, not really. But that doesn’t mean that it feels bad. Actually, the fact that you can adjust the amount of pressure by squeezing it adds some pretty cool stimulation (the bumps and ridges) you definitely can’t get with your own hand. Would I use it again? Sure, it felt good and didn’t leave me with a hand cramp after. Would I recommend it? I’d still rather suggest the Fleshlight just cause you can use it again, but for anyone that wants a cheap and easy product this would definitely be a good one.”

On that note, one of the things I really liked about it was the fact that you can adjust the amount of pressure just by squeezing your hand. Aside from that you can also hold your finger over the end to adjust the amount of suction you experience. Pretty cool if you ask me! (Damn you penis envy! Damn you!)

As for cleaning, since this product is only meant to be used once you don’t really have to worry and can just throw it out after. If you did want to use it more then once, I would say up to three times max, just make sure to use a condom each time so that there is no bodily fluid (i.e. semen) that could get inside.

In regard to the negatives I have a couple;

1st. It smells kinda funky, not bad per se, just funky like plastic. Since the product is phthalate and BPA free I don’t think it’s due to the material. To be honest I don’t why it smells that way, the lube maybe? *shrugs*

2nd. It’s only meant for one use. Personally I like products that you can use over and over (especially if you like them) rather then having to chuck them out after and buy another one. Even having said that I still think it’s a great idea for people that travel a lot or those that just want to try something new without spending a tonne of dough.

Final Verdict

All in all I think the Tenga Soft Tube Onacup is a pretty interesting, offering a lot of bang for it’s buck! It’s light weight, easy to use, not at all intimidating, affordable, ready to go when you are, doesn’t require any special care, is phthalate/BPA free, comes fully lubed and offers those of you that travel a very discreet option for “fun time” while on the road.

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